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A New Definition For ''Old''

Life Tales From a Former Olympian


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I know I cannot stop aging but as I age I can still have fun enjoy life and be healthy and active. Report
For sure, this was written in 2004, and I think the "definition of old" has changed even more! Report
Great article. Report
Awesome article! Report
older people should be encouraged to participate in all sorts of facets of life Report
Good article Report
Great article! Report
Age is a matter of mind. If you don't mind, it don't matter. Report
good points Report
I'm with you. Please do give Webster a call. I am 75 and proud of it. Report
What is this old you speak of?
At 56 1/2 I still feel 19 inside, albeit a wiser one! Report
My daughter-in-laws Father has participated in the Senior Olympics swimming event every year for years. He has had bladder and kidney cancer. Last November he went to Israel with his church group and then met his wife in Southern California for Thanksgiving, they live in Ohio. I told him I want to be just like him, he is my hero, I am 65. Then there is my mom, a widow She paints her own house, does her own yard work and takes care of her own pool, She goes to exercise class & weight trains 3 times a week, cleans her own rugs, reupholsters furniture, these are some of these things she has done all of her life. I could go on but I don't need to, she is another hero and role model in my life. Report
Thank you for this inspiring article - it gives me hope for an active future! Report

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