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Small Bits of Fitness Add Up

Exercise Comes in All Shapes and Sizes


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  • i can do ten minutes. I WILL do ten minutes!
  • I schedule yoga at home in my down time. YouTube is great. There are so many programs I don't think I'll ever get bored. Weather permitting I'm out on my bike early in the morning. I often walk instead of taking the car. I know it's not enough but I'm sticking with it, so it's good for the time being.
  • great recommendations
  • 10 min at a time makes it doable.
  • 10 minutes at a time has taken me to an hour or more per day. Great way to begin loving exercise.
  • Most of my exercises are done in 10 minute spurts since with my disability that is about all I can handle at one time, but I go back and do more a couple more times during the day
  • I try walking at least 10 minutes every hour or get as many steps in as possible. It keeps me going better than nothing
  • When motivation is low doing 10 minutes 3x or more a day is my saving grace.
    I agree...a little at a time.
  • Multiple 10 minutes is about all my arthritic can deal with. After 10 minutes, my hips and knees are very painful and I have to stop anyway.
  • Good morning everyone - up for hours but a little late signing on. The idea of a 10 minute workout goes all the way back to when people got 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. If you do something small - i.e., I walked my dog this morning - 10 minutes over before I knew it. If you take a coffee break and leave the office you can walk to your coffee shop. Don't leave the building? Do 10 minutes of isometrics when you get home. And take a short walk before dinner. If you don't work, chart a 1/3-1/2 mile walk - perhaps around the block. But my favorite since retiring - walking the circumference of the grocery store - but only eye buying not stopping. You pass the healhiest foods (produce, meats, dairy) that way. Then walk up and down every aisle. But no samples :-) I can easily spend 1/2 hour - just doing the eye buying and then I can do my actual shopping quickly. It works. It really does and since I've been wobbly I've also noticed that pushing the cart gives me a little more speed in the first half and then I'm ready to pick things up. I started to do this on rainy or snowy days in Virginia. Then I did it when it was too hot - I was always a multi-tasker and I find doing this I don't even think about it being "exercise" - Cheers
  • I believe in these 10 minute routines.
    The title says 10 minutes a day, but the article talks about three 10-minute sessions a day. I'm confused.

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