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Beat the Flu! Here's How

Tips to Prevent and Overcome Winter Viruses


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    Check this out if you want more info:
    Seriously, where do you get your "facts"? As MDSCINCIAGAIN said, the vaccine is the only PROVEN way to prevent the flu. Everything else is anecdotal and/or inconclusive.
  • FLU VACCINE is the only proven way to prevent (specifically) the FLU. All the other suggestions are helpful for preventing any airborne respiratory illness, and should be headed, because they are helpful. The FLU SHOT cannot give you the flu. You may feel a little achy or feverish for a day or two, but that is just your immune system telling you to slow down because it is busy working on something- namely antibody to the flu. Anyone who gets sick weeks later is coming down with something else.
  • My naturopath doctor (she's an actual MD) said there is no actual conclusive research on Encanacia (sp?) helping to boost the immune system. However, Elderberry HAS been documented to help. Anyway, taking both can't hurt and hopefully help.
  • I've been sick for days, with flu like symtoms, I haven't relly eaten much, but I was craving, orange-pineapple juice, drunk allot of it.I felt a little more alive after drinking it for a while.
  • I agree every time I have gotten the flu shot .. I get yucky feeling for more then a week! I'd rather get the flu. Its over faster! But I have heard from some that certain people are can't take to this shot.. I must be one of them!!
  • My advice: don't get a flu shot. Whenever I get it, I am very sick a couple of weeks later.
  • It is also extremely important to stay at home and rest so as not to infect others.
  • Good article, but I agree with Karate_Kid that there should have been a mention of the flu shot, along with all the other suggestions. For those above a certain age, or with certain health conditions, it's a really, really good idea, and not a "quick fix". And I believe getting regular immunizations is part of taking care of our bodies, IMO.
  • My source of cold/flu prevention - Fresh carrot juice. I've been drinking it for years and if I do come down with a cold it can't last long or effect like it used to before healthy living.
  • Which is it?? I just took the test online and missed a point because it said the echinacea and vitamin c weren't effective--now your article says they are. I never know what to believe!
    All good ideas but a passing mention of the flu shot would be nice. I've had influenza once when I was working in a nursing home and it went through residents and staff like wildfire. It's not just a bad cold; it's a debilitating illness that kills people. I've had my annual flu shot ever since (15+ years) and no more influenza.
  • I forgot to say, but thank you very much for the article, the content that is there is very good.
  • Noticeably absent from this article is all the research that has come out in the last 5 years on the absolutely inarguable link between Vit D and flue / cold / cancer, etc. There is now a ton of scientific proof about Vit D and beating and preventing the flu.
  • Personally I use Cold-FX when I am starting to feel like I am coming down with something (along with hyper-loading myself with echinacea and vitamin C). Cold-FX has been shown in independent clinical trials to improve the efficiency of the immune system. Not sure if it is available in the USA or not, but for Canadians - load up on it.

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