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Improve Your Self-Esteem with Journaling

Writing a Better You


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  • ANGELA4631
    I just started 12 week health program at 71 (almost 72) because I had become discouraged that I'd ever be energetic and "bouncing" around again. I've added diabetes, arthritis pains and muscle aches due to lack of good posture and general malaise with too much "resting" and high blood pressure the past few years. I've joined and quit the gym over and over…resist exercise like it's a disease. I "know better" and am quite knowledgeable, but don't have the self-discipline to put in the energy required to do "the right thing."..I need HELP.
  • Sunshyne, you are neither stupid or gullible. You said it are loving and trusting, qualities this world needs more of. Trust your intuition, you have decided to still love this do just that. Love is not berating or untrusting. Do not live in the past by dwelling on the disappointment or betrayal. Love has as many trials as faith in God, for God and Love are one in the same. Good luck and never doubt yourself for the weaknesses in others.
  • I know that I am worth something..I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Sometimes, though, life kicks me in the teeth and I suffer from a bad bout of I am soooo stupid! That happened last night..I found out something quite by accident, or divine guidance, that totally unhinged me. Discovering that I had been made a fool of left me feeling full of doubt in my ability to discern the basic character of a real close person to me which in turn made me feel betrayed and stupid beyond belief, and wondering if I ever get anything right or just ride a tide of oblivious denial to reality.

    I know God gave me a big, loving, forgiving heart. I know that I want to be forgiven and not harshly judged. What is hard for me to understand is: am I that gullible and blind? How do I deal with the issue, which I have a right to deal with, and not belittle the person or myself, OR my God?

    This morning forgiving the person came, apologizing to God for my behavior and asking for His forgiveness for my attitude I did, letting the person know that I do love them, I have done. Now, how do I deal with the feelings of insecurity and self-berating and trust issues?
  • I havent been on this site for ages and its because I had no hope in being able to ever eat healthy or lose weight. I just celebrated my 53rd birthday and feel like Im too old to get started on any regimine, I felt like by the time I get myself in any kind of shape, I'll be too old to enjoy myself anyway...But Im tired..tired of looking at myself, tired of my breathing issues and just plain tired of being fat & having no energy. I used to walk alot, play alot and just be happier. I've gained 30lbs since "giving up" and Im here to say I've just got rid of all the "junk food" in my house. However Im on a tight budget and all I have is processed food & food with alot of calories,so I have to survive on that first before I get my healthy regimine started, I will as of tomorrow start eating less and doing more walking. Thanks to this site, I have a place to go to to chart my progress with support from Spark People friends...
  • I'm all about feeling confident. Sometimes if I feel a little depressed I'll do something a little simple like putting a pretty shade of lip gloss on. Life is tough and it's easy to feel "low". I tell my friends that doing a little something to boost your confidence helps you throughout the day. A lot of my friends now do something every day, whether it's fixing their hair or putting on a little makeup or even wearing a nice blouse instead of the t-shirt and jeans that we all get soo comfortable throwing on everyday. This journal idea is yet another thing I would like to try to boost my confidence. Thank you.
  • LWHITE295
    It's never too late to do the right thing! That's what I keep telling myself anyway! I've been trying to eat better and exercise for some time now and I find it so hard to do on my own. Joining like minded people will be just the thing for me. I'm so glad I found this website! Here's to a new beginning! Again!
  • I have resisted journals for a lot of years or else would start one and slowly quit. I found one when I moved last summer that was 7 years into my 15 year marriage. Now I am on an emotional roller-coaster with food, exercise (or lack of consistency in my exercise) as well as a budding relationship. Too much to process so "need" to find a healthy release that can sustain me as I do this.
    Great idea! I am going to start today. My mother was very critical of us, so it is easy for me to slip back into negative thinking.
  • I found my favorite journal - partially used - and plan to start writing tonight. I really need to change my negative self-image and I think this will be a good start.
  • Love this article. It is so true. When I am feeling postive, I walk with my head up high and feel I can do anything. I do eat better and take care of me. I never thougt of it this way. But, when and I fight it, I am feeling less confident, I try to remind myself this will pass. Now I know how to help keep me on track for my health. Thanks for article.
  • Writing ones thoughts and feelings at the end of the day really does help me. Yes, looking back can sometimes be amusing. :)
  • The mind is very powerful. Also, its very true about journaling. Im a big writer, and I love looking back at the things I have been through and see how far I have come. I totally recommend it!
  • KMF2012
    It's very easy to fall into the negative self talk trap. I find it helpful to remind myself to start with the spiritual picture first: I am a child of God through the cross. Everything else than falls into place. Every new day is a gift from God, embrace it!
    I've thought about keeping a journal many times and just haven't committed to it. I think it's time to give it a serious go. This article was really helpful to me. I tend to have a lot of negative thoughts about myself and maybe this can help turn that around.
  • Negative self talk and not feeling worthy of loving self care is definitely my problem. I've been trying to establish a journal practice since starting this current journey at New Years. So far, have only done a couple of times. More to come this weekend. I will incorporate this self praise suggestion when I do.

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