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Eating Breakfast Could Help You Lose Weight

Why it's the most important meal of the day


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  • I didn't use to eat breakfast either until peoples kept telling me I suppose to eat breakfast. So I eat it every morning. Then have my snack in between that an lunch and one between before dinner.
  • Right on! I alternate between high fiber cereal with almond milk and plain greek yogurt with walnuts and any variation of blueberries, blackberries, and Granny Smith apples.
    Today to maintain healthy body we need to work out in our foods,I think we should have heavy breakfast then less in lunch and very little in dinner.As in morning we must feel fresh and active we should have healthy and nutrition food in morning.If we will not have our breakfast an think that i will have in afternoon then this is not good,by this you can feel lazy to do any of your work.

  • I eat several times a day, but my meals are not at standard meal times. I do not eat eggs, cereal or most of the foods commonly cosidered breakfast foods very often. I would say my meal pattern is more like 3 or 4 lunches a day. I like a number of fresh fruit or vegetables as a snack and a little greek yogurt of ice cream (low fat and sugar free of course) as a snack here and there. I am lactose intolerant so a little means a couple of teaspoons or I will pay for it later. I get several servings from one yogurt cup. How do I fit into a poll like this??
    You should take Egg, bread along with 1 cup green tea.For more information about Health visit stayfitnutrition website.
  • So far, this is really working for me. I used to hate/skip breakfast. Just too busy, even as a child I never liked anything in the morning. Horrible habit. But the choices are endless. Lately, I've been enjoying my regular cup of coffee (8oz), maybe an Activa yogurt and a banana. Done! It doesn't have to be a huge meal. I'm lactose intolerant also, so cereal and milk make me sick. I feel like I've eaten and am not that famished by the time lunch rolls around. Also, breakfast helps me think clearly.
    to eat or not to eat ? hungry or not ... i must have my oatmeal daily. why? to keep my cholesteol down and it is working for me!
  • NOT TRUE. This absolutely does not work for me. It's a little insane to eat when you are not hungry. " Listen to your body" is a much better philosophy. MUST eat breakfast is another "trendy" thing, like NO FAT. This advice will change, too. Listen to your body.
  • Although I do believe the principal behind eating a good breakfast I have a hard time eating much more than a bowl of cereal. I am afraid I will use to many of my allotted calories for breakfast and run out before the end of the day, then I won't be able to keep from going over my limit if I am still hungry in the late evening. Late evening is my hardest time to keep from snacking and I need some slack in my calories for then.
    I am trying to eat only when I'm hungry - and I don't feel hungry until about 10 AM (or about 4 hours after I get up in the morning). When I eat breakfast earlier, I tend to start craving more food by about 10 AM, when I will eat my morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack all at once - then I'm fine until supper. Eating breakfast keeps me from being in touch with my body's needs - which is a whole 'nother kettle of fish - I really don't think one size fits all for everything all of the time.
  • Eating breakfast is the best. I used to not eat it at all in high school but what did I know as a teenager anyway. When I eat breakfast I find myself less hungry throughout the day and I'm not prone to overeating because I haven't triggered my body's hunger response. Breakfast is a beautiful thing.
  • My experience exactly reflects what this article says. Waffles and bagels are sure guarantees of hunger pains the rest of the day. A piece of whole-grain oatmeal toast with peanut butter has staying power, and doesn't result in hunger. A bowl of oatmeal with skim milk is a sure fix and means no hunger pains for hours afterward; even more effective than the oatmeal toast with peanut butter.
  • good article. Wish I could cook every morning! I love eggs and whole wheat toast and fat free hashbrowns and stir fried veggies with eggs. Usually I'll have yogurt with a mashed banana and a tbsp of protien powder or a serving of Uncle Sam cereal and soy milk, maybe a piece of fruit. If I get hungry I will have a snack such as a piece of fruit or a tablespoon of nuts or sometimes just a teaspoon or so of peanut butter.
    I KNOW when I'm on the right track once again. How? I'm eating breakfast!!
  • Great article. I try to eat breakfast at least five days out of the week. I will incorporate the other two now.

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