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Small Bits of Fitness Add Up

Exercise Comes in All Shapes and Sizes


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    My take home point from the article (as one who skipped her three mid-week runs) is that something is better than nothing. I know I have an all-or-nothing mentality. I can easily psyche myself out of a scheduled working by thinking that I'm too tired to complete the whole workout or don't have enought time. It's so much easier to commit to 10-15 minutes and get that done (and probably the whole 60 min pushing myself to just do another 5 min....)
    I am so glad to read this article. This summer has been so busy that if I couldn't fit in a half hour to hour workout I would just skip all together. Then I thought you know 15 minutes is better then nothing. So that is what I have been doing. I am not losing as quickly as I was with the longer workouts but that is ok.
  • I think they key to this is that 10 minutes here and there is good for overall physical fitness and a generally healthy lifestyle. And if I were my goal weight I could see that happening for me. I don't think it's a likely approach when you have weight to lose though--which is where I am. But I guess if it's 10 minutes or nothing, 10 minutes is better. I don't exercise for less than 45 minutes most of the time.
  • I think I am definitely one of those people who feel like I can't get the greatest workout if its not more than 30 minutes. I also feel that at least for my body, I am not getting in the best cardio if I am not running. I do not know where I got these conceptions from but I definitely have them... I am hoping that with time and as I see different results from my routines, that I will start to believe and have faith in the other side of the argument..
  • My life is extremely hectic and busy right now and I used to be able to spend over an hour on the treadmill at a time. But right now it's a lot easier squeezing in 10 minutes here and there throughout the day than committing to an hour long session.

    So even if 10 minutes here and there isn't as effective as a long session, it's still better than not doing something at all!
    it neaver occured to me it could be that easy , i plan on getting into that habit, some days i just cany get out to the gym. this is great! chakra2
  • I don't believe you get the same benefits from ten minute spurts as from focused activities. You get DIFFERENT benefits. A constant low level of activity burns quite a few calories - getting up and moving around periodically versus just sitting at my desk focused on my computer makes a difference of 500-800 calories a day based on my GoWearFit readings. That's as much as an hour workout. However, just moving around a little doesn't build strength the way an hour of strength training does (burning 200-300 calories) or cardiovascular health the way an hour of interval training cardio (500-800 calories). A great article in that it shows how a little bit all throughout the day is really worthwhile - and starting with ten minutes is fine :)
  • Everybody has posted great ideas regarding this article. I'll be back later to finish reading them. Thanks to all!!!
  • I have mobility problems anything more than 10 minutes my body (back) gives out.
    I do 3 10 minute walks with 2 21/2 warm up /cool down.
    Sorry no sweat ing here but gaining balance and stamina...maybe one day I can do ...20 minutes.
  • If its true that you can get the same benefits from 10 minutes here and there, then I wonder why I spend 40-60 minutes running several days a week. Seems to me it is a lot harder to sustain a 60 minute run than to do several short workouts - and "harder" translates into better fitness.

    If the minimum you can do is a few 10 minute workouts, then that is better than nothing. But could you run a marathon on 10 minute training sessions? Don't think so...... but that is just my opinion, based on my experience.
    I love the over treadmill table idea--off to the thrift store to look for one now!
    Unclutterer's blog had a great idea of putting a hospital table over your treadmill for a laptop desk and exercising while reading that e-mail or surfing the Web. The tables generally are priced at $25-35 in salvage stores, require a clearance of 12-13" to get its foot under the treadmill bed. Older cheap machines (read: mine) cannot use that manual incline while using the desk. A laptop cooler without a vent underneath, and a foam or fabric pad supporting the laptop and fan, will damp vibration.

    So--every time you go look something up, you get your ten-minute workout. My e-mail runs 60-70 minutes. Add a headphone, and you have music plus e-mail.

    I have been doing this for some now and it works great for me. I do a 10 minute higher intensity session three to four times a day. It perks me up when I am feeling tired and I have avoided the dreaded long workout at the end of my day. :) And sometimes, once started...I find myself even going a little longer and actually getting in a total of an hour.
  • Ihave started challenging myself everyday by doing 10 mins of cardio, strength and stretches every morning (though some mornings I dont feel like it) but it really does boost your feeling of I have worked out today albeit 10 minutes. I also go for a long walk at Lunchtime for about 15-20 minutes to clear my head and get out of the stuffy office. Then I walk home after work. So everyday I do 10 mins before work, 15 mins walk to work, 15-20 mins walk at lunchtime and then another 15 mins walk back home, and at the weekends (saturday's) I do a high impact aerobics workout followed by cool down and stretches.
  • I like the idea of 10 minute workouts, but I always wonder if they are effective because I have been programmed to think of a workout as lasting 45 - 60 minutes. I don't feel like I really have the time to get into a brisk workout in only 10 minutes.

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