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4 Steps to Healthier Surroundings

Spread the Spark to the World Around You


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  • Love this article. Thank you!
    62 percent of adults in my state are obese. Through SP I hope to make that rate lower!
  • This is an awesome article. Recently, my daughter and two of my grandchildren came to live with me. As a result of seeing me on my healthy journey, they have started to exercise and eat healthier. My granddaughter has lost 10 lbs so far! I am so proud of her!
  • Perfect article to read this week! I'm stuggling to overcome negative thoughts and this has given me some good ideas! Thanks!!!
  • I love this article, because it's about doing what we can and possibly being a good example for others to follow. Wow, what do people notice about you?
    Awesome article!!
  • Pizza, chocolate--none of it is off limits. People who have 'forbidden food' lists never are successful for the rest of their lives.

    You're right though--do it without fanfare, no diet 'snobbing', no 'do it my way', just DO IT. Then people will follow suit. A whole bunch of folks in our office are asking what we're doing and wanting to join us.

    Lead by example.

    (I had Margaritas, pizza, popcorn, chocolate last week. All in my calorie range. )
  • MARS06
    what were they doing eating pizza in the first place? dab the grease?! too funny
  • Chocolate is a food group...the only food group at the top of the pyramid. Woooo!
    I am motivated after reading this! Little by Little building great habits day by day! I love it!
  • A streak chart is a good idea. I don't have trouble so much with the exercise part, since I like exercise, but sticking to my diet can be tricky. My husband and I have been giving ourselves smiley-faces on the calendar, and it's nice to see a calendar full of smiley-faces, but none of them add up to a streak. Maybe we should try that, instead.
    Helpful and supportive ideas to develop a healthier life style.
    Helpful and supportive ideas to develop a healthier life style.
    I started losing weight because my doctor said I needed to, or else . . .
    But a funny thing happened. I didn't tell people about or make a big deal of it. In fact I avoided talking about it, but all around my, I found my friends and family who saw me successfully lose 60 lbs and get in shape started losing weight and working out also. My wife took up running and lost weight because she wanted to share the activity with me. My son and his wife both started losing weight and working out. My niece suddenly, um, coincidentally got thin. People at church started dropping lbs. All around me, whether they were knowingly or intentionally following my example or not, I started seeing lots of people doing the same. It only takes a spark.

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