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More Than 100 Superfoods for a Super You

Include These Foods for Maximum Body Benefits


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  • Wheat and tofu are not super foods, but they sure do a super job of disrupting your blood sugar and gut.
  • Yummmm. Super foods for a super ME!
    Read up, many so called "super foods" are not as super as first thought. Don't expect miracles from them. That is what I meant.
  • I don't eat as many of these foods as listed, however, I have stopped drinking regular milk and switched to Almond milk. I like the taste much better than cow's milk and I can get it with extra protein and calcium in it! I also added hemp to my diet. I don't eat a great deal of meat either, I much prefer fish, tuna, and salmon, on special occasions I may have chicken.
  • ETHELMERZ, just asking, depending on what you're saying it is a LIE? may be it is but how is it proven that it is a lie?
    Unfortunately, these "super" foods are good for you, but not as "Super" as they were thought to be, researchers are disappointed that these foods will not prevent diseases as much as advertised, AND organic or not, you still get vitamins from the fruits and vegetables, it's a LIE that organic is better, just get real people, get off of your high horse with organic.
  • You lost me when you added chickpeas and garbanzo beans because they are the same thing and if you did not know that and counted them as two separate items well....
  • This list is honestly lazy. Cheese, pork, and yogurt as superfoods? Yet no mention of chia seeds, maca root powder, cacao, camu camu, etc...It almost reads like an advertisement for the meat and dairy industries. Granted, there's no actual criteria for anything called a super food, but the general consensus seems to be foods (mostly plant based) that pack a wallop of nutrients. Milk, canola oil and the highly processed sodium nightmare that are veggie burgers? Not so much. This is extremely misleading.
  • IMLOST56
    I have hashimoto's and I follow the list, I put on more 5 pounds in just 2 days!!!
    Also I'm really swollen, specially my feet. Probably I can't eat some foods specially with sugar our gluten.
  • Most of these are foods I eat regularly, so to meet the challenge of trying a new superfood, I've added almond milk, rice milk, triticale, and hemp seeds to my shopping list. Do I use triticale just like wheat?
  • So this list is pretty much an unprocessed american diet? All of these foods can be found in most processed food as well. This list is quite simplistic and misleading.
  • I'm surprised to not see coconut oil on this list. Also, canola oil is definitely in question.
  • Meat and meat by products (eggs and milk) may have protein but they are also full of antibiotics and steroids. I don't eat them.

    Vegetables and fruit are great as long as they are organically grown. I have picked up non organic apples at the store and felt the pesticide residue on them. I showed the difference to my husband and he quit giving me a hassle about the extra cost.
  • Unless strawberries are organic, don't let them get near your mouth. They are a toxic soup.

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