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The ''Real'' Woman's Workout

Find Ways to be Inefficient


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    It never ceases to amaze me that ideas like those in your article are easily done each day without really thinking about it or making any special effort.

    You have changed my life. I will be actively making changes.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.
  • Greate article. I get the same flack from my sons("could you find a parking space any further away!!"). I work in an office (2nd floor). I purposely go up & down the stairs all day 1) I get my own reams of paper & extra for others; 2) bring my filing down to the filing room etc. True it may not always be the most efficient way but I'm staying active. I don't have much time to go workout.
    It's a rare day when I park close to the store when I go in to shop ... and no, most people just don't "get it"!!
  • In doing chores, I have to make lots of trips to-and-from the barn . . . and I very purposely try to make each of those walks BRISK, work my abs, do a little "marching" -- as long as I have to make all those trips, I don't just trudge along . . . I try to make them worth it!
    I just love almost being run over by the people trying to get the parking spaces closest to the door of the gym! We watch people drive around the mall parking lot looking for a space while we park further out and walk to the shops (by the time we walk back to the shops the same cars are still driving around the parking lot!). What gets me is that these are the same people complaining that they don't have enough time for exercise. I'm with you, build in exercise into your daily routine.
  • My mom had an expression: "Use your head to save your heels". I think I'll change that to "Use your head to save your waistline" LOL

    Choosing extra physical effort has it's rewards.
    I find the term "Real-Life Woman" a put down of those women who do not have children or partners. Why is it that the world assums the only thing woman care about are kids and family issues. That only woman with families matter. There are a lot of REAL woman out there who have very productive lives without kids or partners.
    Oh and if I could select the kind of emails spark sends me I would opt out of the "Family stuff" however that is not possible.,
    We live in the country and prefer heating with firewood as well. It gives us exercise and keeps the house more comfortable than our gas furnace does at negligible cost. We garden and I push mow the paths through our woods and on the hills. I love not having to do the treadmonster after the long winter! The one thing I don't like about living in the country is that we are too far out for me to walk for our groceries!
  • I can't stand the people who will wait in the parking lot for the car in the second space that is pulling out. I would soooooooooooooo much rather just park far away and walk. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Right.
    i really liked the creative thinking that this article not only gave but inspired!
  • I'll deliberately park in the corner of the supermarket car park. There's less competition for spaces, there's less risk of being bumped and the walk does me good.

    Some people would drive the car right into the shop if they could.

    Also if I'm going into town, I park in the car park at the top of town, which always has spaces, and walk. It doesn't matter where in town I'm going.
  • I wrote a blog last week about stacking/carrying firewood and what good exercise it was. This article reinforces what I had just discovered myself. I'm also planning to act on the inefficiency portion. I hadn't thought of that one. Thanks for the article.
  • I as well use our wood carrying as a workout! I figure anything I need to wear a sports bra to do deserves to be tracked!
  • I never thought of my parking in the back as an excuse for exercise! I normally grab the first spot I come to even if it is in the back 40 of the parking lot. Just cause I hate driving around and around looking for a closer spot. My comment to the kids when this happens is "What are you afraid of walking?" I think I may start parking a little further back just to get in that few extra strides in my day!!! I have also been known to "wonder" through the house when I'm cleaning (I'm a stay at home mom). Its not a very big place but I go from room to room picking up a little at a time then reverse the process back to the other side. I have no idea if it amounts to much but its possible that that is what has kept me from gaining bunches of extra weight when I wasn't activly seeking exersize.

    This is a great article and it offers a different view on the things we do every day and see as ho hum repetative... I like it!
  • I have 2 teenage sons who are capable of doing any kind of work around the house and yard. We had quite the snow storm on Sunday and we always shovel ourselves out, with shovels no snowblower. My oldest son was out shovelling the driveway. After I was finished cleaning up the dishes I proceed to go outside and help him. It was snowing alot and by the time he was done it was ready to be cleaned again. He said I am going in know mom and I said well I am going to do some more shovelling I want to get some extra exercise. One of my neighbours commented to me the next day why I was shovelling the driveway. I said do you know how many calories you burn shovelling snow, and the muscles you use while doing it, they just looked at me like I had 2 heads and changed the subject. We have 20 houses on our street and I am always the only women outside helping with the yard. It keeps me active and I love the fresh air.

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