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The Secret Benefits of Massage

The Easiest Way to Combat Stress & Fight Fat


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Massage is wonderful and a great way to be in self care mode I share the gift of massage with my girls. Teaching them young that self care is a priority not a luxury that you put at the bottom of the list. Planning around your massage is good also. Plenty of water and if possible a quiet enviorment to embrace yourself when you come home. Report
Massages are WONDERFUL - I went regularly after a car accident, covered by insurance - but they're too much for our budget. :( I will probably make it a reward when I get to my goal weight. Report
My chiropractor recommended massage for the knots in my shoulders and neck. My chiropractor also provided me with a letter recommending massage therapy, so I am able to use my Medical Flex plan to pay the monthly massage.

You should know that are many different types of massage, and some Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) use a combination of methods in any given massage. For my stubborn muscle knots, my therapist uses deep tissue massage along with other techniques.

Be sure to give your therapist plenty of feedback during the massage such as needing more or less pressure. You'll enjoy your massages more and they'll be more effective.

I personally encourage everyone to receive a therapeutic massage at least once a month!! Report
I get a massage once a month. It's $50 well spent. You can't believe how great you will feel. I love to get my neck and back massaged. She also does great things to my feet. She also puts hot rocks on my spine (over the sheet) and it feels amazing. The background music is soothing. Try it!!! Remember to drink lots of water after a massage. This will help take the toxins out that are released during a massage.

Please don't worry about having another person massage you. They are professionals and will make you feel very comfortable. Report
I agree, massages are great. I need to start putting money aside in my budget to allow for them. It's been a long time since I had one.
Thanks for the great article and reminder. Report
Massage has done wonders for my life. I recently started having a lot of pain in my arm and when I went to the doctor I was told I had tennis elbow ( dont play tennis or any sort of activity which has the same motions). The next day I went to a local massage school where they offer excellent fees for a one hour full body massage. The massage thereapist took a look at my arm and found huge knots in the muscles above and below my elbow. She worked it out and the pain went away!!! If you have the right therapist, you can leave that place feeling like you are on a huge high and like a new person. It's excellent for detoxing and I normally get one the day after my period ends. Report
great article. I'd like to just get my feet rubbed, as they cover all my discomfort. I'm going to look into the massage schools, as I've heard they do them for a lot less. Report
I have upper back and neck pain, and I love a good massage. I get massages from my chiropractor's office. The best part is that some insurance company's will cover a massage if it is done at a chiropractor office. Report
I got my first massage this year and loved it. I have fibromyalgia and it was tender yet in the end after being sore it was still well worth it. I plan to have at least 4 a year from now on. Report
I love massages. I was in a car accident 3 1/2 yrs ago, and got my first one back then. Now I go atleast once a month for a full body deep tissue massage. It helps so much. When I am stressed out from my job, my body takes most of the brunt, so it is good to go and get my muscles untightened. I always leave feeling really really relaxed. Report
Massage is a fabulous way to relax and give yourself a well deserved personal hour. I get a massage every week. I called the local college - where therapists are trained - the massage is an hour and the cost is only $25.00 It's a great option and the hours are usually really great.

Rhona Report
I am a Registered MAssage Therapist and I couldn't agree more. Regular massage is a great way to manage stress and 'treat' yourself. Make you a priority and book one once a month! Report
We recently got a massage chair at work. I love it! I get a massage every day at work, and I get to vary it based on what I feel I need that day. I still want to go for a "live" massage though... I highly recommend massages! Report
Oooo thanx for this article reminding us that it's easier to lose weight when you're rich! =)
I'd love to go have a professional massage, but for now, I'll just havta save my pennies and talk my hubby into massages =) Report
I saw the benefits of massage and weight loss years ago. I became a National certified massage therapist because of what massage did for me.

Thanks for the article and thanks for reminding to make time for that massage trade! Report

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