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More Than 100 Superfoods for a Super You

Include These Foods for Maximum Body Benefits


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  • That is a great list of ingredients. I have heard of Quinoa.
    However, being in the south and living on ma budget we don't cook it.
    (Mom is teaching me how to cook). Plus, I am starting to love my veggies.
    Hope you are all well. Have a great week! Your friend in Fitness, Holly Hugs~
    Can I just point out to everyone saying 'where's the salmon, sardines etc' it does actually list fish...

    But then you can't please everyone.
  • Funny that my Grandma would look at this and scuff - to her these aren't superfoods - just foods. But then again, Grandma grew up on a farm and still doesn't eat all of the junk processed food that makes these superfoods in comparison.

    BTW Grandma is a very healthy slim 90 year old with good mental health and a great outlook on life - Could there be a relationshio between her good health and her diet of "SuperFoods" ? Probably.
  • What is your suggestion on foods for a person with clotisis and heart burn and stomach issues. I try to eat fruits and vegetables but my body don't tolerate them. I am trying to lose weight. I am on cymbalta and lyrica which causes weight gain.
  • LOL, I once set a Sparkpeople goal of eating at least 10 foods from this list every day. The problem was that the goal was too easy so I deleted it. If you follow sparkpeople guidelines and make daily meal plans that fall within the recommended ranges in the Nutrition Tracker, that goal just takes care of itself.
  • Actually SO are TOMATOES and CUCUMBERS any thing with seed in it is technically a fruit in botany.
  • By the way, if you bake your own bread - you can substitute amaranth flour for some of the wheat and it makes an irresistable loaf of bread. When I did that long ago, I found that the bread didn't need any spread at all. You will need to look up recipes to be sure, but I think a substitution of up to 1/4 of the wheat was acceptable. Or maybe 1/5, can't remember. I would advise doing a lower substitution to make sure you like it, though.
  • I don't know about the healthiness of canola oil, but I avoid it because it's so darned tasteless... Even when buying potato chips (gasp!), I will only buy brands that are 1) on sale and 2) use peanut oil or sunflower seed oil or safflower oil or corn oil. Makes a huge difference in taste. Oddly enough, it's the major, heavily advertized brands of potato chips that keep shifting to canola oil and soybean oil or blends (the list of OR oils so you have no idea what's in the chip). I assume canola is used because people assume it's healthy. In my local grocery store, it's the cheapie house brand that uses the good oils (and I can tell from the taste) so it can't just be about cost.

    And as some others have said - coconut oil is so good! I use it instead of dairy butter most of the time. I also use coconut oil or coconut butter in my "sinus tea" for sinus infections: 1 tbsp coconut oil or coconut oil or a blend of both, plus 1 tbsp honey, plus 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Actually, I'm not into eating it as a "tea" (in warm water) and so eat it as a tasty paste with water on the side. All the ingredients have a medicinal purpose for such infections. Can't verify the efficacy, since I do a lot of other things for sinus infections that might explain why I toned down the last one in record-breaking time, but it sure tastes good! I've heard that 1 tsp of cinnamon per day also has a beneficial effect on blood sugar (verifiable by diabetics who monitor).
  • OK, other commenters, I'll bite:

    What's wronge with Canola oil?

    You can't convince me that fruit is bad for you, though, lol.

    Good list!
    Yes, where are sauerkraut, chia seeds, coconut oil, or matcha tea?
  • im finding that what i thought i knew has to be revamped because i have a child with 48 xxyy and thinkin celiac and the autism just one of the symptoms. and foods even affect depression grains good? no grains bad preservatives good? no bad they affect the autism
    well we live we learn n im just glad spark people r here
    I recently finished reading "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, and he make as strong case that meat, milk, cheese, eggs and other animal-based proteins are anything but healthy. In fact, Campbell's research shows animal proteins to be the trigger that sets off many cancers, including breast, prostate and colonrectal. If you want healthy food, stick to whole fruits and veggies and whole grains. They're packed with micronutrients and fiber to keep cancer, heart disease and diabetes at bay.
  • Actually canned salmon is there- under proteins.
  • What, no coconut oil, sardines, canned salmon? And what is canola oil doing on the list, it's not a healthy oil.
    Don't even get me started on soy milk and grains ...
    The list is reflective of supporting Big Food and Big Ag. I'd like to see a Registered Holistic Nutritionist write it, not a dietician.

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