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FUNctional Fitness

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  • Great article. Very helpful. Great exercises. Thank you!!
  • great idea and article, done, thanks
  • Thanks. I will do theses when my back start to hurt again.
  • I also would like more moves that we could do while still in bed.
  • -BENI-
    My mother had two back operations 38 years ago. She has always done the one knee and both knee hugs and a few others for those 38 years. Whether they traveled, stayed at friends or in hotels she has always done them. She still does them to this day. My mother who is 78 can sit in a chair and bring her knees past her ears!! She is that flexible, and says she has no back pain at all.
    She noticed with age she has had balance issues, so she started a while ago holding onto the counter standing on one foot. She now can stand in the middle of a room on one leg and doesn't wobble!! Though we highly suggest she not do that very often!!
    Why haven't I learned to do any of this by now?!!!!
    Thank you for the reminder! Habit Habit Habit!!!
  • I didn't get that "from above" line either. I get the knee hugging move and the slowly lowering your hips thing, referring to the spine as a "string of pearls"... that image helped. I'm sure a little video would have made all the difference. Having someone else proof read the article would have helped too because spell check would have said it was A-Okay! It just makes me appreciate Coach Nicole's articles and videos even more.
  • I'll have to agree with others, #3 can be very bad if you have back problems. A good yoga instructor will always caution newbies to do this move with great care. I don't have any fusions, but this move is deadly for my back.
  • I used to work out regularly (and strenously) on the machines, classes, etc., but as I aged these got to be too much for me. Now, at 70, I participate in what my gym calls "Silver Slippers" classes and Tai Chi. Both work at developing strong cores, flexibility and balance. Both of these could be called "Functional Fitness" classes for seniors. My core strength, flexibility and balance, as well as energy level and mobility, have all improved tremendously since starting these classes. Such classes are ideal for seniors.
    In the article "Bye bye to back pain," the second section "While watching the morning show" is written in such poor English that it does not make sense.
    Firstly, it does not make it clear what position one should be in at the start of the exercise. I assumed it was a sitting position, but then the instructions don't make sense. Then there are a few grammatical errors English such as "the ride side" which make difficult to get the exercise instructions correct.
  • These are all wonderful stretches. If my back starts bothering me, I start doing these at least twice a day and soon I'm back to feeling great again.
    The descriptions may not be as vivid as one would like, but the concept is the important thing. One critical bit of information is missing, in my opinion:
    Thirty years ago an orthopedist told me to always do these stretching exercises the first thing in the morning BEFORE getting out of bed, because the muscles were warm and could be gently stretched without causing damage.

    He felt doing these daily would help a bipedal human not designed to walk on two legs avoid back problems. I rarely miss a day.
  • #3 can be dangerous if you have a fusion. Please check with a doctor before doing this exercise if you are fused.
    Great exeriises for the lower back -- all these were given to me by my physical therapist when my back was spasming.

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