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The ''Real'' Woman's Workout

Find Ways to be Inefficient


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  • Sometimes I'll purposely go up the stairs twice, or bring in the groceries bags one at a time. I try to find ways to get extra steps in wherever I can.
  • Thanks for the great article!
    This is my favorite way to keep in shape. I get tons done and I approach the task with positive attitude as I know I can count this into my daily exercise minutes. It's a win-win situation!
    When you do this kind of lifting, bending, use muscles that rarely get any attention in a traditional workout.
    And I become a great role model for my teen-boys, if mom can do it...
  • I do that while working. I find the tools and material i work with heavy at times, so I make several trips to get it all where I need it.

    I'm glad I do, although my boss doesn't. But for me it pays off.
  • I have found myself doing things like this ever since I joined SparkPeople. I have young kids as well, so it's not always easy finding time to get some "proper" exercise in. However, I have found a couple of ways to get some extra walking in, which really helps me to meet my goal of at least 15,000 steps per day. One is when I'm hanging laundry out on the clothesline: instead of taking the basket with me as I move down the line, I keep the basket in one spot, which forces me to walk further and further to put each item up on the line. I can easily get a few hundred extra steps in this way, which really adds up.

    The other is during my son's soccer practices and games: instead of taking a chair along and sitting on it, I walk back and forth along the side of the field, following the action. An added benefit of doing this is that it allows me to take better pictures by being closer to everything.
  • I watch my favourite tv shows on my laptop while running stairs. So, while the Biggest Loser is playing, I'm losing big!
  • my husband refuses to park any further than he has to from any store. He seems to think he'll fall apart if he has to walk more than five car spaces to get where he wants to go. LOL
    Being inefficient on purpose sounds like a good idea to me. It's not tolerated on the bosses time, but on my time it is worth it. Great ideas! I love parking away from other vehicles that way I get in my walking and carrying groceries (without the cart) and most of all the less chance of my vehicle getting hit by another. I used to dance while doing dishes when I was a kid--I got laughed at alot. Making things such as chores fun and active is the way to go. This was a great article.
    Great ideas and while I was reading this article I was doing calf raises at my desk on my Skechers Shape Ups!
  • Love this article, I love parking as far away as I can in the grocery or mall. If I two errands in the same area just park and walk to them both. I really like doing it and yes it does change your perspective.
    Thanks for the great article.
  • We have two bathrooms and when I am cleaning them, I purposely go back and forth to fetch items needed to do the job so that I can get some workout while cleaning house. I have no use for the caddy!
    i like this idea. When I go to the store. I see people waiting to get close parking spots. I keep saying, I don't mind walking at least I won't have to pay $950 for parking in a Handicapp spot. But I always grab as many bags as possible to get the groceries in the house. So for now and out, I'm doing just as she suggested. Only two bags. I could use the extra exercise. Thanks
    I will park in the first spot I find, no matter how far from the store it is. Unless, of course my shoes are uncomfortable... ;)
  • I love this article, not only for the ideas, but because I have yet to find a way to enjoy exercising. Knowing there are so many different ways to get in some of your exercising is very good to know!
  • My DH says that wood warms you first when you cut it, again when you split it, once more when you stack it, another time when you haul it inside and then when you burn it! Pretty efficient use of energy!
  • I know what's like to do this, b/c I am home by myself every winter. Back in 2005, I looked like I was 9 months pregnant. My belly has gone down since then and just flabby skin that I have to work off now. And no, I was not pregnant and I look really great.

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