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Grocery Store Steals and Tips

How to Eat Right and Save Too!


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  • SO true about those cheaper versions of groceries being 'hidden' either high or low on the shelves. My dad worked for Kroger's and would get so upset at how the employees were 'taught' to use sneaky sales practices for the company's gain. Now as this article says, brand specific company's are paying to have their product at eye level...yet another trick that causes us to have to shop 'harder' for bargains. We can do it though, yes we can!!
  • Very good article. The grocery display part is totally correct. The store reps are paid to set the displays where the consumer will be tempted to purchase. (compulsive buying) That's why the candy bars are right at the checkout. I disagree with the child part however, I've never had a child who threw temper tantrums. I would think that it would be beneficial as a training tool to take the children and discuss the purchases with them. Obviously if you have a three year old who does not understand ,you would want to leave him/her home, but on the other hand how do you teach them that they can't have everything they want just because they want it? This is a personal question and it has a unique answer for each family.
  • Some people consider coupons a burden or a chore, but I look at them as free money! I don't know of another "job" where I spend a 1-2 hours a week, and "earn" $98 or more.
  • I've been using a lot of these things since I've started my weight loss/healthy eating. I've found so many things that make a difference. The article mentions that certain produce items are cheaper at certain times, which is so true. Oranges are so cheap right now! So are bananas. I stock up on those. Also, its so important to compare amounts in products. Like when I"m buying canned goods or frozen goods, its generally so much cheaper to buy the larger items. I also go to different grocery stores to do my shopping. I get my produce at aldi, and just about everything else at walmart. Eating healthy has become cheaper than eating poorly.
  • Liz,
    This is an excellent article. Some of the tips I knew, but you opened my eyes to other things I can do. Thanks a bunch.
  • MEMERE67
    I read about Wannnabe46Gram and it made me realize that I also can loose weight. I am 67 and also a grandmother of 8. If Wanda can do it so can I. Thank you Wanda
    i am new to this sight and i am finding so much help i haven`t eaten my breakfast as yet. thank you for your imput it is great nancy barnhart
  • Good tips! I'd like to add one on the "grow it yourself" that I got from a neighbour:

    If during spring/early summer you have one or two potatoes which sproutet you can fill a large bucket with earth and put them in. Just water it, and after a few months all you have to do is empty the bucket and pick up the potatoes. Much easier than digging up root vegetables.
    ALMA/AMY- This article was written a few years ago! I just updated it to remove the outdated prices. Thanks for the feedback. :-)
    This is a good article but when was it written and where? I live in CA and eggs have not been $1.23 for years!
    I noticed on several shopping trips that when i concentrated on buying healthy food of higher quality in moderatre quantities (and closer to how much I actually needed for the next few days) rather than looking for bargains I ALWAYS ended up spending less for better quality. try it ! you will be surprised! and another tip ...I recently took a vacation from 'dieting' and i found 2 great benefits: first a great feeling of freedom and second I am happily maintaining (and even losing!) by simply eating 'real' food, in moderate quatities, eating my meals in courses and not snaking... I feel great!!
  • I always thought I couldn't afford to buy the good and healthy foods that I knew I should be eating. Then, when I got serious about losing weight and stopped buying cookies, candy, donuts, chips, and such, lo and behold, I had enough money to buy fresh fruit, veggies, whole grain cereals and pasta and more. I just had to take the blinders off. And it has been very helpful as I have lost over 140 pounds since I started.
  • I always went with my mother shopping. I liked it. I am the youngest of 4, with sisters 9 and 11 years older so it was never a neccessity to take me. Dad was the one who would add stuff to the trolley.

    In particular...
    At the age of 14 or 15 we were fundraising selling raffle tickets outside the supermarket. Mum stayed with the tickets and I did the groceries. When I'd done the tour of the shop, I parked the trolley in a corner and went and traded places with Mum outside.
    She went in, found the trolley, and paid for the groceries. She had no problems with it, I had a usual shop in the trolley. But with ice-cream.

  • I think how kids behave in a store and how you react is a good opportunity to learn. No matter how much they cry and scream they don't get their way. Also a good opportunity to explain that the fancy package is expensive and full of stuff that is bad for them.
    I find frozen veggies great, I always buy them when the store brand is on sale. I think a good point to add to this article is that pre-made meals are way more expensive than buying stuff you have to cook. There has also been a lot of research into whether eating healthy is more expensive than buying the other stuff, the verdict... it's not you just need to shop wisely.
  • Great article - I have three kid's and usually go shopping with at least one or two. (When there's three, there's trouble.) I totally agree with using the shopping trip as a reward and as a learning experience. My daughter (now 10) is definetely the one who has been to the store with me most often. If I can't make it to the store myself, I can send her to the store with my husband and be sure to get nutritious food that I would regularly buy, versus the "junk food" my husband would probably get if he went alone.

    Also, regarding the canned vegies, most brands offer low/reduced sodium versions.

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