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More Than 100 Superfoods for a Super You

Include These Foods for Maximum Body Benefits


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  • I definitely saved this list for grocery trips..
  • HUH, I never knew black olives were a fruit. I always thought they were a veggie because of the high fiber/oil content. That's interesting to find out!!
  • Thank you so much for this list. It is good to be able to see what is good for you to eat. It will make grocery shopping so much easier. It is on my fridge now.
    This list is great, I have posted it inside the cabinet door by the stove to help me remeber what I can use-thanks so much.
  • MTHOMP28
    Love seeing this list! really puts it out there that there's so many "good for you" foods to choose from.
    It would be interesting to see, though, exactly what the individual foods are good for. ie., heart, memory, metabolizim, and to what extent.
  • Corn on the cob still in its husk when bought is what I presume is meant; I assume all the fruits and vegetables on the list are those unprocessed.
  • LEFTY312
    Where are pomegranates on this list?
  • This is great! Except for the corn. Most of it is GMO or processed. It may have a few B vitamins and a pinch folate left by the time it gets to you, but it certainly doesn't belong on this list.
  • GREAT LIST!! Thanks loads.
  • I'm posting this list on the fridge for my fast-food loving grandchildren with the hopes that they will want to be 'super kids'!
  • This is great! My family has a Yahoo group that we message each other on since we are spread all over the country, and I just posted this list for them to print out and put on their fridges!
    PS I've never even heard of some of those grains!!!
  • Great list! I'm going to cross reference this list with the list from the book Worlds Healthiest Foods. I received a copy of Jonny Bowden's The Healthiest Meals On Earth and will be using some of those meals cross referenced with this list.
    Someone suggested having this list in PDF format. You can highlight the entire list, then right click and choose "copy", then go to your Word program and right click again and choose "paste" and duplicate the list. You can then delete items you know you or your family will never eat and then print out your own personalized list.
  • KIMBERLY1117
    Man! I wish my computer was hooked up to a printer! This would be a great list to take with me when I do my grocery shopping...thank you so much to the author! I may have to sneak on at work tomorrow and print it
  • 1_MEANIE
    Wonderful list.....easy to follow and does stay very close to what is acceptable on a diabetic diet. I have been looking for a list like this for a long time. Thank you very much!

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