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Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

Why it's the most important meal of the day


    I work out every morning whether it is tennis or spinning and I do not feel well if I eat something before working out. Usually, after my work out I will come home and have more of a "brunch" type meal...and obviously, I drink a lot of water during my workout and sometimes will have a cup of coffee before working out. The caffine gives me a little "jolt" before working out. - 7/6/2008 12:28:55 PM
  • You know, my daughter just told me that since I have been in this 150 range plateau I have hardly eaten the month of June one of my goals is to eat breakfast. - 6/1/2008 9:13:27 AM
  • a quick and easy breakfast I've learned is to make omelettes in boiling water. All you have to do is combine all your omellet ingredients in a small ziploc sandwich baggie and boil in water for 13 minutes. Makes the PERFECT omelette! - 4/6/2008 6:47:29 PM
    Elizabeth, In Nashville, TN, there is a contest going on that is kind of like the biggest loser, but is all about inside health. We are competing on two teams of women who have been measured on the inside...not weight...and are working out every morning at D1 Sports Training Facility. We really could use some help with our caloric intake and output, as some of the women are working so hard that their bodies are eating their lean mass instead of fat. We are all needing menus to match our caloric needs with our output. Can you give us some ideas fto go for menus that would prepare really, really healthy eating, that would also tell us our calories? Check us out at On The - 4/6/2008 10:38:30 AM
  • Yhis article fit right into all the email readings today. No coicidences!! TY. I was never a breakfast eater and when I realized how important it was, I developed celiac disease. I had been eating lots of whole wheat then. lol. So, now it is a challenge to find the right foods for energy. Am motivated by this article to do so. TY - 4/6/2008 5:40:18 AM
  • I have started eating breakfast a week ago when I began this diet. I can't believe how much better I feel throughout the day and how much energy I have. I don't have many cravings anymore. I look forward to an egg and a slice of toast in the morning with a cup of orange juice. - 1/20/2008 9:41:19 PM

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