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Over 100 Super Foods for a Super You

Include These Foods for Maximum Body Benefits



11/13/2010 8:05:46 AM

PHILFAN1's SparkPage
This list is great! I use it as a shopping list because I have a tendency to eat the same foods over and over again. This list reminds me that there is variety out there so you eat right but not get bored doing it. I am 17 lbs. away from my goal weight. When I'm done and in maintainance, I will have lost 112 lbs!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!


11/13/2010 8:02:07 AM

While this is common sense - I'm putting this on my fridge as a reminder to try and get as many of these in as I can throughout each week.


11/13/2010 7:45:23 AM

HEIDI-25's SparkPage
When I go shopping I really try hard to go with the list and look carefully at labels...I don't necessarily deny myself the sweets but I really limit it.


11/13/2010 7:06:16 AM

Just another confirmation to eat healthy. . . try new fruits and veggies to get all the nutrients possible.


11/13/2010 6:53:32 AM

This list is ridiculous. You could have just written- eat all fruits, vegetables and lean meats and seed/nut sources of protein. Iím glad it helped some, but, honestly, if you have the slightest clue about healthy eating, this list is a declaration from the master of the obvious filesÖ And affordable?? How are good fresh fruits and vegetables affordable when not in season or donít ever grow in your area?


10/30/2010 12:08:51 PM

MOMOF2TONI's SparkPage
Printed it off to keep handy for a reference chart.


10/15/2010 1:05:43 AM

MAGMAN's SparkPage
This could be more helpful by having more categories; for example, which foods rank highest by nutrient, etc. This huge list is just a bit difficult to digest.


10/14/2010 3:02:13 PM

KANSASROSE67's SparkPage
Terrific list...full of good things! I'm going to continue to try new foods and work more of these into our diets. Yesterday I fooled husband and teens with whole-grain pancakes...they didn't even notice the difference!


9/29/2010 12:51:14 PM

So glad I found this! I'll try to eat some for my lunch!


7/19/2010 7:19:21 AM

morning . is there any coeliac,s out there that can help me


6/27/2010 9:54:54 AM

So glad to know that my husband and I eat so many super foods! Now it is just eating the right amount and cutting down on the simple carbs!


6/14/2010 11:48:09 PM

TLRIVERA's SparkPage
I am going shoppin" :)


6/3/2010 6:06:27 PM

Hi everybody, this is the first time for me, and would like to get help with my problem, I have diabetes is on Actos 45mg, ever since I've been on it I have gained so much weight. I try to watch what I eat but so far no luck in losing.


5/29/2010 1:32:38 PM

LOLAINSC's SparkPage
Right, BGG. I copied, pasted, printed this chart and take it grocery shopping. I like this positive approach because it is so much harder to know what TO buy, rather than just what NOT TO buy. By now I pretty much have the list memorized from using it so much. The only change I made is to add turmeric to the list--one of the best anticarcinagens--and I must make an effort to work it into my diet in soups and stews since it is not commonly used in American recipes.


5/17/2010 5:30:47 PM

You could highlight the chart in the article and copy/paste it into a Word document. Delete any text you don't want from the Word document. That worked for me. It might work with other softwares as well. Good luck.

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