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An Apple a Day

Enjoy the Fall Season's Freshest Pick



3/20/2008 1:47:26 PM

I'm a recent convert to apples and had a lovely bag of Pink Lady last week but can't get them now. My local store seems to have a different variety every time. I like Braeburns too. Don't Americans use cooking apples for pies? Like Bramleys?


3/18/2008 10:11:26 AM

CRUCIFIED1's SparkPage
I love apples and normally I eat one every day. While I love Red Delicious apples, I grew tired of buying ones that looked crisp only to bite into them and get mush. Now I only buy Gala apples which weren't in the article. I have yet to be disappointed with Galas. Also, the comment about refrigeration is so true! I thought my apples should sit out since they aren't refrigerated in the grocery store - but once I started refrigerating them I found that they stay crisp much longer.


3/17/2008 10:44:30 PM

I love my nice slices of Fuji apple in the morning. Individually slice Fuiji apples work well for me everymorning. They have a very sweet taste. Muching on them in the morning while I work keep the hunger spams away...enjoy.


3/17/2008 10:39:50 PM

Granny Smith and Honey Crisps! YUM!


3/17/2008 9:13:54 PM

Jonagolds and Honeycrisp are a tie for my all-time favorite apples. I usually eat three a day and I never have to go to the Doc! lol In fact, I got the "stomach flu" from my mom and didn't have anything but nausea and bloat while she was vomiting for 48 hours. Yay apples!


3/17/2008 8:45:52 PM

I love apples and have adopted them as my fav. dessert. Between the crunch ,sweet or tart taste they are a go to food for me. Any variety will do!


3/17/2008 8:31:35 PM

I prefer cortland apples and my black lab loves them delicious reminds me of fund raisers.........and granny smith reminds me of the sour green ones from my mom's back yard, that my hubby would sprinkle with salt and eat back in the 70s. They sure would put a pucker on ya..........


3/17/2008 6:30:30 PM

I love apples, but when I consume them (any kind) I get a bad case of the shall we say "potty sickness" I am "running" to the bathroom within half hour after consumption. Is this due to an allergy or is it kind of like being lactose intolerant. Is there something I can take to help me to slow down the digestion of fruit. Most all fruits have the same affect on my GI system. I do have a true allergy to most exotic tropical fruits (starfruit, kiwi, mango, and passion fruit). Bananas, strawberries, cranberries, and blueberries are the only fruits that don't upset my "apple cart".


3/17/2008 5:25:26 PM

Apple seeds have trace amounts of cyanide.


3/17/2008 4:33:22 PM

Kellkat: Eat the seeds? I never knew that. My mom always told me if I ate the seeds, fruit would start growing in my belly, but I guess I'm a little past that age. ;]


3/17/2008 4:07:51 PM

SBIRD4's SparkPage
Try to buy locally grown apples, and for that matter, local produce, whenever possible. It's worth checking how far an item has traveled before deciding to purchase it.


3/17/2008 2:27:04 PM

KELLKAT's SparkPage
DH has done lots of health research and says Gala and Fuji are the healthiest. Plus - don't forget to east the seeds. They are full of B17 - very good for you!!!


3/17/2008 2:09:16 PM

I have to chime in about this. Fujis are fabulous. I usually grab a bag of these for lunches.


3/17/2008 1:52:57 PM

I can't believe you didn't mention the best tasting apple in the world: "Jonathan". Available only a few months a year, Jonathans are well worth the wait. Don't bother with bland, thick-skinned and tasteless "Red Delicious". They're pretty to look at but don't taste very good. Jonathans are scrumptious for eating raw, and also delicious in pies. Their taste is sort of between a Gala and a Granny Smith - tart enough but plenty sweet and juicy.


3/17/2008 12:10:35 PM

DOTSLADY's SparkPage
... keeps the doctor away! One of my favorite mottos. :)
Thank you for the article.

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