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The Importance of Setting Medium-Term Goals

A Reward System to Reach Your Dreams!


  • I've failed at this weight loss so many times. But the last three weeks, I've managed to stay on track with both my nutrition AND my fitness by doing just what this article recommends. My main goal for the present is to focus on just today. This keeps me from dwelling on how much further I have to go and whether or not I'll do this well tomorrow. Within the daily focus, I have incorporated more strength training and broken my workouts into two sessions. It's feeling more like a journey than a drudgery, and I'm rewarded by my consistency, a sense of accomplishment, and the changes in my body. - 2/8/2008 11:08:30 AM
  • Helping children set goals now makes this a habit in life. Great article. - 2/8/2008 10:15:25 AM
  • This was encouraging and helped me not to give up. - 2/8/2008 9:37:46 AM
  • I work best with several layers of goals. For example, I have a few weekly goals like drinking my water or getting to the gym. I also let myself download one MP3 for every 5 pounds. I'm thinking of a good way to celebrate the next level which is a 50 pound loss. It has to be something that I can appreciate as I continue on down the scales. All these layers of goals keep me motivated, because I get to celebrate small successes as well as large ones. - 2/8/2008 7:42:12 AM
  • medium rewards may help me stay on track one week at a time with my diet!!! - 2/8/2008 7:33:23 AM
  • It is an amazing article.Readers will be benefited and common people will try to follow & execute the guidelines in their lives. - 1/23/2008 11:25:47 AM
    Nice article.Its true self encouragement is important to reach any goal. - 1/23/2008 12:48:42 AM
    This article has some great ideas in it. I'm going to give it a try as it applies to my graduate studies and wanting to master mathematical integration. - 1/22/2008 3:47:19 PM
    This article has some great ideas in it. I'm going to give it a try as it applies to my graduate studies and wanting to master mathematical integration. - 1/22/2008 3:46:46 PM
  • I reward with a bubble bath or extra time to myself (busy mom syndrome). Even a nice walk outside is a great reward. I went sledding and had such a good time! - 1/22/2008 3:38:03 PM
  • Cannot quibble with the importance of medium term goals, but all the rewards here involve spending money. Rewards don't have to be associated with food or travel. How about a reward being a pat on the back? The understanding of a job well done? Or doing something for others (adding to one's Karma bank, so to speak). - 1/22/2008 1:18:32 PM
  • Another way to "earn" the money is to enroll in a keep the change savings account...everytime you buy something i.e. groceries, gas etc, they put the change in you savigns account...I've already saved about $20 this month alone! I will use that money to treat myself to a movie or a mani pedi or save it for a massage! - 1/22/2008 1:11:15 PM
  • Great article, but rewards don't always have to involve buying. A good medium-term reward could be giving yourself time for a long stroll through the botanic gardens, a forest preserve, or another favorite place. In the summer, it could be a day at the beach. Or an evening that you devote to listening to your favorite music at home. - 1/22/2008 12:11:53 PM
  • I really appreciated this artlcle, because I have been guilty of setting only long term goals and loosing interest very fast. I now can see the importantance of setting short term goals ( I need to keep myself focused ) . Thank you very much for this article. I will take this information to heart. - 1/22/2008 11:09:05 AM

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