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Dos and Don'ts of a Successful Fitness Plan

Avoiding Common Fitness Pitfalls


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  • I am not goal oriented either, but I have had to set some. I found that instead of saying that I will lose so much weight by such and such a date, it is working better for me to say that I will drop 2 sizes by the end of May. It's been a month and I am down 1 size so I am half-way there so I may get further, I don't know. I haven't lost a tremendous amount of weight but I am thinning out with building muscle. The purpose of having goals is to keep you motivated as you see your goal coming closer to being accomplished. I have developed short-term goals that are more easily attainable because just saying "I want to be healthy" and "I want to drop 70 pounds" are too big and to vague and it is too discouraging when you see how long it takes to get there.
  • I can't believe the author's name is Antigone; that is so cool! When I was younger I totally wanted to name one of my kids that, but my husband wasn't on board with the idea. Awesome name; helpful article!
  • Very good read. I find that i get much more info in the form of bullet notes, rather then in paragraph form. The best do personally is the don't give up if you slack off. Thats one that most of us can relate to I'm sure.
  • This was a very helpful article. I know i am trying too hard on my start. although I have lost 4 pounds this week; I am afraid of keeping it off if I don't slow down a bit.
  • I agree,slow and steady definitely wins the race.
    I tell myself i didn't pack on 65 pounds in two weeks
    it took way longer than i am ready to take a while
    in losing it too,so far 25 gone,40 to go,but i am definitely
    moving forward.i am very happy with my new lifestyle.
  • I LOVE this totally encapsulates everything that I have tried to put into practice over the past 10 months or so, and it is WORKING...I have lost 55 pounds so far...I keep the motto of slow and steady...and I feel great...I still would like to lose about 35 more pounds, but I have confidence now like never before that this is my lifestyle...I can totally live this way forever!!! And I do think it is very important to have some goals...some are very defined, others not so much, but important nonetheless! Thank you!
  • Am I the only one who is not goal-oriented?
    I am so tired of every fitness article starting
    with "set a goal" - and I am longing for other
    approaches. There must be different ways.
    I like remembering that you did not put 50lbs on over night, so we MUST be patient and never give up. Keep going forward, no matter how many slips you have along the way
  • I like the warning about taking on too many goals at once, especially at first. It's easy to become overwhelmed, and then it's a slippery slope back to NO goals.
  • The best piece of advice is not to give up when you screw up or slack off. One day last week I blew it. I didn't exercise at all that day or the day before and ate Tootsie Roll pops like they were going off the market forever. In the old days that would have been enough for me to call it quits and not try anymore. This time was different -- I got up Friday and ate healthy and exercised and have done so every day since. Just forgive yourself if you screw up ... then pick yourself up and get back to it!!!!!
  • i like the mini chocolate tip! i buy organic chocolate truffles - 3 truffles is one serving, but i only eat one at a time for a little chocolate fix. it's only 56 calories for one truffle and very satisfying!
    There are some great don'ts here especially the don't skip sleep-I found if I am tired I tend to have a harder time sticking to my plan!!!
  • Great article. Those of us who tend to be perfectionist often over GOAL and then procrastinate because we fear failure since we took on too much. These goals are usually only in OUR heads, so we have to "get our heads on straight."

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