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Small Bits of Fitness Add Up

Exercise Comes in All Shapes and Sizes


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  • Right now my left knee is giving me trouble and I can't walk very far or straighten out my leg. I bought an exercise bike that you can use with your arms, and vow to set it up by tomorrow so I will get some exercise in.
  • It's easy if it's worth it. Do something during every commercial break besides a run to the fridge. Try running 30 seconds down the block and back. It all adds up to a healthier you.
  • This Christmas season I am so busy, but really want to continue my weight loss. So I've been taking 5 minute breaks every hour, or as often as possible to jog or march in place. I set my timer and go. If I have time I go a little longer, but it's pretty easy to fit in 5 minutes. It's been working out great for me so far. Sometimes I even do 15 reps of bicep curls and other arm exercises with my hand weights when I pass them. It doesn't take long, but it keeps those muscles working and jump starts my metabolism.
  • Totally agree. I bike 15 min to work, take 15-minute walks on my breaks, and 15 min ride home, that makes a whole hour every workday!
  • I'm loving this site. The workouts are so easy and good fun. I do have a question if. someoneknow's the answer i'd be very grateful ; when your cooking do you loose weight. I know it sounds silly but i sweat copiously, even if just cooking? It makes no sense to me butiif its like a workout then that would be ok... I think :-D
  • TALISE11
    This is a very helpful piece, thank you. I have a demanding job and 2 teenagers to stay on top of so I'm often pressed for time. Breaking up an exercise routine into 10 minute increments feels doable.

  • it seems i am the "all or nothing" type of gal. i now realize that that is not a good way to live. so i am trying to change - i used to think that in order to get fit, i had to throw myself into exercise or dieting, and because it is so hard, i would always fail at reaching my goals.

    now i will try very hard to grab what i can get - hopefully i will see the results i am desperate to get.
  • I find the opportunities to run on bike, but, concerning the other exercises, it became more difficult to deal with. Usually, the long-time activities seem inaccessible to me, I noticed that. I use to postpone things that give me the feeling that could take a longer time (minutes, I mean). The accessibility of the workouts is an important idea that this article revealed to me. Thank you!
  • Accepting that 10min of exercise is just fine has completely enabled me to develop a consistent exercise routine in the morning this month!
  • I love to run and can usually find time to fit it in, however this article will really help when I try to fit in the strength training and flexibility stuff that I avoid, but NEED to do... Thanks
  • Just what I needed to read today! Thanks, this is a great reminder~!
    I totally agree. This is how I break up any training ruts i find myself in. taking small steps and getting the momentum going is key.
  • Thymewarrior, I am with you! I have a yoga routine and am relatively flexible despite being short and stocky, but I also have a bad knee and sciatica, so I do stretches with one foot on the edge of the kitchen counter. I also wash my hair in the kitchen sink, and when I bend to towel off my hair, I make sure to bend at the hips, 90-degree angle.

    I feel bad because I can no longer walk decent distances straight; I used to walk 4 miles home from a volunteer gig 3x weekly. This article eases my guilt: if I can only walk for 10 minutes at a time, so be it; I walk as briskly as I can even using a cane. I am gong for a knee treatment today and will be restricted for 48 hours, but I can still do some of my dumbbell routines and stretch other body parts without bothering my knee so I can allow the treatment to take effect properly.
  • Personally, I've seen great results in inches in just 3 minutes a day. I do a wall sit for 90 seconds, and I do a plank position for 90 seconds. My muscles are stronger, and I've lost inches. The book "90 second fitness solution" by Pete Cerqua is worth looking at.
  • This article is a reminder to get rid of my all-or-nothing thinking. When I don't have "enough time" to do a full 30-minute workout, I tend to not do anything. It's so encouraging to know that by taking advantage of 10 minutes here and there, I can take care of my health. For example, it takes me just 10 minutes to walk to work. :-)

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