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Return to the Outdoors with Your Bike

Get Fit & Enjoy Nature While Cycling


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    Living where we do, it is safe reading our exercise bikes at home. Could not ride a real bike outside anywhere, those times are gone forever. It's not the 1960's anymore.
  • Got on a bike two dsys ago. It was more challenging than I expected, but I managed 5 minutes before I got off. Going to keep practicing.
  • Iove riding my bike!
  • I am outdoors almost all summer walking or playing with my kids.
    If only it would be nice and safe and pretty for everyone, but, no more.
    I just started riding a few years ago I love my bike and plus I ride bike with my son good exercise love it
  • I rode one of the kids bike a couple of years ago. But where I live there is no sidewalk and the traffic is very heavy and peoples drive crazy.
  • Living in Hawaii, I can ride pretty much year round. I have an inexpensive Walmart special, but I am looking forward to an up-grade!
  • I was just talking about bringing my bike into the shop to have it checked. Still lots of snow and ice but I so want to get out on my bike. Nothing like it.
    Training for event like Tour de Cure is very motivating. Don't overdue in the beginning! And if you can ride with a group, including people who are better riders and who can teach you, is great. The first ride I went out on I could hardly do 2 miles. Yesterday I did 28 miles and wasn't tired at the end. Here's advice I heed: go easy when it's hard, go hard when it's easy.
  • i live in beijing so bikes for many people are their main form of transportation. there are cycle lanes everywhere and the roads are really great for cycling on. i ride everyday to work which is usually only around 12 minutes each way, but its great fun trying to weave in and around the huge traffic jams. I spend my journey laughing at people crammed into hot cars going nowhere fast . its a great way to see the city ( if anyone visits you must rent a bike) and i love watching chinese life as i breeze on by. not sure what i`ll do during winter though....hmmm
  • There's just something about zipping along really fast & then coasting for a ways that is amazing! I love getting up speed & biking really hard down hills & then gliding on the flat fora long ways. I don't like the bugs that like to fly in my face, but that's the only thing I DON'T like about biking. It's a wonderful way to get further than walking'll take me. I can stop & look at the scenery if I want, &, since I don't listen to music when outside, unless others are playing it, I can hear the sound of the wind & those of nature as I go. I'm hooked on riding, & each ride reels me in even closer to the shore. It's so cool, & definitely my favourite way to go these days. :D
    I love riding... my entire family comes with me ,in the winter I stay indoor and much FUN...
    I'm going riding today - temps in the 30's but clear, bright, & sunny - should be wonderful!

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