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4 Steps to Healthier Surroundings

Spread the Spark to the World Around You


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This is so true! My office started up a Biggest Looser competition. For the whole competition I did not take my weight loss seriously. I got upset at myself realizing how much money I put in and what I did not do about it. My office as a team was very supportive of each other. My frustrations allowed me to focus on myself and after the competition was long done I started to take things seriously. My co-workers were the most supportive way after the competition and still cheer me on today!! Report
This article is so true to me because it was by someone else making lifestyle changes that I got motivated to get healthier and lose weight. You never know when your actions will inspire others. Report
I have re-read this article at least 3 times. I get something different from it every time!

I agree with several of the other members: this "outside the box", "real life" advice is better than the same old, same old we get everywhere else.

Helping others IS a great way to help ourselves AND give back.... Report
I'm going to start the Streak today. I was really impressed how it caught on. Hopefully that will work for my whole family! Report
I really enjoyed the part about motivating self and others with the Streak Charts. By making it a game in small enough chunks that you can always very motivating.
Froggie Report
Mike - I value your articles because you teach how to apply this in real life! And the tips on motivating others by being a good example - are great, too. I would caution about personal pizza - they are about 600 calories each - a better choice might be two pieces of cheese pizza (or half a personal pizza) and a salad. Report
I loved this article, I have also learnt to dab at my pizza next time. It does not seem like it a choice anymore, people will always ask when they see you having lost weight and having kept it off. One can't help but spread the spark. I Report
The story of the post-it notes on the door is a great one -- i used this technique to quit smoking years ago -- i put a sticker on my chest that said, "Non-smoker - Day 1" -- each day the number went up. Pretty soon, all of my co-workers were coming into the office asking, "What day are we on today?" It really spurred me on. I hadn't thought of doing this with SP, but i'm gonna try it -- "Was 195 - now 179 and shrinking!" Report
Wow! That brings back memories. When I was a kid, my friends and I used to pour the grease off our school pizzas and then dab the rest off with our napkins. Report
I was just talking about this very thing on one of my teams, about being a positive influence on the people around us, not just our fellow Sparkers. I've been trying to motivate some moms around me without being too pushy, and I'm starting to see some change, which just makes me so happy. This article really makes me think about what else I can do, besides being a good example and inviting them to walk with me, to help them. Great article! Report
I loved this article.. especially the story about leaving the post it on the door, that's really in inspirational. Report
All i need is to come on to sparke people everyday, get motivated from other ppl who share same dreams with me, write, exersise and eat healthy all the time and i will be alright. Sparke people however is my motivation......
Kudos to them Report
Now' here's motivation. Mike I love your articles. There not the usual diet/fitness blurbs that are repeated over and over again. You go outside the box. When I read this one, I thought "I don't work and I don't know anyone in this small town" As I read on, I realized there are probably lots of people stuck here like me. Why not put an ad in the paper calling all these people together. I'll let you know how it goes. Report
Hi This kind of article is a star which gives you essentials of healthy living. Report

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