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The ''Real'' Woman's Workout

Find Ways to be Inefficient


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Due to some circumstances, I may not workout lately. But any time I get to strutt or run for a little bit I feel so "at home" - miss it, can't wait to be able to do things again!!! Report
For the longest time, we didn't even own a car - we got one because my DH needed it for work. That coincided with a move to the 'burbs. We mostly combine errands with commuting to save time. However, we've also fallen into the trap of taking the car for granted, and so not walking as often as we could. I've been on sick leave for 1.5 years, and once this last operation is healed I can guarantee you I'll be walking a lot more to do groceries and go to the library. Report
I look forward to my "daily workout" of cleaning my horse paddock. I turn up the music in the barn and feel my muscles as I scoop, lift, twist, and push. I get to do this in the presence of my horse buddies, the birds chirping, and the sunshine!!
My husband recently had hip replacement and used a walker for 2 weeks before graduating to a cane. I couldn't believe the number of people who said "cool, you can get a handicap sticker for the car." I asked why? He wasn't driving and they said "its so convenient." I was appalled. Society has gotten lazy. BTW he went back to work, using a cane, in less than 3 weeks. I am proud of him. Report
I don't ever have to volunteer to carry anything, as I have two very lazy sons. Report
.......some great ideas....................wearing a pedometor helps me as well...."I just gotta get a few extra steps" Report
Thanks for the ideas. I do make extra trips to the truck when I have groceries. We also have a little market close by that I walk to. So thanks for giving me more I ideas for getting my exercise in. Report
I love the ideas that you wrote in the article. They were some really great tips that I will most definitely use. THANKS Report
I really love what you said about the groceries! I live in a basement apartment so when I carry in grocery bags, I usually try to get them all in one trip because I don't want to have to go to and from my car and up and down the stairs multiple times. But I like that you brought up the point of carrying one bag in each hand for the cardio effects...and adding in the stairs would just be an added benefit! I'll start doing that from now on. Report
Definitely some great ideas! Thanks! Report
Great ideas! Thanks! Report
When my Mom rides with me, she brings her handicap parking permit. She can't understand why I don't use it. I tell her we can leave those spots for someone else that might need them. I drop her off at the door, so she has to walk an even shorter distance. Then I park at the other end of the lot, so I can get some walking in. It's a win win. Report
Seems like this is just a matter of changing perspectives. Recently I took my nephew to the pool although I di not feel like it I went anyway. while he was in his floating ring which he calls floaty i pushed him form one end to the other while I water jogged. I got to bond with him and get a work out in. I will look for opportunities to take advantage of inconveniencing myself. Report
today I went up and down the ladder out in the hot garage up and down don't have stairs in the house was out there working for a couple hours , did bending and lifting, this is a womans work out at home. Report
I never mind parking far away or using the stairs. When my friends groan and complain i just remind them in a chipper voice that walking is healthy. I lived on the third floor of an apartment and it surprised me how many people would use the elevator. It took longer for it to get to the ground floor than it did to just walk up the stairs. All the little things add up, especially if you do them daily. This is a great article. Report

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