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Discover Your Reason to Race

Advice From a Former Olympian Marathoner


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This was a fairly interesting article.

By the way, it's "hordes of runners," not "hoards." A feature article should be proofread. Report
Great points about motivation. And it doesn't have to be a race to challenge yourself. A few years ago I was invited to join a group of Scouts for a two-day backpacking trip. About 20 miles of hiking rough trails, with packs. I had made a lot of progress in my fitness and decided to see if I could do it. One of the toughest things I've done, but I felt like a champion because I made it. Report
My boot camp instructor challenged us to enter a 10k race. 4 weeks ago I couldn't run 1 km. I am now running/walking 7 km. Race day is 3 weeks away. I am really scared. But this article helped set my goal in perspective and helped motivate me for the next 3 weeks of training! Report
I would love to be able to one day soon take part in some of our charity road races.I know that i'll have to build my core strength,and work on muscle strength,before I do any of this.I would definately feel overjoyed to be able to complete the course............. This is a future goal. Report
Great motivation. Excellent article. Thank you. Report
I have recently been thinking about training to race to challenege myself. I'm 54 and have never been a runner. But on Thanksgiving this year I took part in a Turkey Trot as a walker and it was the first time I ever wore a number pinned to my chest. It made me feel like an athlete and I have that bib taped to my mirror to remind me. It sparked an interest in me that maybe I could start running. Report
Excellent article. I'm thinking about training for a race to up my workout routines and this just says I can do it. I'm 62 and loved to run many years ago. But I let too many things distract me (motherhood, career) and never competed. Now is the time! Report
thank you thank you thank you!! I have always wanted to run a race, but never felt that i could actually do it. You just gave me the push i need to try. Report
I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I recently completed my 1st 5K and I must admit I found the 5K extremely thrilling. In addition, I too enjoyed watching the looks on everyone’s faces as they crossed the finish line. It was a very uplifting experience for me, and the atmosphere I found very positive. I dislike negative. I scheduled my next 5k the very next morning. Report
I loved this article! Just today i decided to fulfill one of my goals which is to run a 5K. I decided to sign up tomorrow and while i'm scared that i'll finish last, my ultimate goal is to show myself that I can do it. I guess i just figure that there are a lot of people who can't walk or run or anything and it's a shame that i'm young, healthy, and don't show any appreciation for it. Come September 5th, i will officially have met my goal! Report
Wonderful article! And so well-put. I've never run a race to win but my own personal goals are to start strong and end even stronger. And guess what? Every time I've met my goals and often exceeded them by pushing hard throughout the entire race. I love running and I, too, enjoy watching others' faces as they cross a finish line....What a rush!! Report
I love road races because they're FUN! I run day to day and love doing it, but the payoff comes when you are in a race with 1000s of other runners. I am right in the middle of the pack and that is fine. I don't have the pressure of trying to "win" yet I know I'm holding my own among the other runners. The excitement of setting a new PR is always a reward in itself whether or not I ever win my division. Report
Great Article! I ran my first 5K two weeks ago and my time was so much better that what I anticipated and just crossing that finish line, regardless of what place I finished, made my feel so accomplished and more determined to keep running. Report
Thanks for the motivation! I had a great run today but there are days that it is hard to get out the door. I am posting this article on my bulletin board to read on those days! Report
Thanks - I was considering a 5K race and will now sign up!
Great article! Report

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