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The Secret Benefits of Massage

The Easiest Way to Combat Stress & Fight Fat


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  • What a great idea. Pamper yourself and get health benefits. I love it!!
  • I remember "way back when" there were Movie Magazines, the forerunner of our gossip papers today. One of them did a spread of the top actresses and what they do to stay slim. Sophia Loren said she refuses to exercise but gets a massage 2-3 times a week, maybe more when working on a set, and in fact, travels with her own personal masseur. This has stuck in my mind; its been about 50 yrs since I read it! I have always wondered the how & why of a massage working to help keep the weight down. You have now solved it for me. (PS she also said she eats lots of pasta with vegetables and fruit).
  • Omg, I swear that I've been contemplating a massage for much too long. I have the greatest masseuse in the world, but cannot afford to see her as often as I had in the past. *tear* Seeing as how my most recent contemplation was mere minutes before I just happened to encounter this article, I believe that fate is telling me that I should text her for an appointment asap!
  • I love a massage - just wish I could afford one once a week ;o)
  • This is one of the many reasons I love to visit my mother - a massage therapist - as often as possible. Fortunately for me, my husband received some of the training as well. He's just more difficult to coax into doing it as his body is not in the shape it should be (not just weight but past injuries).
  • I actually read a massage today from someone else in here that said theres a professional masseuse who massages in a certain way that helps push excess skin back into place so you wouldn't have to get surgery to remove it! How awesome is that?!

    My boyfriend is AMAAAAAAAZING at giving a massage and much more personal than a professional masseuse... and cheaper! lol
  • I have been getting massages for years. I do my best to try and keep them's not as expensive if you know what to look for. The spa I go to (Essential Therapy in NYC...amazing!) constantly has promotions, $60 for an hour, $70 for an hour....and you can buy as many gift certificates as you like, at that discounted price, which are good for one year! Since their normal rate is $110/hr, it's a real bargain. You can also seek out massage schools in your area, as they tend to give a much lower rate. Some spas have packages, where if you buy a package of ten massages it's like paying for 9 and getting one free. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend massage therapy. I work in a stressful job, I am a worrier by nature, I was some form of structured athlete for 15 years, and for a while I was plauged with post traumatic stress after a horrible car accident. Massage therapy has helped me through all of that and kept me sane.
  • I never had a professional massage until last year, they are awesome! I get one at a discount price as a benefit from my job every month. Can' t wait for next month, aahh!
    Sign me up !
    I didnt know how good it was for you
    I just know it feels so good!
  • This is one of the things I learned first hang while I was in massage therapy school. We had to give massages and get massages throughout the whole program. Not only did i notice that I was loosing weight, but I wasn't nearly as self conscious about my body. I found mmyslef more relaxed even when major tests that would stop me form getting my license were comming up. Most of my classmates noticed in one way or antoher that I looked and felt differently. It is definaley worth adding into your normal scheudle even if it's only once a month... and no I'm not just saying that because I'm a LMT. I lived it!
  • I think I will now reward myself with a massage when I reach a significant weight loss goal.I've always wanted to get one professionally done!
  • I have never had a professional message before.. I want one now or a ton of them
    if it helps with weight lose LOL..
  • I love massages!
    After reading this article, I now have another reason to get them.
    Thank you for spreading the word about massage. I am a massage therapist and I feel like people don't believe in the benefits unless they read it somewhere. Massage brings great body awareness to a person receiving it so that they can tell where they might carry their tension and never know it. Talk about zapping your energy!
  • Been a Massage Therapist for many years now. Great article - thank you.

    Yes - massage is good. AND remember not all states have regulations. Dont be afraid to ask the therapist how much training they have had. make sure your therapist carries his/her own liability insurance.

    You- the client - is in charge of the session. Please - dont be afraid to speak up. The time is yours - any professional will be open to knowing what you like or dont like. If the pressure makes you want to hold your breath - its too much. We dont know what you are feeling and we do the best we can.

    If you need a recomendation - message me and i can look up all over North America from the professional organization for massage therapists.

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