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Shoot for the Moon

Harnessing a Child's Enthusiasm to Achieve Your Goals


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  • This is a very good article...we need to be reminded every once in a while.....but it is powerful. Thanks.
  • This was an eye opener 4me... I'm in my early 50's and recently retired. I love to draw, and I have an artsie fare. I have a sketch pad and my kids laugh, b/c they had no idea that I had this eye for talent. lol. I have thought about taking an art class somewhere, but I just haven't. Maybe I will "shoot for the moon", and just do it! Thanks for the inspiration. :)
  • I couldn't agree more. At age 50, I decided that it was time to TRY to get into shape. Through the process of searching for a fitness activity that I love, I found group exercises - Jazzercise, Kickboxing, Group Power (strength training), and Pilates. I've learned that I'm a social fitness fanatic and through the process of taking 2-3 classes a week, my body is in better shape than it has ever been. I live in a family with all men, and their reactions to my tone body has been priceless and definitely an ego booster.
    Some cartoon character (maybe Garfield, who sure could use a little Spark in his life!) once said, "It is amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one cannot do." It never crosses a ten-year-old's mind that s/he won't someday play professional hockey - the kid just goes out there and plays hockey, having fun and keeping fit and dreaming big. Maybe we adults need to lose a big load of "practicality and realism", and just get out there and act like we CAN have the healthy lifestyle we dream of. Who says we can't?
  • I thought, from the title, that this was to be another message about using your children to achieve your own lost goals (I thought this from the title, and also from the opening remarks).
    However - it isn't that. I think, now (having read the whole article), that it is about an opportunity to use your child's enthusiasms to buck up your own ideas and get yourself moving again..
    So, it shouldn't be about finding classes or groups to fit an activity your child seems interested in - it's see to your child's interests - AND ALSO find a class or group that will let you do something. Or go to the same group together.
    Thanks for the article.
    It's never too late to take up a new activity, learn a new skill! I am always inspired by the adults I meet at the pool who decided to learn to swim late in life. Some want to be able to be with their kids in the water; some want to finally overcome their childhood fears; some want to make up for what poverty or circumstance denied them earlier. They're all awesome!
  • This was a wonderful article. Kids certainly can remind us that anything is possible if we concentrate and work hard enough to attain it.
  • I LOVE this article! You don't need children to imagine dreaming your dreams...Just remember what it was like to be a child and the big dreams you had!

    We all have dreams, still. How much better is it to just go ahead and TRY for them. 10 years down the road you will still be wishing you could attain your dreams, imagine what 10 years of trying to shoot for them will get you! A lot further down that road to achieving them!
  • This is an interesting article, however, I don't have any kids to watch. How do you suggest doing this in that case. In my case I "know" it's too late to make my life what I want it to be. Reality is in front of me. I wish life were more simple than that.
  • Your article made me want to shoot for the moon! I couldn't help but notice how much support your son is getting in making his dreams come true. You and your DH are very supportive! Even as adults, we need that support, and I think that's where SparkPeople comes in. Articles like yours and support from my SparkFriends have enabled me to achieve health goals I could barely dream about. And reaching those goals is motivating me to reach for others. What a gift SparkPeople is to so many of us!
  • Thanks for this. As a mother I often feel excited by what my kids might one day do, thanks for reminding me that I can still achieve new things too. My life does seem to have been on hold a bit over the last couple of years but with SparkPeople and articles like this I feel I am really taking control again - of my health, my life and my family's future. Thank you.
  • Great article! I love your insights and how the optimism of youth should transpire into alduthood. Thanks for sharing!
  • I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.........
    thanks for reminding me
  • I raised my daughter to always... SHOOT FOR THE MOON. If you don't make it, you will hit a much higher goal than if you decided to settle for shooting for something less. Today, my daughter overcame an abusive relationship, fought to get off welfare (can you believe that one... she had to fight!) got her college degree, and graduated Law School last year. She did this all as a single mom, and working full time. It took her 10 years, but she did it. She graduated law school, passed the bar, and got married all in the same year... just an amazing woman. So proud of her.

    We had a family disagreement with my dad when she was only 10, and Grampa... trying to be well meaning told her she should not set her sights on such lofty goals... she knew then she wanted to be a lawyer. I sent her outside to play and dad and I had a "discussion..." I firmly told him he was never to ever discourage her from wanting to accomplish anything in her life. I gave him my SHOOT FOR THE MOON theory and left the room. When I came back he was in tears and apologized and said to me, "I wish I had a mother who stood up for me the way you stand up for your daughter." I told him I learned that partly because of him... that you can do whatever you want to. He built our home with little to no money from the bank in 1951. They turned him down... twice, when the bank president came out to the property to see what he had done, he had the foundation in, the house framed and was starting on the next step. They gave him the money on the spot to finish the house and apologized to him. Not something you would see happen today!

  • I love this article. It's so true. We shouldn't ever give up on our dreams. No matter how difficult they may be. Anything is possible.

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