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The Secrets of Eating Right and Living Longer

12 Super Foods to add to your Diet


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Good article. Report
I can not eat tomatoes unless I slightly boil them, take out the seeds, then do what I want with them. I can not eat high acid fruits & vegetables, this makes them good for people with stomach problems. I can not eat garlic, mushrooms,for green tea it is a lot healthier to have real Matcha green tea, it is sold cheap made in China through Amazon. It can be used in cooking, baking, in your bath, to make face masks, it is the only real powdered tea you can buy. You use 1/2 teaspoon & drink 1 cup a day for your health, a lot higher concentration then regular green tea. It is very green in your cup. I use olive oil when not cooking and sesame & nut oil for cooking as well as butter. I like to buy canned coconut milk & make whipped cream & ice cream with it, it tends to thicken up in the fridge after 2 days, you can make chocolate mouse with it, you must buy the real high fat kind, I pay $1.50 a can. Report
Spinach salad every day and blueberries in the oatmeal. Report
we some super food everyday.. Report
Watercress has more nutrients than that horrible kale, which is being pushed hard by ad agencies hired by kale farmers because it's really only useful to scrub your sink with! Report
Great article Report
I eat all these several times a week, except mushrooms and green tea.
But I never ate broccoli or yoghurt or oats before I joined SP, added them to my meal plan after reading The Spark.
Now I eat broccoli almost every day in the winter. Just cut into flowerets and pop into microwave oven for 3.5 minutes - they are beautiful emerald green, tasty, crispy and hot.
Don't forget kale! Report
My two most favorite things are one here... Tomatoes and Garlic.

I can go through 8-10 tomatoes in a week, and I have several recipes that I use almost an entire head of garlic for.
There are other things on the list I like, but the Tomatoes and Garlic are constant in my diet no matter what.
I also read (from another article years ago, forget where) that chemicals from tomatoes leech out of skin, and can help protect from UV rays. Thus, it helps prevent skin cancer (and tanning). Also, if you eat a whole lot in one sitting, the oils that come out of your fingertips can start the rusting process on metals (I know someone who has kind of put finger prints on metal parts for helicopters because of this).
Oh, and I thought I read that Lycopene can also help your heart muscles (again an article years ago). Report
Great article. I try to make sure I eat all of them. I know that they are health for me. Report
Yumm! Most of these are among my favorite foods and I like all of them! Report
Most of these are regulars in my diet!! WOO HOO!! Report
As far as I can tell it involves very simple things: choose foods that are in the produce department, some healthy dairy (if you can eat it.) you want the unsweetened dairy products, the sugar will kill your probiotics. Don't forget to eat plenty of healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil (not the hydrogenated!! Get the good, organic, one.) Get some healthy movement: cardio, some strength training, some flexibility training. Get a little sunlight. Cook your own eats, carry a cooler, and drink some green tea. Now really, is that so hard? You can still have some real ice cream, some dark chocolate, and even some grain (which ever kind you can tolerate.) Just don't go nuts with it.

The point is to pay attention to how you feel in comparison to what you are putting in your body. Report
I have printed this off.
I feel pretty good when I eat these types of foods. Going to show article to my husband.......trying to make him understand it all in the hopes that he'll make 'better' choices also. We have this one shot in life and I'd like both of us to enjoy it in a thinner, healthier manner. Thank you! Report
There is absolutely no scientific proof for any of these claims, certainly they are all part of a good diet, but at best it is a 'may'. Report

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