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Healthier Ways to Eat Dessert

Smart Substitution: Dessert


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  • My dessert approach is more about having a very small portion of an exceptional dessert once or twice a week, rather than larger portions of calorie reduced desserts. I remember reading on a Spark article or featured blog that after the first 3-4 bites we stop enjoying the flavours as much. I also use a tiny spoon, like the kind you use for espresso, to eat my dessert with. Somehow, this trick fools my 'over-eater' into satiation.

    For dessert, I kind of riff off the info in "French Women Don't Get Fat". Afterall, they live in the very center of amazing pastry land...
  • I'm a fan of angel foodcake. My favorite bakery sells teeny, tiny petit fours as well - they're so rich that just one makes me happy. I treat myself to one when I'm in the city - which only happens every few months!

    It's great to remember not to be too rigid with yourself. It's just so hard to keep it up & makes life not so fun ... Enjoy!
    Some good information. I do NOT agree with replacing sugar with a sugar substitute, too much research has shown how bad the substitutes are.
    A small bowl of strawberries, blueberries and banana with a dollop of vanilla yogurt and sprinkled with slivered almonds is one of my favorite healthy desserts!
  • I just discovered the Hostess 100 calorie packs of Cinnamon Struesel Coffee Cakes -- never tried them - but they are great!
  • Nice article. I need good ideas. Problem: I cannot bring home a package or I will eat it all within a day or two. So I try to buy ice cream and frozen yogurt one scoop at a time. Hopefully in time this will change.
    I gotta add a bowl of cereal and frozen bananas to that list! Not together, but they are both great, satisfying ways to kill that dessert craving without the cake. =)
  • All very good tips! Since being on Weight Watchers and SparkPeople, I've really learned how to be smarter about eating dessert. Now when I have the "bad" stuff, which is only once in a while, I also have learned to cut my portion size way back so it's not quite as terrible for me :)
  • I agree with the use of applesauce as it really does take the place of the oil.
  • CAROLYN1949
    Great suggestions! I especially like the one about substituting "applesauce or prune puree instead of oil when baking to naturally trap moisture into your cakes and breads." But just how much applesauce equals, say 1/4 cup of vegetable oil? I don't think you can do an even exchange and get the same results.
  • CANNA_
    "Less sugar. A lot of recipes call for much more sugar than is needed. You might even like it better! "
    I cannot agree more. I usually cut the sugar by half or sometimes to one third when I use American recipe... They come out great all the time!
  • I'm more into another portion of mashed potatoes vs dessert. which gets me in trouble every time.
  • I like to have a warm Vita Top (Triple Chocolate Chunk) with a scoop of low or no-fat vanilla frozen yogurt. 190 calories, and the Vita Tops are loaded with nutrients.
  • My favorite dessert right now is No Sugar Added LowFat Yogurt in vanilla, coconut, banana, or key lime poured over now-in-season sliced strawberries. Could NOT be sweeter or more delicious!
  • CINCIN65
    I'm a big sugar junkie and the more i eat, the more i have to eat. I've been using Agave Nectar in place of sugar lately. It's a natural product, it's the nectar from the catctus. It's very low on the glycemic index and doesn't spark sugar cravings. You can use it in coffee, tea and bake with it. It's much sweeter than sugar so you'll use at the most, half of what the recipe calls for.

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