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The Secrets of Eating Right and Living Longer

12 Super Foods to add to your Diet


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  • These are among my favorites. It's nice to see evidence of what I'm doing right.
    I have added more fish to my diet. Salmon and tilapia are two favorites.
  • good article/ i love broccoli and so do my 7 yr old boys
  • Helpful article. I saved it so I can cont to review and learn.
  • I eat most of these foods now. There a few that I don't eat at all or on a regular basis. I am working on integrating these foods into my diet. Slowly
    this is a great list, my personal problem with garlic requires avoiding it, however in the article area of mushrooms, i add maitake, reishi and shiitake mushroom extracts for the antiviral and other benefits, for over 15 years i have had very few viral problems, although i have always gotten my annual flu and periodic pneumonia vaccines as well, and i will continue as in my childhood polio vaccinations, to use shingles vaccine and any new trusted and tested antiviral methods...
  • I eat all of these things regularly! That's great news!
  • Great article! Emphasis should be on eating mostly organic varieties of these foods to boost the nutritional value.
    I like all these health and fitness artical. Thank you much. I like the quizes too.
    I enjoyed this article because it emphasized the importance of whole foods.
  • Great information..Have to save this one..
    I really liked this article and found it very informative, but; there are so many articles like this out there that say what foods to eat that are the best but there are two factors that are always left out when they list the items, amt and how often. I have been on a roller coaster ride with my weight all my life and know the things i'm suppose to eat but not how much or how often. Some of these foods, tomatoes for one, you arent suppose to eat alot continually because of the acidity in it. I wish someone would right an article for people like me who need to everything in front of them so they know what to do.
  • I am glad to hear broccoli is a super food. Now I can push even more of it on my family! It is my favorite veg!
  • I already had this saved to my favorites, but just re-read it anyway! Every parent in the US should have to read this excellent article. Maybe before they even have children!!!

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