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Dos and Don'ts of a Successful Fitness Plan

Avoiding Common Fitness Pitfalls


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I find when I hit a plateau, I try to change my calorie intake, (sometimes more) and I change my workout routine or add to it. This does usually make the numbers on the scale more downward. (I've lost 92 lbs. this way!) Also, when I get the feeling I don't want to exercise, that's when I force myself to because I know it always makes me feel better. I have bouts of mild depression and exercise is my medicine. Report
Great list here! The one I liked best was to choose alternatives when you have a craving. I think that's the key to eating healthfully. You HAVE to eat - it's just a matter of choosing better foods to eat. Report
This is a great article. I can identify with the goal setting part. Sometimes we set up unrealistic goals and when we can't reached them, we despair and then quit. Small goals are easier to reach and makes us feel good, so we can start another until we reach our ultimate goal. Report
VEGEMONSTER, I've heard similar, but I think the idea is that you're not supposed to stretch thoroughly before weight training and things like that. I've read that it IS a good idea to stretch your legs out before running and such. After all, the theory that stretching out cold muscles is bad for you doesn't really make sense. You would be stretching them out by exercising, too. ;o) Report
Very encouraging article. Report
I've read many times that stretching BEFORE exercising (before our muscles are warmed up) is bad because you can hurt yourself by stretching cold muscles and it can also impede performance (which isn't the biggest concern for most of us... most of us aren't performance athletes).

Just sayin. Report
Thank you for discussing the basics. Report
Just in time: I was beginning to think what a whimp I am. I'm just moving at a reasonable rate! Report
This is a great article! I realize I should be eating smaller meals more often, I tend to eat smaller meals during the day(when my body needs the most calories), then I eat a large dinner. I will try to eat more snacks. Report
This a great article I have the tendency to over exercise. I am going to take it easy a bit. But , I will always do my cardiovascular exercise 20-30 minutes daily. I always been a fish eater, I will choose the right type to eat. I made frozen fruit smoothy with probiotic yogurt, skim milk, and flaxseeds. I am not a snack person. I will follow your advice and break my meals in mini meals to satisfied my hunger. Thank you much. Report
Great article. Goals must be achievable. I have found setting achievable goals and then setting new ones when I have achieved them has worked for me. I am now in the happy position of trying to maintain my present weight. My knees love me! Report
I am not goal oriented either, but I have had to set some. I found that instead of saying that I will lose so much weight by such and such a date, it is working better for me to say that I will drop 2 sizes by the end of May. It's been a month and I am down 1 size so I am half-way there so I may get further, I don't know. I haven't lost a tremendous amount of weight but I am thinning out with building muscle. The purpose of having goals is to keep you motivated as you see your goal coming closer to being accomplished. I have developed short-term goals that are more easily attainable because just saying "I want to be healthy" and "I want to drop 70 pounds" are too big and to vague and it is too discouraging when you see how long it takes to get there. Report
I can't believe the author's name is Antigone; that is so cool! When I was younger I totally wanted to name one of my kids that, but my husband wasn't on board with the idea. Awesome name; helpful article! Report
Very good read. I find that i get much more info in the form of bullet notes, rather then in paragraph form. The best do personally is the don't give up if you slack off. Thats one that most of us can relate to I'm sure. Report
This was a very helpful article. I know i am trying too hard on my start. although I have lost 4 pounds this week; I am afraid of keeping it off if I don't slow down a bit. Report

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