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The Importance of Setting Medium-Term Goals

A Reward System to Reach Your Dreams!


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OMG I never used to think of things this way.... all or nothing.... if I couldn't do it all then I wouldn't bother. I am starting to realize the value of chipping away at things can have a big impact on getting things done. Report
Great point Relyph! I'm partial to a soak in the tub (something that I never get around to doing, but LOVE when I make the time). How about a trip to the library to check out the latest music or books? Here are some more "free" rewards: a trip to the museum (I'm lucky to live near many free museums. Some museums have discount days), a call to a friend from long ago (this one gets you bonus feel-good points!), or making time for your favorite hobby (reading, scrapbooking, jewelry-making are my choices!) Report
Rewards don't have to cost anything! How about rewarding yourself with a day off from chores, or a trip to the local country park or a walk in the sunshine or watching your favourite DVD instead of washing up or anything like that. Report
I find setting a new daily goal helpful--like 1 more minute today on the treadmill or other exercise equipment than I did yesterday.
Splurging can be good for motivation. The problem I have is "rewarding" myself when I'm stressed to try and cope with the problem instead of as an honest reward for accomplishments. I suppose part of the thing is to consider coping with stressful situations is a goal for me! Report
Middle of the road goals can be milestones! I just hit 1/3 of my way to goal. It felt so, so good. Now, just a little more and I'll be half way! Report
I know goals are so important, and I set them often. Unfortunately I don't go back and visit them often enough. I found this yesterday and think it is so terrific! It's like the SparkPeople idea of the collage, but it's a "vision Board" online that you can set up your goals and use it as a screensaver (really beautiful) or print it out to put around the house, or email. I thought the collage idea here was really good and a lot of fun, this just takes it a little further. It is $29 a year (which is about 8 cents a day), but they have a 14 day free trial, so you can test drive it first. I love it and I see my goals in front of me several times a day. Have fun! You can make it all about weightloss or other goals too.

What a great idea! "if you achieve 90% of your weekly goals, take yourself out to dinner." Think I shall put it into practice as a reward along with the short term goals. Now, to come up with ideas on how to set goals ... It is nutrition I am going after. Report
Very good article, and something I tend to forget about. Thanks for the reminder, and this is something I will work on this evening. Report
This is good i think i am going to make some long and short term goals for myself i am going to take myself out for a great body massage and my long term will be a trip in the summer SO I CAN SHOW OFF MY SUMMER BODY;-) . Report
What a great article! I'll be considering my medium term goals over the next few days.
Lynn Report
I've failed at this weight loss so many times. But the last three weeks, I've managed to stay on track with both my nutrition AND my fitness by doing just what this article recommends. My main goal for the present is to focus on just today. This keeps me from dwelling on how much further I have to go and whether or not I'll do this well tomorrow. Within the daily focus, I have incorporated more strength training and broken my workouts into two sessions. It's feeling more like a journey than a drudgery, and I'm rewarded by my consistency, a sense of accomplishment, and the changes in my body. Report
Helping children set goals now makes this a habit in life. Great article. Report
This was encouraging and helped me not to give up. Report
I work best with several layers of goals. For example, I have a few weekly goals like drinking my water or getting to the gym. I also let myself download one MP3 for every 5 pounds. I'm thinking of a good way to celebrate the next level which is a 50 pound loss. It has to be something that I can appreciate as I continue on down the scales. All these layers of goals keep me motivated, because I get to celebrate small successes as well as large ones. Report

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