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Help Your Loved Ones Stay Healthy

Random Acts of Fitness, Nutrition and Health


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This is also a good way to remind my family how to help me become a healthier person. I will print this out and leave it on the fridge for all to see. Report
Making nutritionous snacks are better than eating fast foods. Report
Great ideas, and confirmation that I'm already doing some of the right things. Report
This was a good article with some innovative ideas to help make sure our families eat healthy and stay active. Report
Great ideas, thanks! Report
In the future, be sure the images used in Spark People articles encourage SP members to practice safety in their daily lives. The man in the picture accompanying this article is rollerblading without a helmet. I see wrist guards, but what good are unbroken wrists when you've cracked your head open?

Well, it's only a brain. Report
Its funny. In my house after I started watching what I eat and "counting my calories" my husband asks me all the time, "is this healthy for me?".. "is this one healthy for me" ... so I tell him. I haven't had soda in my house since 09/23 and it feels great not having to open up the fridge and be tempted to drink a pop. I am very proud of myself, the other day I bought a Diet Pepsi, took one drink, and didn't drink any more :) YAY Report
All great ideas. My husband likes to cook, but it is mostly something that is quick and full of calories and lacking nutrition. So, I need to move in on his territory and go the extra mile with more fresh veggies, garnish, and presentation to help us both. Two of us working together can prepare a healthy meal in the same time he cooked alone. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to take this step. Report
I wish more of these ideas applied to helping out family members who don't live in the same household. Or as in my case, in the same state. Boo :-(

Well, at least when I go visit my parents, I always try to cook for them several nights while I'm there. My mom is actually pretty good nowadays about cooking things light, but on the whole they are still snacking a lot and not exercising as much as they should. I think when I'm visiting seeing me workout does guilt them into exercising, too.

Now if I could just resist Mom's offer to split dessert... lol... well, at least we're not eating the whole thing by ourselves!

I wish I could think of more ways to be a positive influence when i'm NOT actually there...

I bought a Wii Fit for myself. Well, needless to say, the kids are using it just as much as I have, it is a game after all, and they even got my husband up on it. He was pretty startled by its assessment of his weight and "fitness age".
It does make being active as a family enjoyable - who knows how many calories we all have burned laughing at ourselves trying to hula hoop or do some of the balance games.
For kids, I also highly recommend Dance Dance Revolution or some similar game. It is not really dancing at all, just following fast step patterns while music is playing, so boys seem to enjoy it too, and it gets going pretty fast, you can work up a sweat. Report
I have to take care of my elderly obese mother - she is very difficult to manage when it comes to eating properly within her diet restrictions. I have two small children and I have found that I cannot have anything in the house that is not appropriate for her. She will find it and hide and eat it in the night. Report
"The Sneaky Chef" is written by Missy Chase Lapine. I went to my local library and checked the Sneaky Chef out. I thought I would try some of the recipes out before I go and buy the cook book myself. Report
Who writes the Sneaky Chef cookbooks? I'm not a huge veggie fan, so any tips for putting more vegetable servings into the foods I cook would be great!! Report
Great tips! I have the Sneaky Chef books and they are fantastic. Hubby knows I am "sneaking" his less-than-fave foods into meals, but doesn't care as long as they look and taste good. Report
I'm constantly sneaking veggies into the food I cook for our house. My wife hates veggies. We have the Jessica Seinfeld book abour adding covert veggies in different meals via purees. Its a great way to start thinking about it. Report

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