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How to Get Ripped Off - Guaranteed!

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  • As Dr. Dean Edell often says, if there was a scientific breakthrough for weight loss, every doctor would be touting it. They of all people, want people to be at a healthy weight.
  • Everyone loves the lure of a "quickie" result, and many people are vulnerable to buying so-called "solutions" that market themselves as providing "quick results".

    FACT: In the case of weight loss, it simply isn't actually feasible: the weight didn't go on "overnight", neither will it come off "overnight".

    (Note: for those so-called "solutions" that are actually "super-low-calorie diets", one should NEVER throw one's body into "starvation" mode - that's a guaranteed recipe for stalling out and weight REGAIN.)

    Also, the ONLY REAL WAY to actually KEEP the weight off after losing it is adopting a lifestyle change of eating less/more wisely and exercising more, as well as acknowledging that as one grows older, maintenance also means dropping one's average caloric intake by a (small!) amount each year.

    THAT IS REALITY. It's not "harsh", it's just fact.
  • I agree! My question is, why do the powers-that-be allow the commercials? We stopped the tobacco companies from putting advertisements on TV, radio, and BillBoards, and in magazines. So why do we allow these scam artists and theives to continue pounding us with unhealthy money-losing, self-loathing commercials?
    Discipline isn't easy. If it was, it would not be called discipline! The only way to lose weight is to change your eating habits, exercise and be disciplined about both!
  • These five points would be wise to remember when dealing with anyone who makes promises and wants something from you, including politicians!
  • I agree with everyone...the only answer is hard work, determination and lifestyle change. I've lost weight and changed my whole appearance and I love the looks I get when people ask how I did it, and I reply, "hard work, watch what I'm eating and exercise". I have not taken any pills or "magic potions", nor have I used any special eating plans/programs or any strange devices. It comes from education...learning just exactly what your body needs and where to get it. It also involves knowing what is in the stuff we eat. I had a friend who used one of the diet programs and she looked great. However, I was afraid for her and if she would be able to maintain once she came off the program. Needless to say, once she went back to regular, non-program food, she gained a lot of the weight back. Although those programs say they are based in sound science and nutrition, I really find that hard to believe, considering some of the things she ate and the amounts...hardly enough to keep a mouse alive at times. We need to understand that, as one other poster said, we didn't put it on in a day, and it won't come off in a day either. It will take work, perseverence and a desire to change your lifestyle to one that can sustain you throughout the rest of your life in a healthy way.
    If all of these things worked none of us would be here! There is NO quick your $$ and buy some good healthy fruits and'll be far better off!
  • We all look for short cuts! It is a shame that people spend so much money on products that are not going to make a difference. As a person who has lost a great deal of weight through changing my diet and exercise, "if it were easy, anyone could do it".
  • Years ago I tried the Jenny Craig diet. It cost many hundreds of dollars to maintain. Yess I did lose weight fast--the price was that when I had to quit because of financial cost I ended up with a bad gallbladder attack that put me through surgery.

    I think the Spark plan is the best I have seen so far.
  • i'm embarassed to say this but i bought the ab belt...didn't work but i tried it to lose the belly after my son was born in 2001..oh well, live and learn!
  • I was on a business trip recently, and I saw the TV commercial about the abdominal jiggling band. No diet or exercise needed. Outrageous! (I don't watch much TV at home)

    Another point: it's not in the government's best interest to withhold information that could make us healthier. Poor health costs money, and the government picks up a large share of the tab for that, through Medicare, Medicaid, and other social and health programs. Ultimately, we all pay for those and for the cost of poor health. If the government had a magic solution to help people reduce weight and become more fit, they'd give it to us.

  • BEWARE OF "DIET" CLINICS!!!!!!!!!!! They may seem like a safe way to lose weight under medical supervision but in reality, the medical "practitioners" that run them are nothing more than greedy dope peddlers. I speak from experience. I paid a clinic
    $125 a month to turn me into a prescription drug addict. You walk in, they weigh you, tell you what you've lost, ask minimal questions about your diet and exercise, hand you a bag of drugs, and you hand them a check and walk out. I don't judge anyone for seeking medical intervention in their weight-loss journey but PLEASE, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did anyone else notice the irony? When I opened this article, there was a great big animated ad for an "ab circle," i.e., another piece of exercise equipment that will change your life forever, lose your love handles, cure cancer, and find a solution for world peace, too! (lol)

    I agree, all those ads with jiggling arms and abdomens are gross. I almost paid Hotmail $20 to have ad-free mail, but then I realized those ads are EVERYWHERE, so why not keep my money?
    And let's not even go into gastric bands! What they don't tell you up frnt is how your eating habits are going to have to change. If you do those changes first, you won't need the surgery. We want a quick & easy weight loss, ain't gonna happen. You didn't put it on overnight, you aren't going to lose it overnight either. Slow & steady is the key to losing the weight & keeping it off!

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