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5 Ways to Love Your Body

Let Cupid Take Aim at You


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  • Thanks for this article, apparently I had read it before, since I'd already gained the sparkpoints, but I'd completely forgotten about it. It was just the pick me up I needed, I've been at the same weight +- the same 1 pound... for two months! and it's gotten very frustrating and depressing and I'm desperate to keep loosing weight but keep bashing my butt and thighs, I know it's mostly genetic where I store fat, but damn why does it have to be so hard to get rid of the fat there!
  • SHERI1969
    You know, I knew all these things that are in this article, but somehow to reread it puts things back into focus. I don't mind my body all but for my but. I hate it and every time I see myself in a mirror I think "if I could just do a butt tuck" or something. But, pardon the pun, that will come with time and exercise. The amount and type of medication I am on does not help with weight issues nor do the 29 medical issues I have. I'm doing my best and God made me that which I am. All I can do to help is do my best with what I have to work with. To expect anymore is unreasonable. Thanks for the reminder.
  • This was a good article to read! It made me appreciate myself more!
    Reading this article made my eyes well up with tears. When I read the part about how we teach people how to treat us I really lost it. I beat myself up constantly and the people around me don't understand it because they see me as a beautiful person, and I can't. I am going to try to stop being my worst critic because its crippling me from reaching my goal.
  • I really enjoyed this article. It makes a lot of sense. I do love my body even with its imperfections. I think I look pretty damn good for 54. I have been taking care of my health by eating right and working out since I was 18. And, it has really paid off. Cheryl-
  • Thank you for sharing this article with us. For me looking into my body parts as a whole is difficult at times. Even before I had gained the weight I now have. When I was extremely young, I was permantly scarred by boiling water in the bathtub. My scars go from my upper back to having a skin graph on my right leg and most places inbetween. So for me to look in the mirror undressed something I try to stay away from. But reading your article helps me to think about more imortant, more appealing things about my body. So Thank you
  • beautiful article !
  • I like this article because it confirms what we already know in the back of our minds to be true. It's the kick up the butt I needed to remind me that I am as good as the next person and I shouldn't let my weight problem dictate who I am inside. This is an article i'll save as a reminder.
  • CRICKET2008
    Thanks for the reminder that we all are beautiful and should treat our bodies with respect.
  • WOW that's me you hit it right on the head great article.
  • This is a good article, I like that it makes you remember that those celebrities arent perfect either!
  • Excellent article! I lost part of my hearing as a young child and had to wear hearing aids as a result. I hated it and was embarrassed by it because I was different from others. Now as an adult, I realize any shame and embarrassment belongs to others who would choose to make fun of my hearing loss. Overcoming our loathing, shame or embarrassment of who or what we are only makes us stronger people with more power to achieve our goals. Don't let the perceptions of society or others rob you of your own intrinsic value and beauty! :-)
  • Being in the entertainment industry, it's easy to succumb to loathing my body. This article pepped me up. I've been struggling with body image all my life. I'm just thankful that my husband loves my body no matter how many curves I have.
  • Great article! I'm adding it to my favorites.
  • I just finished reading your article and people don't realize sometimes what they are saying. I had a lady to tell me when I first started losing the weight that she was "proud of me and that I was trying to get fine" my response was I was already fine, I was just working at getting a little more refined in being fine.

    We let other people put those crazy ideas into our heads about the perfect body. We didn't make ourselves or we would be perfect and even then some one would come along and put you down and make you rethink that too.

    All I can say is to love yourself, because if you don't who will?

    Good luck to all my fellow members on your success!

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