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Improve Your Self-Esteem with Journaling

Writing a Better You


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  • This article is right on time. Improving my self-esteem is a priority for me and I will be using these suggestions in my journaling. I never realized how far down my self-esteem had gone until recently. But this has helped in reenergizing my efforts
  • I've always used my journals as a way to get rid of the bad energy that has happened through out the day, I will definitely be trying a new journal that does the opposite, thanks!
    Thank you so much! This article made me smile.
    Thanks for some of the ideas to use for positives during the day. I have tried to journal 5 positive thoughts a day but find it difficult and now I know why, the things I take for granted are the things you say I can list! I never thought to give myself credit for being courteous and helpful because these actions tend to be second nature, not conscience actions most of the time.
    I have never been good at writing anything, especially about myself. I think when I gained my weight my self esteem went out the door. No one tells you how great a job you do, how good you look, wow the house is all organized, when did you have time to do all that you do-- they along with myself thinks "I need to do more, if I did more I would not be so big." I get it ,if no one is going to pat me on the back I BETTER START TO JOURNAL MY OWN PATS ON MY BACK." THANKS this is great!!!
  • This is an eye-opening read for me. Thank you so much. I think just having a pretty binder is an inspiration to journal.
  • Wow.. guess i really needed to read this one... I dont think i can come up with 5 good things in a day.. goes to you show you where my head is at.. filled with FAT...
    guess i need help.. will have to give it a ry.
  • I've kept a journal off and on most of my life. I haven't been as consistent this past year because I tend to focus on the negative in my life instead of the positive, and I didn't want to keep a record of the sadness anymore. This article has inspired me to journal again. I can write 5 good things about myself and my day.
    I used to keep a journal when I was young. In fact, I found one from 1968!! and gave it to my son to read. He was floored. Maybe I'll try it again now. Never too late, right?
  • What a great ending to my day. Something nice to think about before I fall asleep.
    I have done this before and it really does work. Thanks for the reminder because I have been feeling depressed lately and unsuccessful. I plan on restarting this to break the cycle tonight!
  • What a great idea! I have rarely kept journals, but when I do they are always during a time of personal crisis. It'll be great to have some positive thoughts to look back on in the future and to share with my family someday.
  • wow, This is exactly what I needed. My journals are usually written in when I am in a bad mood, or have been crying. 5 positive things. I can do that, and I will do that. I have been feeling down. So this is the perfect pick me up! Thank you once again.
  • An excellent idea. Thanks.
    What a FANTASTIC article. I love how simple it is, and how powerful. Focusing on the positive is definitely more helpful then focusing on what went wrong throughout the day. Sometimes you can surprise yourself with how good you really did.

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