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An Apple a Day

Enjoy the Fall Season's Freshest Pick


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And I will add that we do not eat Red Delicious apples, but do like Yellow Delicious. Our favorite is MacIntosh, but they weren't ready yet, so got Paula Reds which are very close to the Macs. Report
I just dragged home apples from PA as we grew up eating the ones grown there. I love to cook and bake using apples!

We don't get a lot of variety where I live; a small Northern town in Canada where the nearest local produce/market is over 730 Km away. Unfortunately, all we get during the summer are Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, and Granny Smith. I hear a lot about Honey Crisp and Pink Lady, and I'm very curious to try those. I need to remember to visit the markets when I'm in the city... Report
I'm with RBALF1 - if 'Red Delicious' are still considered the most popular eating apple, then there must be a lot of places where there's no other variety offered. If that's all that's available, people may be forced to settle for them. I'm sad for those places.

Honeycrisp and Pink Ladies,or maybe Galas are what go into my shopping cart Report
I grew up with my dad's apple orchard next to the yard. We had a variety. I could never understand people who love or even like Red Delicious. Just not for me. I love Gala, in my yard I have Winesap- my all time favorite. Love Macintosh, Grimes Golden and Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Cortland. There are so many wonderful, flavorful apples to choose from. You could choose a different flavor every day of the week. Report
I love Cortlands - they are very seasonal because apparently they don't store well, not even in regular agricultural storage facilities.

PS - If you are also interested in eating local, make sure you check the labels on your apples. This past weekend, my store had Braeburn apples from New Zealand! Nothing against New Zealand, but it's fall in Toledo; I want apples from closer to home. Report
I just can't take an apple article seriously when it leads with red delicious. They are so insipid when compared with a whole range of other apples. Currently I'm eating galas here in washington state, but waiting for the others to get ripe. Report
I only read this last page of comments but I agree with so many others that Honey Crisp is my favorite. Love this time of year in Upstate NY when apples are plentiful! Report
I write a blog regarding OAS. It is mostly recipes that I have modified to be safe for OAS sufferers. As a fellow sufferer, I hope it helps!

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Love, love, love honeycrisp apples. But the problem is I can't eat any other variety now. Nothing comes close in taste and crispness Report
The microwave tip is very useful. My favorite apples are the pink lady and granny smith. Report
Thanks for the microwave tip! When apples are sitting around until "past their prime" I usually bake an apple cake but it's a lot of effort and really, what I want is the apple/cinnamon taste.

My favourite apple is Nicola, very crisp and sweet. They're only around for a short time so I need to be on the ball :) Report
I don't even buy red delicious anymore because the flavor does not compare to some of the other apple varieties. My favorite apples are Pink Lady and Honey Crisp. Report
My favorite apple is a pink lady, just discovered these apples last year. I love them, although they are hard to fine sometimes. Report
I love honeycrisp apples! If you like them too you should try a new kind. The University of Minnesota has used cross pollinated honecrisp with something else (I'm not sure which one) but they call the new creation Sweetango and they are DELICIOUS! They're a big thing around here and if you see some you should definitely take advantage of trying it! Report

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