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The Secret Benefits of Massage

The Easiest Way to Combat Stress & Fight Fat


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  • Oooo thanx for this article reminding us that it's easier to lose weight when you're rich! =)
    I'd love to go have a professional massage, but for now, I'll just havta save my pennies and talk my hubby into massages =)
  • I saw the benefits of massage and weight loss years ago. I became a National certified massage therapist because of what massage did for me.

    Thanks for the article and thanks for reminding to make time for that massage trade!
  • I got a certificate for Christmas for a massage! Thanks for reminding me to book a appoointment!
  • I too am a massage therapist and thank you for writing this article. Massage is good for all systems in the body and clears your mind from all the noise and clutter we have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • I too am a massage therapist, and I cannot agree more that it is so important for so many reasons to integrate massage into a healthy lifestyle. We spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on maintaining our vehicles, but how much do we spend on maintaining ourselves? Thank you for the article.
  • Thank you for writting this article. I have been stressed more than usual lately and gained 10lbs. Of course not by stress alone but with the cravings that came with it. I haven't been walking much these last few months and walking is my way of releiving my stress. I remember last winter feeling so relaxed from walking everyday. I think it's about time I put on my walking shoes.
    as a massage therapist I thank you for that great article...
  • I get biweekly massages, and it is so true, pampering my body helps me learn to love it and take better care of it!
  • My fiance and I actually worked out this deal where he gives me a good full-body massage after I shower. It makes it a lot easier to exercise everday! He enjoys it, and it costs $2 for enough mineral oil to last an age.

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