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The Benefits of Circuit Training

Exercise Like the Pros Do


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  • Doing the circuit always feels like I've really worked my body.
  • Having video with training link would be helpful.
  • Circuit training is efficient!
  • I do this at my Ornage Theory class
  • Well done. I must use my resistance bands more!
  • This article needs to be updated. This is seriously outdated information
  • CLAY10237
    After getting bored with trying the usual changes to my workout routine (at a fitness center) I've decided recently to "circuit train". Wow! What a workout! Each workout session, before I start, I have a plan on where I'll start and which exercise will follow which exercise. For now, I'm doing two sets of each and then one set of each, with about 10 seconds between sets and 30 seconds between exercise. Nothing complicated. It just takes a little planning.
    Interval training means the intensity of the particular exercise goes up and down per set or session. Look at the treadmill, power bicycle or stair stepper for an example of interval training.
    We did circuit training in my college fitness class. It was timed with some fast paced music with around 60 of us in class. Half would be working on a step bench and when the music changed they would go to the next weight machine (all machines and steps were numbered) and the ones on the machine would go to the next step. You just worked as hard as you could for the few minutes. Every muscle was worked out along with cardio. The whole workout was 30 minutes. You were responsible for tracking number of reps and weight used so that you could see your progress.
    Is there a a difference between circuit training and interavale training?
  • Can anyone tell me if you do only one set before moving on the circuit, or do you do all the sets before moving on?Would appreciate if you go to my spark page to tell me, as I doubt I would find your message here. Thanks. Currahee68
  • These comments were ages ago. There must be lots of info on the Internet about quantifying and optimizing Curves' workouts. Just keep doing it!!
  • Good Morning :) I just discovered my gym's Circuit Training area. I have been doing it for about 2 weeks and I love how it makes me feel! I have a question though and I can't seem to find the answer. How often can/should we do circuit training each week? Is it considered both strength and cardio? Thank you for your help :)
    I am in my 30-day trial with Curves and I am loving it. I can feel the difference very quickly. For me, it will strengthen me and help me to build up my stamina so I can add more of other activities.
  • I joined Planet Fitness and do their PF Express circuit throughout the week. I thought I was doing it pretty good until I met with a trainer who totally amped up my workout! It was hard as could be b/c I am so out of shape, but I enjoyed every minute of it! So much so that I will be going back again for another session with Eric. I didn't even now I had it in me. I was an advid Curves member for years and lost 40 pounds by doing my Curves workout and eating better. I moved jobs so it was no longer convenient and I wanted some other options other than just the circuit. Curves was great for me at the time and I saw results there too.

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