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5 Ways to Love Your Body

Let Cupid Take Aim at You


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This article came at a great time for me thank you! Report
Where can you find information on what really happens "behind the scenes"? I would REALLY love to know. Report
Thanks so much for reminding me I am worthy :) I love the article Report
My brainwashing started early as my mom who was so unhappy with her body and her life, projected that to me. It has taken me a lot of years and a wonderful husband who adores my "Rubenesque" body to realize just how blessed I am to be healthy, happy and well loved. As I lose weight for what I know will be the last time, I know that I will love every imperfection, because it's mine and there will never be another me.
Thanks for the great article and thanks for Sparkpeople. Report
Thank you! This is really a great article; I saved it as a favorite. Report
Thank you. I loved reading this. Report
This is a great article because it gets to the heart of how our sense of self gets discredited. This is a saver! Report
I was in a Training Class to sell a cellulite skincare product and the trainer asked the class, who of us loved their bodies. Myself and another woman of size were the only 2 people in the room who raised their hands. The slim young girls didn't like their bodies.
We two looked at each other and nodded. The trainer was aghast. She wanted us to capitalize on other womens insecurities to sell the product. I got out of the business shortly after that. Especially after seeing how demeaning the advertisements were. Love the body you were given. Its a gift. Report
Great article! It's a must-read! Report
My god Carrie, you are SO right! I'm missing out on so many things by just obsessing about these, not to mention hurting so many people along the way with how much thought and agony I put into how I look. Thank you for this article! Truly opened my eyes! Report
Eating disorders would be on the decline if everyone read this article and then practiced what it teaches. (But how can I ever accept this fat belly that just won't go away??? I am getting better at it, though.) Report
I wish every young girl in the country would read and believe this article, especially the part about how fake the magazine pictures are. Report
I really like this article! It sets a reality check (for me). I know that most of the time I short change myself in giving my self credits for the things I do. Come to think of it, "I CAN DO IT" attitude is really what I need. Thank you for the encouragement and GREAT article btw. Report
What a great article! I wish that I could stop looking in the mirror and seeing all of the things on my body that I hate. It is true it is best not to obsess. I am always working out and I never give myself much of a rest. I continue to do it because I just want to lose weight! With time I pray that this can change and that I can love my body for what it is. Report
Excellent! I 'love' this article! Report

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