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Grocery Store Steals and Tips

How to Eat Right and Save Too!


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  • I think how kids behave in a store and how you react is a good opportunity to learn. No matter how much they cry and scream they don't get their way. Also a good opportunity to explain that the fancy package is expensive and full of stuff that is bad for them.
    I find frozen veggies great, I always buy them when the store brand is on sale. I think a good point to add to this article is that pre-made meals are way more expensive than buying stuff you have to cook. There has also been a lot of research into whether eating healthy is more expensive than buying the other stuff, the verdict... it's not you just need to shop wisely.
  • Great article - I have three kid's and usually go shopping with at least one or two. (When there's three, there's trouble.) I totally agree with using the shopping trip as a reward and as a learning experience. My daughter (now 10) is definetely the one who has been to the store with me most often. If I can't make it to the store myself, I can send her to the store with my husband and be sure to get nutritious food that I would regularly buy, versus the "junk food" my husband would probably get if he went alone.

    Also, regarding the canned vegies, most brands offer low/reduced sodium versions.
    What child wants to be dragged to the grocery store or department store for that matter. Leave them home with dad and if they don't have a dad get a sitter. Screaming children in any store is soooooo annoying. I've seen so many mother's ignoring their toddlers' screams or even admonishing them for crying when all the kid wants to do is be home taking a nap.
  • Great areticle but I kids need to be included in grocery shopping. I have two girls 8 and 6 and grocery shopping is a family affair (including hubby LOL).
    What we did with our kids when they learned to read, is we taught them how to read labels. So when we went to the store they knew what was healthy and what was not. Sometimes they want the not so healthy stuff which is ok as long as I monitor how much of it they consume. Also they are allowed to pick a treat each when we do the main monthly shopping (usually at Sam's Club).
    I believe if kids are taught early about healthy eating habits, they will enjoy shopping
    My kids have learned what is healthy to buy and what is not.
  • Overall good article...but I so agree about shopping with children. It is more difficult, but parenting is a whole-life committment, not pick and choose activities. We don't, however, have to take every child on every task or outing! Also, canned veggies are frequently loaded with sodium. I buy very few of them, even though they are economic, and I live on a limited income. Fresh, dried, and frozen are healthier choices.
  • I agree that kids need to learn to be consumers. If I bring my two little ones, it ususally has to be a full family experience. BRENNACROW thanks for the idea of only btinging one child at a time! My boys are always vying for one on one time with mom. I can add it to their reward list. Anyway, I did have difficulty with the comment about canned veggies. From all the research I did taking care of my mom while she was in the last stages of renal disease canned veggies fall short on nutrition and rank high in sodium.
    Store brand frozen mixed vegetables (any combination) makes for really awesome stir fry in any pan you can fit them in. If you add spinach, it's REALLY filling and cheap :)
  • I agree with Stacerific. Kids should be included in the Grocery Shopping. My kids are 9 & 15, and have been shopping with me since the day they were born. My 15 year old could go for groceries on his own and buy healthy foods on a budget if needed, because he's been included in helping me shop. I give both kids a task when we go shopping. My sons job is to reach everything on the higher shelves (he's 6'3) and to lift anything too heavy for his little sister. His sisters job is to get everything off the lower shelves. They both know to check labels with me before placing items in the cart. I go over the labels with them to teach them how to read them themselves.

    When my children were little and started to throw a temper tantrum in the store, I gave them one chance to stop, if they didn't we left the store and went home without groceries. Believe me this was not easy. I don't drive, and have always lived approximately 1 mile from the grocery store. Can you imagine dragging (or pushing in a stroller), a screaming toddler for 1 mile? Fortunately with both kids, they learned pretty quick that temper tantrums got them nowhere.
  • i really liked this article. It's all common sense, but i often don't use common sense when i shop! Thanks for reminding us of things we should already know but frequently forget when it comes to grocery shopping!
  • Great article. I have five children and I never wanted to deal with them in the grocery store, so leaving them at home with someone else is the perfect idea.
  • LOLA360
    Everything here is common sense and perfectly true. Thanks!
  • I always found one child was more manageable in the store than both kids - as a team they spotted food items with beautiful packaging and fussed until I put it in the basket OR simply left the store (with no groceries and still had to go back later!).

    I agree we need to teach our children at an early age about healthy food choices. It just worked out better for our family to do it with the groceries at the house rather than in the store.
    I liked this article but really disagree with the advise to leave the kids out of the grocery shopping experience. If we don't teach our kids good shopping habits, who will? I use grocery shopping as an opportunity to teach my little one about food and nutrition. He can tell you what has protein and fiber and why that's important---and he's only three years old!

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