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An Apple a Day

Enjoy the Fall Season's Freshest Pick


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  • I love Fuji for straight out of the basket they are sweet and juicy and have an easier skin on them
  • Red Delicious apples are an a

    Red delicious apples are an abomination!! Wow that's deep!!

    Fujis are by far the best eating apples ever! They keep better than most others, rarely get mushy, and have a great taste. They can be baked, too.
  • The red delicious is an abomination! I can't imagine why anyone would eat it. I'd sooner have the plastic apple out of the fruit bowl on the coffee table. Like all apple varieties, red (not so) delicious is a hybrid, and this particular one was designed just to look pretty and ship well. TASTE was never a consideration. (Check out ) ANY other variety is better eating and better for cooking. My faves are granny smith (tart and juicy with a dramatic crisp sound when you bite into it), GOLDEN delicious (sweet and juicy), empire, ignger gold, ida red, gala, winesap, and honeycrisp. I guess the red delicious might make good compost, but that's about it.
  • In the Pacific North West, try sweet orin, winesap, and gala. All grown in BC and washington are amazing fresh.
  • My favorite "eating" apple is Golden Delicious. Never been fond of the more popular Red Delicious--always thought they were "mealy." :-p

  • When I was reading this article I couldn't believe that the Honeycrisp apples weren't mentioned... then I saw that another member had posted something. If you've never tried one you should. They are BY FAR the best apple to munch on. They're sweet, crispy, juicy and usually a pretty large size too. Down side is that they tend to be quite a bit more expensive than other types (in my area they run right around $2 a lb which one apple could easily be a lb). If you ever feel like endulging... this is the way to go without damaging your weight loss efforts & goals!
  • I love the Gayla apples too! They are always crunchy. I love the crunch!
  • Shiny apples in the grocery store have been rinsed and lightly coated with carnuba wax. Right, the same stuff as at the car wash. Relax it is not harmful and it keeps in the moisture and prevents mold and fruit flys getting established. Apples in storage are kept in a gas enhanced envioronment so the ethylene the ripe apples produce does not make them all rot. My fave for just ripe from the tree is an antique apple called a 'snow' apple. Very white, sweet tender flesh with red veins here and there, a rounded red on the sunny side apple, that tastes great but doesn't keep long. My favourite grocery store apple is the Royal Gayla, and I prefer the smaller ones that are usually sold bagged. The New Zealand ones are the best, the South African are the next best, then the local Canadian ones, followed by the West Coast Canadian ones, I usually pass on the American ones as they often seem to have that texture that delicious apples have instead of their fine crunchy texture. The one apple I will not eat is the ever so pretty delicious I find them mealy and without flavour. I think cold climate apples are better tasting anyway.
    My sister lives in the states and when she visited here her little girl was drinking the apple juice I had put on the table and got excited, pulled on her mum's sleeve and said "Mom you have to taste". When my sister tasted the juice, she asked "what's wrong with it"? And her little girl said "nothing, it is sooo good Mommy". Her mum just said, "oh it 'sCanadain, all their apple stuff is better". My sister lived in California for 15 years trucking mostly produce and has lived in Illinois for the last 13 years. LOL
  • my favorite is honeycrisp in fat free caramel dip. a great snack!!!!
  • I love galas, pink ladys, honeycrisps and jazz. Apples are delicious and also help to lower cholesterol.
    I bought some apples before that looked all shiny and wonderful, but found out they had a thick wax-like coating applied to them that wouldn't come off. Don't know what it was, but I threw out most of the apples because I didn't want to eat it.
    I'm a recent convert to apples and had a lovely bag of Pink Lady last week but can't get them now. My local store seems to have a different variety every time. I like Braeburns too. Don't Americans use cooking apples for pies? Like Bramleys?
    I'm a recent convert to apples and had a lovely bag of Pink Lady last week but can't get them now. My local store seems to have a different variety every time. I like Braeburns too. Don't Americans use cooking apples for pies? Like Bramleys?
  • I love apples and normally I eat one every day. While I love Red Delicious apples, I grew tired of buying ones that looked crisp only to bite into them and get mush. Now I only buy Gala apples which weren't in the article. I have yet to be disappointed with Galas. Also, the comment about refrigeration is so true! I thought my apples should sit out since they aren't refrigerated in the grocery store - but once I started refrigerating them I found that they stay crisp much longer.

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