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More Than 100 Superfoods for a Super You

Include These Foods for Maximum Body Benefits


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  • Not mentioned (maybe because it is essentially sugar in form and not good for diabetics) is RAW HONEY, which is often mentioned as a superfood. It contains antibacterial properties and small amounts of antioxidants. I take a teaspoon a day, and I'd swear it has boosted my immune system. I also give it to my children as a natural throat soother when they have a sore throat. (It should also be noted that honey should NEVER be given to an infant or any child under the age of 1, as their immature digestive systems cannot destroy the botulinum endospores that are naturally present in honey.) But a sweet way to feel better for us adults and our older children.
    Beef and Pork contain nutrients of course, but are they Super-foods? I don't think so. I'd be very surprised to see them defined as super-foods by anybody else. Disappointed to see Quinoa left off the list, and Hemp Seed Oil didn't get a mention - it has Omega 3,6 & 9. Very good article, though. Probably would be better described as healthy choice foods imho.
    From Nature Lover: "Best to eat meat and dairy in moderation, if at all."

    That's completely your opinion. Meat and dairy have a whole host of nutrients that one should have. You can certainly get these nutrients from other sources and that's a choice people have if they decide to not eat meat or dairy. But to say it should not be included in this list is completely biased. The list is not telling you to go out and eat a ribeye and full fat cheese. It's giving you sources of these that are healthy for your body.
    Meats provide a whole host of nutrients that DO help to keep your body functioning well. Also, the Omega 3s in the fish are known disease fighters.
  • Suprised to see meat listed here. Superfoods such as fresh, organic fruits and vegetables do protect against disease. Meat, lean , fresh or otherwise does not. Best to eat meat and dairy in moderation, if at all. For greatest protection against disease, concentrate on the colorful end of the food spectrum.
    How about Quinoa - a very tasty, healthy grain and it's easy to cook - Just like rice!
  • If it comes fromthe earth , it has to be good for you.
  • all of these foods are low glycemic and are excellent for you to eat , you do not have to count gi numbers just eat until you are comfortable full and you will saty that way for hours

    A very handy list to have pinned up on the kitchen wall
  • a good reminder. i had been to a neutritionist and she put me on a diet i could not follow no fruit no pasta rice etc. thanks for the reminder these are good to eat.
  • I really appreciate these charts..does a body good!!, Codeseven
  • The comment "Yay Dark Chocolate" caught my eye and I did a double take. Recently, I've been looking for some dark chocolate that is low is saturated fat, but all to no avail. Does anyone have an idea of a good brand? (One that tastes good too)
  • Great list I just printed it and was suprised to see that I am already eating most of the foods listed.
  • Great list--common sense in a way, but nice to see it all there in one place.
  • Yay! Dark Chocolate!!

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