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5 Ways to Love Your Body

Let Cupid Take Aim at You


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    We truly should worry less about how we look, and be concerned about how we feel. This slim-is-fit notion is giving plus size people,especially the female population, a lot of stress. I think ladies should give importance to their happiness and not worry about how to make others happy! Lets put on our [url=]plus size skirts[/url] and smile.
  • Excellent article.
    Message would have been better supported by the photo if model was not slender.
    Best would be 2 or more models of different sizes and shapes, all looking proud and happy.
    Articles like these are really great for my mental and helps me keep balance in my life:)
  • I did not know that even fitness magazines are doing touch ups on photos. I am disappointed but not surprised. I only use them as a source of information anyways. Sometimes though their workouts do work well!
    This is so true! I think about and blog about this topic on occasion. Check out! (not mine but a blog I really like!)
  • I know its time to get serious when I consider my initial weight gain (baby weight) is about to be 28 years old next month! No longer a valid excuse. I feel miserable, uncomfortable, and unattractive and it shows. I may never be the 130 lbs I was almost 30 years ago when that dip stick pregnancy test turned bright blue, but I can for sure be less woman than I am today! My new life begins now.....
    I rewarded myself, back in the beginning, for stringing together a series of days on which I engaged in healthy eating and exercising behaviors. Jewelry, handbags, scarves - these ALL make great short-term rewards for laying down the habit-related building blocks that ensure not only weight loss, but successful maintenance, too.
  • Even Leslie Sansone has been getting thinner and thinner on her DVD covers. They are even photoshopping her muscles away! What kind of an example is that from a leader in the fitness movement?

    My disappointment is worse for the fact that it's largely thanks to her routines that I've lost 46 lbs and are managing to maintain my goal too!
  • If only it were that simple.
    This is a struggle with me many times as I am so self critical. I do realize though that no one is perfect and I should just try my best to change what can be changed and accept the things I can not change.
  • Good article. Thanks for sharing.
  • I really appreciated the part about the marvelous way our bodies work;also that the way people treat us is a reflection of what we ourselves think about ourselves. Thanks so much for the reminders.
  • What a great article! I was just reflecting on this notion of being "perfect" the other day. I don't think we should hold ourselves to ridiculous standards or judge ourselves because we can't fit some fantasy body that's been shaped by media representations. I fall into this trap sometimes, hating my double chin or fat in other places. But, since I joined Spark, I have been making great food choices and working out almost every day (yes, sometimes I overdo that too). I think she's on point on all the wasted time that goes on when we criticize our physical self or some other aspect of our lives that isn't reaching some Hollywood ideal. If I had spent that time reading, I would have a second or third doctorate.
    Can I say that I am "In Love" with Carrie Myers Smith and her wonderful article?!! I go through such a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde conversation with myself where my body image is concerned!! On the one hand, I feel good about making more healthy choices, and on the other hate that I am not seeing "instant" results in the mirror!! (I know, I even tell myself that is unrealistic.) Or, I feel good about one part of my body, but then see another that leaves me totally defeated!! I am going to bookmark this article and read it the next time I start to put myself down or compare myself to Anyone else, airbrushed or not!! Thanks again C.M.S.!! You have really inspired me!!!

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