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Healthier Ways to Eat Dessert

Smart Substitution: Dessert


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  • One of my absolute weaknesses is ice cream. I can't bring home a pint without eating all of it. I recently discovered a super healthy alternative, though: freeze a banana for a few hours and then throw it in the blender with a teaspoon or so of cocoa powder. I have chocolate-banana ice cream in a matter of minutes and very few calories [plus a fruit serving]! It's definitely been calming that sweet tooth.
  • I'm in the same boat as NUSMACY - lots of great ideas, thank you, I need them, but if I bring home a 2-serving pkg of Weight Watchers dessert, there's nowhere safe to hide that 2nd latest 'find' is Sugar-Free Jello powder mixed into lowest-calorie-I-can-find off-brand Cool Whip - yummy!! Trouble is, I ate the whole bowl of cherry-flavored Cool Whip....
  • My approach is moderation, and yes, it can be difficult. So over a period of time, I reduce the amount of my favorites. It will take me longer to get to my desired size/weight, but I cannot deal with deprivation. I utilize suggestions I found on SP: using smaller dishes and spoons. There is no way I am going to substitute fruit for chocolate. I like the idea of setting out specific amounts of a treat, instead of eating from the bag or container. This is not a competition for me; I am not going to make myself miserable to drop some weight. I want to be healthier, not a fanatic about food. Thank you, SP members and staff, for ideas to use regarding moderation and a permanent lifestyle change instead of a strict diet.
  • When losing weight, I just have to tell myself that sweets are not allowed and no bread unless it's whole grain. There's no middle ground for me. It's easier to just decide you are not going to eat sweets than to constantly have to make decisions about it.

    When just maintaining my weight, I do like the Nature Valley Honey and Oat granola bars. If you dip them in skim milk, they tast like a really yummy oatmeal cookie (which basically is what they are!). The nice thing about those is they are prepackaged into 2 bars for only 190 calories total so if you don't use much milk, you can have a dessert-like snack for around 200 calories!
  • My favorite is Activia yogurt, which comes in 4-oz containers in vanilla and fruit flavors. I get it at Costco for a reasonable price. It has healthy live cultures and enough sweetness to satisfy me.

    Also Nature Valley honey 'n' oats granola bars. I eat one after having a large salad with protein, so they are in place of any other carbs in the meal as well as dessert. Eat slowly and enjoy the crunch!

    Banana chips - you have to be very careful with these; it's easy to overindulge. A small amount in a tiny bowl works for me. They take a lot of chewing so it's fairly easy to limit quantities and still feel satisfied, if they are eaten mindfully.
  • My sweet tooth is why I'm overweight,I love dessert,but I'm on day 3 of detoxing from sweets,eating jello instead,and I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with hypothyroidism,which males it harder to lose weight.
  • My favorite "dessert" is Cheerios with skim milk and half a packet of Swiss Miss sugar free hot chocoa mixed into the milk. It's only 30 cals. and half a gram of fat. This helps me with my chocolate cravings especially this time of year when candy,cookies,pies and cakes are EVERYWHERE!!!!
  • I have a huge sweet tooth, but I try to find healthy ways to indulge it. For example, I love fresh fruit stirred into yogurt. For a "candy bar" sometimes I'll buy a chocolate protein bar at the gym. Occasionally I'll have Weight Watchers frozen desserts....they are really yummy, but of course the key is to limit yourself to just one which isn't always easy to do. I think human beings are programmed to like things that are sweet. For me if I eat a lot of fruit I don't get too many sweet cravings. Lately grapes have been awesome. Keep cookies and packages sweets out of the house.
    I'll admit it, I have a sweet tooth. I have found that if I dole out a container into single serving portions when I first buy it (such as the chocolate covered ginger from Trader Joe's), then label with a date, I will limit myself - but I don't have to pay a surcharge for those "100 calorie packs", none of which appeal to me anyway. Plus since I reuse my single serving containers, I don't have all the excess packaging of those others.
  • Hasn't the word gotten around to you yet that low-carb works better than low-fat in the long run? It isn't the butter or nuts that concern me. It's the sugar and the flour. If low-fat worked, America wouldn't be so overweight. The truth is, fat consumption has gone down in America, but the sugar consumption has skyrocketed. Usually, to make something low-fat, they add more sugar. We were thinner as a country when we ate more fat.
  • A lot of good suggestions have already been posted here.

    Don't forget all the hidden sugar, fats and salt in processed foods--even most frozen food. I don't like or trust the commercial substitutes--the salt substitutes taste too "salty" for me; the sugar substitutes always have a strange taste to me (let alone the fact that each seems to have later been declared to be not so healthy); and the fat substitutes just don't work as well. I do, however, substitute quite often using things like applesauce or other fruit, low-fat Miracle Whip/mayonaise for the fat/oil and eggs in most recipes, especially cakes, etc. . And, you can reduce by at least 1/2 or more, the amount of sugar and fat in almost all recipes without affecting the taste. Added salt can be totally eliminated in most recipes by adding additional and/or different spices, herbs, etc. You can make a pretty good frosting for cakes by using non-fat Cool Whip, sugar-free puddings or sugar-free jello for flavor, and a very small amount (1/4 c.) of powdered sugar. You do have to refrigerate the cake, but this really works.
  • I love frozen grapes and oranges.

    Great Idea about the pudding made with skim milk. I'm going to try the sugar free, and freeze it, then blend it. "Nice cream", anyone?
    When my husband and I go out to dinner, we share a dessert. He eats faster than I do, so he gets the biggest portion!

    Also, there's nothing better than sliced fresh strawberries with a drizzle (1 tsp or less) of chocolate syrup & a tiny bit of real whipped cream.

    If you like ice cream and have problems with portion control, get some small dishes - about 1/2 cup, and use that instead of a regular bowl. Nobody needs a cereal bowl size portion of ice cream.

    Instead of making a layer cake with frosting - usually 8-12 servings, I make cake in a 9x13 pan & get 24 servings - cutting the calories in half. I also cut them into individual portions, wrap in plastic wrap, and freeze. This works for most cakes.

    I don't care for pie crust, so if I buy a pie, I usually just eat the filling. I often make fruit crumble, or fruit crisp instead of a fruit pie, using rolled oats as the main ingredient of the crumbly part. Cuts out a lot of fat and calories & tastes better. They can be made in individual dishes (ramekins) for portion control.

    Everything in moderation!
  • I purchase pre-packaged desserts, such as Smart Ones Mocha Cake or Cheesecake they are around 200 calories or Carb Smart Ice Cream Bars under a 100 calories each. I use Sugar-Free Jell-O pudding cups under 100 calories each. I always have some type of dessert available, even if I don't eat it that night after dinner. Just knowing its there makes me less likely to crave something sweet or to make bad choices. If I know I am going to the movies during the week or weekend I purchase a small box of Junior Mints and bring in purse to movie theater. Sometimes I will bring a Choc Peanut Butter Power Bar to the movies instead, I don't feel deprived and I don't beat myself up because I know a made a healthier decision.

    The key is being prepared and not making a last minute poor decisions.

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