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5 Ways to Love Your Body

Let Cupid Take Aim at You


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  • Great article! I'm adding it to my favorites.
  • I just finished reading your article and people don't realize sometimes what they are saying. I had a lady to tell me when I first started losing the weight that she was "proud of me and that I was trying to get fine" my response was I was already fine, I was just working at getting a little more refined in being fine.

    We let other people put those crazy ideas into our heads about the perfect body. We didn't make ourselves or we would be perfect and even then some one would come along and put you down and make you rethink that too.

    All I can say is to love yourself, because if you don't who will?

    Good luck to all my fellow members on your success!
    I just finished reading your article on loving ones self. Thank you sooooo much ,it was just what I needed at the moment. I am so tired of snow and winter ,it is starting to affect the way I feel about myself. I need to lose some weight but can't walk, in such cold snowy weather with my bad breathing , so I must be thankful to be as good as I am at 85 . Thanks again Enna Mary
  • definately gotta work on my "inner dialog"
  • MEDIC93
    Great article. Other people always criticized my body, so I learned not to love myself. Therefore, I ate more instead of less. This article reminds us that we need to love our body.
  • Great article. We need to remember that with the help of SPARKPEOPLE we can all reach our goals.
  • Good motivator for me today. Thanks. I love it.
  • I love this article. One of my biggest obstacles to treating my body better is realizing that I deserve it. This is going into my favorites!
  • Great article. My screen name is learning2loveme. It is very true that I must love me in order to take care of me/my body. I am adding this as a favorite to read again and again as a reminder.
    This is a great article. I'm adding it to my favorites!
  • This article hit home... and I've added it to my favorites. That mental bashing that I do is not good for my new mindset. Stay positive and remember to FLY. Finally Loving Yourself.
  • This is a great article that speaks to some truths that get hidden in the desire to be what want/society expects. The lesson is powerful and one that I will have to repeat to myself daily. :-)
    Whenever I get to feeling down on my body I just remind myself that my husband calls me beautiful... and means it! We can't "wait until..." before we begin to love ourselves. You don't take care of something that you hate... you have to LOVE yourself enough NOW to want to take care of this body.
  • A rule of thumb: When you are making mental notes about your body, stop and think "is this something I would tell my best friend/sister/mother/spouse?" If not, don't say it to yourself either.
  • It's true about we teach others how to treat us. I often laugh and make jokes about being overweight just because its easier to laugh than to cry and sometimes I feel like if I make a joke about it then people won't think it hurts me. But what I'm really teaching them is that it's ok to joke about me being overweight and that really isn't ok. So I agree that I need to change my inner dialogue and also what I speak aloud.

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