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The ''Real'' Woman's Workout

Find Ways to be Inefficient


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  • Hey, I do the same thing with the wood. I didn't really consider it exercise but I guess it could be strength and cardio all at once. Thanks
  • People really crack me up at the gym I go to. There are just a few parking spaces in front, and they always seem to be full. So, people make new spaces where they shouldn't, just so they don't have to park in back. One night, they even blocked the driveway so no one could get to the back lot without driving around the block and coming in the exit. Idiots! :)
  • where i work we park quite aways from the building. i used to grumble at the distance especially at night walking outside in the dark so far away and usually alone . now i treasure the jaunt 5 days a week i just have been able to pick up the pace recently which really makes me feel good.
  • GREAT article. She really caught my attention when she mentioned grocery bags. I like in a small house that has 13 steps that lead from the street to my porch. I always try to take as much in one trip as possible. No more!!
    I clean my house to Swing music. Keeps the heart pumping.
  • I just starting using a pedometer and I have started doing this as well (I was trying to my step count up! lol). I park away from the building, I take more trips than really necessary to unload the car. I even (this is slightly extreme) got a dog. I can say I'm too busy to walk but the dog has to go out. She's a Boston Terrier she needs an outlet to burn all the energy off or she'll tear up the house.
  • This is an excellent idea - which I try to implement as much as possible. To add even a little extra activity - when folding clothes, I dump them all out on my bed and put each item away as I fold it, or hang it up. It keeps me moving, if only around the bedroom, but it's far better than standing or sitting in the same spot for 30 minutes or so while it gets done.
  • I Loved this Article!! I agree! I have also loved shoveling the snow! Raking leaves! Sweeping the carport! Sledding! Great idea with the groceries!! Thanks!
  • While waiting for the bus, I'm usually belly dancing or drilling some of the techniques or shimmying. It makes the wait seem shorter and I'm fitting in a workout on the days when I barely have time to eat.
    This is also an excellent way to add up those steps.....I wear a pedometer daily and it's a challenge for me to increase my steps every day. I know that 10,000 steps is what we're "supposed" to do....but I have yet to make that. But the main thing, is that I'm increasing my steps daily. This all goes with me asking the Lord to "order my steps."
  • I like the idea of carrying less bags in at a time when coming back from shopping, I buy a lot when we go each week and we live in an upstairs apartment, so you can imagine the extra workout I can do just doing this each week. Shopping is Friday night this week, so stairs, here I come. Great idea!
  • I get a chuckle every time my son complains about walking somewhere rather than taking the bus. He thinks I'm being "cheap" but, I know I'm helping him and myself by getting some exercise. I'm also encouraging some healthy habits for his future. How's that for being cheap! :p
  • I enjoy our fireplace at home far more now that I am the primary wood-chopper! While being deliberately inefficient doesn't make sense to me, rethinking tasks so as to make them safer or more effective can accomplish much the same goal. A smaller load is easier on the back, and safer to carry. Walking down the hall to speak with an office colleague is more effective for communication (often) than instant messaging or email. Parking further from the office building allows one to organize thoughts for the day during the walk in, and defuse the tension of the day on the walk back. Isometrics are great when waiting in line or blowing dry one's hair. There are many ways to be thoughtful about adding exercise!

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