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The ''Real'' Woman's Workout

Find Ways to be Inefficient


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  • Oops!
    I was just thinking that I have been doing more walking than I was doing previously. A few months ago I couldn't even walk from my desk to the bathroom at work without getting winded. The other day I went to a dept store and walked around for an hour! For me it was triumphant. I hadn't set foot in a dept store or mall for over 5 years because I couldn't walk. Thank you for justifying my additional activity. - 7/9/2011 8:20:25 AM
  • Thank you for this grea article!!!!! I was - 7/9/2011 8:13:10 AM
    I have a vow to stand and hold in my stomach while I am on the computer!
    How is that!?! - 7/9/2011 6:49:07 AM
  • Love it! I can relate to this as I cart wood as well! I don't do it two at a time.Instead, I carry two or more to the wheelbarrow and fill it up completely then wheel it down to the house. Its good cardio! - 7/9/2011 5:34:41 AM
    My husband & I retired and moved to a house in the country. We heat with wood, grow a huge vegetable garden and have been doing renovations (ourselves) since we moved in. We shovel snow in the winter and my husband mows 2 acres with a push mower in the summer. We have never worked so hard (physically) in our lives as we both had desk jobs. but calories ARE definitely burned! I think the best part is that we run the gamut in terms of 'types' of exercise - we're getting a pretty well rounded work-out on a daily basis and don't really have to 'plan' for it! We are very lucky. - 4/30/2011 5:47:55 PM
    Ha ha, my 5 year old daughter is always complaining that we park to far away! - 4/29/2011 2:00:10 PM
    I loved this article! I'm always doing "inefficient" things to get extra exercise. I'll offer to run errands, knowing that I will be walking to and from the store (we live in a small town.) The little exercises add up just as much as the little snacks, but in a GOOD way! - 4/28/2011 10:22:18 AM
    Realy it's amazing when I ask one of my colleges to walk in fast during work , she mentioned that it doesn't count in calori burning. I love to come and go in my work hours in the hospital and never felt it worthless. It always gives me pleasure to do so. - 4/28/2011 1:46:01 AM
  • Due to some circumstances, I may not workout lately. But any time I get to strutt or run for a little bit I feel so "at home" - miss it, can't wait to be able to do things again!!! - 4/27/2011 6:11:08 PM
  • For the longest time, we didn't even own a car - we got one because my DH needed it for work. That coincided with a move to the 'burbs. We mostly combine errands with commuting to save time. However, we've also fallen into the trap of taking the car for granted, and so not walking as often as we could. I've been on sick leave for 1.5 years, and once this last operation is healed I can guarantee you I'll be walking a lot more to do groceries and go to the library. - 4/27/2011 11:36:21 AM
  • I look forward to my "daily workout" of cleaning my horse paddock. I turn up the music in the barn and feel my muscles as I scoop, lift, twist, and push. I get to do this in the presence of my horse buddies, the birds chirping, and the sunshine!!
    - 4/27/2011 9:20:10 AM
    My husband recently had hip replacement and used a walker for 2 weeks before graduating to a cane. I couldn't believe the number of people who said "cool, you can get a handicap sticker for the car." I asked why? He wasn't driving and they said "its so convenient." I was appalled. Society has gotten lazy. BTW he went back to work, using a cane, in less than 3 weeks. I am proud of him. - 4/27/2011 8:24:36 AM
  • I don't ever have to volunteer to carry anything, as I have two very lazy sons. - 4/27/2011 8:04:22 AM
  • .......some great ideas....................wearing a pedometor helps me as well...."I just gotta get a few extra steps" - 4/27/2011 6:19:37 AM
    Thanks for the ideas. I do make extra trips to the truck when I have groceries. We also have a little market close by that I walk to. So thanks for giving me more I ideas for getting my exercise in. - 4/5/2011 3:09:14 PM

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