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5 Ways to Love Your Body

Let Cupid Take Aim at You


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  • Excellent! I 'love' this article!
  • Great article! It reminds me to keep weight loss and fitness in the proper prespective. Thanks!
  • This article was so timely for me! This morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and was really proud of and happy with what I saw; I was surprised, even, by the woman reflecting back at me. Then I got on the scale (for a weekly weigh-in), saw that I hadn't lost weight this week, and began to mentally beat myself up. Reading this article helped me come back to being proud of and happy with myself - thank you!

    I also really appreciated the segment about not wasting one's time and energies lamenting one's thighs or abs - especially when one is in good health. Now I feel very grateful for what I've got (and a little foolish, in a good way, for obsessing over what I don't have). Thanks again!
  • Love the article.
  • RETIRED926
    Wow! what a great article. It is so true that we have been more or less brainwashed in this country.
    Awesome, awesome article... so True. Being healthy is not about looking like the people on tv or magazines... we should all strive for complete, mental, emotional, and physical health -- this is only achieved by loving ourselves and taking the necesary steps to take care of ourselves. And as parents it is very important to educate our children from a very young age.
  • I love this article! Even though I know it's true it's easy to forget even the fitness magazine models are airbrushed. I really believe that how we feel reflects how people treat us. Great Article every woman should read this daily!
  • SAMMY81
    Excellant piece..I have been practising this for quite a while and its amazing how everything else falls into place when one is in love with one's self!!
  • This article hits the nail on the head. I think it does take a traumatic experience to really value our lives. Yes, being healthy and fit is important but enjoying this gift called LIFE is even more important and that includes a range of things: appreciating ourselves, others, our bodies, recognizing the blessings we have in this life and making sure that we embrace those blessings rather than chastise them.

    Once we recognize this, i think that we will not only come to our senses but also experience some level of spiritual growth.
    You know, I think that everyone at one time or another in there life goes through, not liking there bodies.....
    This was a great article, it really gives you a reality check.Thanks for writting a great one.
    One of the execellent article I ever read... It's true that we tend to follow the image stereotypes showed on TV or in magazines and weight loss ads.... We need to get real especially while planning diet or an exercise for our bodies... Good Luck... Good article!
  • What a great article! Of course we want to lose weight to be healthy-but skinny does not equal happy!
  • What a great article! Of course we want to lose weight to be healthy-but skinny does not equal happy!
  • I am really trying hard!! but i can help but hate my body. i really do!! it controls me and it feels so completley different from me on the inside. my family tell me i have lost alot of weight but when i look in the mirror i dont see anything different, Its really destroying me and its all i ever think about. i want to be care free like my friends. who are gorgeous and thin and i get the feeling they enjoy poking fun of me and making snarky comments and laughing them off like jokes.i cant stand it and i dont wana be that gurl anymore.WHAT CAN I DO i dont know what to do.
  • Great article. I did not obsess about my body but my lack of friends or money or other status ideas. Then I got lyme disease and lost a lot of my bodies abilitiies. After 18 months of nurturing this body to become healthy and able again, I see how much I have and what is important. When I lost freedom of movement and choice, it was an eye opener.

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