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An Apple a Day

Enjoy the Fall Season's Freshest Pick


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  • The microwave tip is very useful. My favorite apples are the pink lady and granny smith.
    Thanks for the microwave tip! When apples are sitting around until "past their prime" I usually bake an apple cake but it's a lot of effort and really, what I want is the apple/cinnamon taste.

    My favourite apple is Nicola, very crisp and sweet. They're only around for a short time so I need to be on the ball :)
  • I don't even buy red delicious anymore because the flavor does not compare to some of the other apple varieties. My favorite apples are Pink Lady and Honey Crisp.
  • My favorite apple is a pink lady, just discovered these apples last year. I love them, although they are hard to fine sometimes.
  • I love honeycrisp apples! If you like them too you should try a new kind. The University of Minnesota has used cross pollinated honecrisp with something else (I'm not sure which one) but they call the new creation Sweetango and they are DELICIOUS! They're a big thing around here and if you see some you should definitely take advantage of trying it!
  • My favorite is Gala. Sweet and crisp! The problem with keeping them in the fridge is that no one eats them when they are there. If they aren't in plain site, they are me, too!
  • I eat an apple around 3 every afternoon. Now it is a habit. The sweetness of the Red Delicious helps to take away the craving for candy.
    My DH and I started to eat Honey Crisp apples. They are delicious!
    After enjoying apples for 40+ years, I developed Oral Allergy Syndrome, and apples are one of my worst offenders. How I wish I could eat a juicy sweet apple a day without my mouth turning tingly and numb! My favourites used to be MacIntoshes and Mutsu. I am still looking for another snack idea that would be as convenient, delicious and healthy as fresh apples.
    For my "basket apples" I prefer Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, or Cortlands. I love the tangy sweet tartness of them. For apple pies, I use a mix of sweet and tart to give the pie flavor a three dimensional taste and texture. For applesauce, I use Jonagold and McIntosh. If I'm making homemade cider, any apple will do and mixing them creates a unique blend. As for dried apples, I only use the tart (granny Smith) or really sweet (braeburn). Drying them reduces the flavor of the apples slightly, and these keep the true flavor of the apple. I'm a green cook: that means I try to cook as organically as possible, using only fruits and veggies in season, with as few steps from the farm to my plate as possible.
    We love our "Shenandoah Valley" tart and crisp Stayman apples.
  • I take an apple with me to work every day. I eat it during my drive home, so that when I walk in the door, I've already had a snack, so I'm not tempted to grab anything before dinner.
  • I eat Fuji and Honey Crisp as my "basket" apples. Maybe a Jonagold every once in a while. Everyone has different tastes :)

    But if you can't smell the apple when you put it to your nose, chances are it's coated with something and has pesticide residue. Either skin it before eating, or wash it with a vinegar/baking soda solution. Or buy organic only (which is expensive, especially Honey Crisp).
  • I love Honeycrisp which has a short season but have also discovered Sweet Tango. Crunchy with a sweet tart taste. Yum!
  • My favorite all-around--Jonagold; fresh eating--Gala. Rome Beauty, Melrose or IdaRed for Baking or even pies, even just microwaved w/cinnamon & raisins. Good ol' Gravensteins are hard to beat for sauce & baking, but they're not around very long. I live in the NW, & the guy at our local farm stand cringes when anyone buys Red Delicious. Apparently it's like going to Baskin Robbins & ordering vanilla. I do like it though, but others are fun.

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