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Return to the Outdoors with Your Bike

Get Fit & Enjoy Nature While Cycling


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  • In Jan.2009, I suffered a back injury. This acourse stop me from working and exerising. My hubby bought me a land cruiser bike and i rode it about a half a block.I suffered with a lot of pain that night, but I can't wait to do it again. I have always love riding and it kept my weight down. I wonder if it will do the same, since i can't really do anything physical. ANY advice ?
  • TMRA56
    I started riding again about two months ago. At first I could hardly go one mile on the lowest speed. (I live in the country with dirt roads and lots of hills) Now I am up to seven miles and I can keep the speed between 14 and 17. I really enjoy it now. I usually see lots of deer and rabbits while I ride.
  • I like riding my bike to school. If I don't, it takes me 15 minutes to drive, then I have to walk to the gym, then I do some form of cardio for 20-40 minutes, then I have to shower and start my day. If I ride, it takes about 20-25 minutes one way, so I just park my bike, head to the shower, and start my day. Then I ride home. Talk about convenient, time-saving, gas-saving, and eco-friendly!
  • I got my bike out about 2 months ago. I ride early in the morning and enjoy the sun rise, the cooler air and the peacefulness of it. It's a great way to start the day
  • I recently started riding my bike again. The initial soreness from the seat on my you know where is gone and now I'm starting to really enjoy it.
    My sports partner is also a very good friend of mine. Last year I talked him into getting a bike. To me, it's always a lot more fun when you have someone to ride with. We ride every weekend when the weather is good. Last year we rode our bikes up through November. Come February - March the next year we were out and back on our bikes. During the time of not riding our bikes we use the bikes at the gym to stay fit for the up coming year. Your article was very good and informative. I had my bike for over 8 years and rode it off and on. The last two years I used my bike more then I did the since I bought it.
    I just got my bike out a few days ago, but haven't got on it since. My sore butt is just now healing! I had so much fun, I felt like a kid riding up and down the hills with my children.
  • Thanks for this. I have been wanting to look into getting a bike again. This really helps me and I really want to. I think it would be a great addition to my workouts
  • Thank you for the information on bike riding. I have been asking for weeks about the benefits of bike riding and here today, I found my answers. Last week for my birthday, my boyfriend brought me a Lady Mongoose Bike for my birthday and I will get started on it as soon as the weather clears. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR THE HELPFUL HINTS.
  • When I joined Spark People back in July of 08 it inspired me to get a bicycle as another means of exercise. I actually got a good deal on EBAY on a cruizer type bike that was being sold the company. They advertised minor 'dings', but I never found any. It had a wide seat and big balloon tires. My brother put the wheels on for me, but other than it was set to go. I eventually got a helmet and when ever I could I was out biking. To avoid traffic on weekends I'd try to get out early and ride to the ocean - about 3 miles away. Besides enjoying the sea breezes and the ocean sounds I was able to catch the sun rising on my return trip. What a great way to start the day.
    After work I would make the most of the sidewalks in my area and try to get some mileage in there too.
    I'm looking forward to better weather so I can get back out there again.
  • I live in the countryside with lots of space and places to ride a bike. I used to do this with my children when they were small. Your article has motivated me to start biking again. Thanks for reminding us of all the benefits of biking!
    After reading all the comments here I feel so motivated to get my bike's been left to rust now for over a year...our weather here is -7 degrees below freezing and that puts me off but I have used every excuse and I've ran out of them now....tomorrow I will get my bike out..
    Happy riding to all :)
  • Great article & love all the comments! I just started riding a bike again last spring. I just love it. I have severe arthritis in both knees, so finding the right bike was crucial. I would strongly recommend that if it has been sometime since you last rode a bike, go to your neighborhood bike shop (not just WalMart or KMart) and get some advice and try out some of the new models of bikes. I did and it made all the difference. I originally bought myself a woman's mountain bike at a yard sale, but couldn't ride it because my weight and knee pain kept me from being able to make a full pedal rotation (I weigh about 295). I was ready to give up but saw an adult trike in front of my local bike shop. I stopped in thinking I might be better able to ride the more stable 3-wheeler. After talking to the owner about how I did triathalons in high school (30 years ago) riding 10-speeds in races, etc. she said that I would not be happy with the trike once I got my "groove back". And she was absolutely right. She helped me try about 3 different styles of bikes, a better quality mountain bike (no go), a comfort bike (close, but not perfect) and finally a modified comfort bike made by Electra called a Townie. It offsets the seat from the pedal, giving me the space I need to pedal in comfort without knee strain or my tummy getting in my way. It even has some shocks on the front to help me with the dirt/rock roads around here, and 21 speeds (honestly I probably could have used just 7, but we are moving where there are hills next year). Within 5 minutes I was safely peddling around my neighborhood, and now I ride for at least an hour 3 night a week. There are many options out there, so if you want to do it, and are having trouble on the old clunker in the garage, get some good one-on-one advice and try out some of the improvements. I just love the feeling of gliding along and the cool breeze blowing through my hair helps offset that "sweaty" feeling which is one of the major exercise turnoffs to me (especially since I'm living in menopauseland right now...). Good luck and I hope to see you out there :-).
  • Definitely need to get back on my bike. I love riding it, especially along trails. I have to drive to the trails, but it's worth it. Sadly, there aren't any stores, etc. close enough to ride to, or I would.

  • This is a well intended. respectful response to all those that have excuses for why they don't ride. Give 'em up and get pedaling.
    You can do it!
    You just have to start.
    You know you'll never forgive yourself if you don't.
    You'll feel great - The pain-in-the-butt goes away quickly. You can start with one of those huge saddles but it won't be long until you ditch it in favor of a narrow saddle.
    This has to be the best exercise, other than walking, that there is. There are many trails nearly everywhere.
    Get your family and friends off their butts too. You don't need them, and I assure you that they will envy you and start to ride when they see how happy you are.
    I am 59 years old and now have a "real" age of 50. This is largely thanks to my bike.

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