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More Than 100 Superfoods for a Super You

Include These Foods for Maximum Body Benefits


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  • im finding that what i thought i knew has to be revamped because i have a child with 48 xxyy and thinkin celiac and the autism just one of the symptoms. and foods even affect depression grains good? no grains bad preservatives good? no bad they affect the autism
    well we live we learn n im just glad spark people r here
    I recently finished reading "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, and he make as strong case that meat, milk, cheese, eggs and other animal-based proteins are anything but healthy. In fact, Campbell's research shows animal proteins to be the trigger that sets off many cancers, including breast, prostate and colonrectal. If you want healthy food, stick to whole fruits and veggies and whole grains. They're packed with micronutrients and fiber to keep cancer, heart disease and diabetes at bay.
  • Actually canned salmon is there- under proteins.
  • What, no coconut oil, sardines, canned salmon? And what is canola oil doing on the list, it's not a healthy oil.
    Don't even get me started on soy milk and grains ...
    The list is reflective of supporting Big Food and Big Ag. I'd like to see a Registered Holistic Nutritionist write it, not a dietician.
  • Pretty decent list, actually. Naturally, not perfect! And "expert" opinions certainly vary.
    Various sources may provide somewhat different lists of which "super foods" are included. Also - an item that is listed under one category typically isn't cross-listed under another, even if it "fits" there as well -- such as the high-protein/ high-calcium salmon someone mentioned. At least FEW processed foods made the list [though I still can't imagine how overly processed, probably genetically modified, soy veggieburger/ protein can be considered a super-food!]
    Keep in mind also that the medical community and food industries have PUSHED the low-fat/ high-carb (especially grains) agenda for years, with minimal supporting scientific evidence. [ In fact, our nation as a whole is heavier than ever.] Several of the items pushed - and listed here - have been shown to have some negative health consequences in some situations.
    So, I plan to just keep reading and researching, and recognize that sometimes even will cite the "party line," which manages to ignore or downplay research findings that contradict current politicized interests, including those of agribusiness/ medibusiness. -- Maryjean
  • Avocados are fruits. Just sayin'. ;)
  • Really no pumpkin on the list?? As we speak I'm making a pumpkin, pear, and ginger soup. Also surprised that sardines aren't on the list. Otherwise I think it's ok.
  • Why did the following high sugar content foods select as super foods: potatoes, Orange juice, soy milk, corn(sugar), all rice except brown rice. Most of the fruit listed except berries are bad for you because of the sugar content as well. I managed to keep my sugar level well below 100 because I avoided most fruits and replaced with vegetables. Alsdo, canned sardines should replaced tuna as well.
  • The list of calcium rich foods seems pretty limited. No sardines, no canned salmon? Really???
  • I am just learning what is good for you, now. I just read about Coconut Oil, and have actually seen an increase to the weight loss and to the thyroid difference. I can feel the difference in my thyroid gland, and as a skin conditioner it works great! I now have happy feet. It is the only thing I use now for my tanning, because in 20 to 30 minutes, It is fully absorbed, with the faint scent of coconut. I only cook with coconut oil and mix it with butter for any spreads, and the kids love it. It is a natural antibiotic and quick energy for the low carb dieter, as it is a medium chain oil. I LOVE COCONUT OIL!
  • Great article..I have on hand 72 of the 100 foods so woohoo to me :) Thanks for the article.
  • Canola ain't that good for u !
  • Completely agree with Ellsjo and Erigust in re the so-called healthier low-fat dairy foods. I went this route, and yes, I lost weight, but I also developed colon cancer. Limit your quantity but don't eliminate them. Besides, do you really enjoy chewing on a mozzarella stick that looks and tastes like a wax candle?????
    I couldn't agree more with how 'low fat' food is so bad for you. I found 'Be good to yourself -Healthy' yogurt, really low fat but with 27 extra calories of sugar in it. Or low fat hummous with 3% salt. Companies charge extra for 'healthy' foods but just take out the fat, but then it tastes so bad they then add lots of sugar and, or, salt, both of which will add more weight than the fat taken out.
  • I agree with wapfrocks, eating full fat dairy is actually healthier than nonfat, I continue to lose weight eating this and other whole foods. I think the list is great, but I was disappointed not to see chia seeds, coconut oil, or matcha tea. These are POWER FOODS and yet somehow get overlooked. Most people don't even know coconut oil is one of the best things you can eat after the previous bad rap it has gotten. I would love to see more articles written about the lesser known super foods!

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