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The ''Real'' Woman's Workout

Find Ways to be Inefficient


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Although I agree with the article, it reminds me of something my grandmother once told me about all my exercising. She told me that she had a doctor that told her that a woman gets all the exercise she needs as long as she's getting all of her chores done. (I don't know what decade she got this expert advice.) Hope this gives some people some laughs! Report
You must live consciously, rather than subconsciously (or in some of our cases unconsciously!), living intentionally, rather than unintentionally. How true when I look at that candy bar and consciously say that I don't need it! Report
This is so true. I live on the 2nd floor of an old walk up apartment building. Usually I am guilty of carrying up as much as I can because my worker is usually with me. She has a bad back. Perhaps next time, I will ask her to leave the parcels at the bottom of the stairs and go down and get them. The same as tonight was garbage night, and I had 4 items to take down. I took 1 in each hand and did two flights of stairs to get them down, and then I went to the store for a short walk. I was glad I took the extra flight, if only because it's the only exercise I'd had all day.

Sheri Adams
I do al the shovelling and lawn mowing in our own yard as well as for my MIL next door.
I actually get flack from some of our female neighbours who think that these are both jobs for men only. I thoroughly enjoy both activities and consider them fabulous workouts. I have also begun cleaning a house for friend, and I purposely make extra trips (fast) up and down the stairs with the vacuum hose and attachments. It's all in how you look a it. I used to be a total couch potato, but now feel better than I have in many years. Report
This is our 3rd winter living in a snowy environment, but this is the first since I found SparkPeople last fall... and yes, I find that I am enthusiastic about shoveling the back deck this year! The last two years, I would let it go for several storms, and then drag myself out there. This year, I get frustrated if I can't find the time to get out there one day when it's needed! I just did it, and one corner of the deck (the one I hadn't had time to finish a few days ago) had 6 days, and 3 storms-worth of snow... almost 3 feet! I got my cardio today! Report
I love to shovel the snow, I can get a good cardio. And when people ask why my son doesnt do it I say just that. We are also people who park at the end of the parking lot. My hubby said cant you park closer, well nope it wouldnt benefit me. My children no longer complain they are used to it, hopefully it will carry on when they get older.

I love the grocery idea I have never thought of that. Thanks Report
I park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to the stores. Haul the groceries back. Walk to another store. Haul that stuff back, walk to the post ofice. Etc. It's a bit time consuming, but it's also a 10 minute brisk walk. It also cuts down on the "extra" stuff I think I might want to buy! Report
Hey, I do the same thing with the wood. I didn't really consider it exercise but I guess it could be strength and cardio all at once. Thanks Report
People really crack me up at the gym I go to. There are just a few parking spaces in front, and they always seem to be full. So, people make new spaces where they shouldn't, just so they don't have to park in back. One night, they even blocked the driveway so no one could get to the back lot without driving around the block and coming in the exit. Idiots! :) Report
where i work we park quite aways from the building. i used to grumble at the distance especially at night walking outside in the dark so far away and usually alone . now i treasure the jaunt 5 days a week i just have been able to pick up the pace recently which really makes me feel good. Report
GREAT article. She really caught my attention when she mentioned grocery bags. I like in a small house that has 13 steps that lead from the street to my porch. I always try to take as much in one trip as possible. No more!! Report
I clean my house to Swing music. Keeps the heart pumping. Report
I just starting using a pedometer and I have started doing this as well (I was trying to my step count up! lol). I park away from the building, I take more trips than really necessary to unload the car. I even (this is slightly extreme) got a dog. I can say I'm too busy to walk but the dog has to go out. She's a Boston Terrier she needs an outlet to burn all the energy off or she'll tear up the house. Report
This is an excellent idea - which I try to implement as much as possible. To add even a little extra activity - when folding clothes, I dump them all out on my bed and put each item away as I fold it, or hang it up. It keeps me moving, if only around the bedroom, but it's far better than standing or sitting in the same spot for 30 minutes or so while it gets done. Report
I Loved this Article!! I agree! I have also loved shoveling the snow! Raking leaves! Sweeping the carport! Sledding! Great idea with the groceries!! Thanks! Report

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