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Danger Drinks and Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Eating Goes Beyond the Food You Eat


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    Great idea on the fruit, 100% juice smoothie. I've been trying to get in more berries for antioxidants but, I've never been a big berry fan. I don't want the extra sugar of most smoothies.
    I love that this article spoke about smoothies. I love them! But if I want to drink a smoothie, I go all fruit. As in frozen fruit and 100% fruit juice with no sugar added. But that is because I am trying to get the fruits and vegs in. I'll drink it with a spinach and egg beaters omelette to get in fruit servings, and with a whole wheat and lean meat sandwich for lunch. I guess since I can't eat much at a time but I can always drink, it works to get in my calories and vitamins and minerals.
  • I live for my cappaccino in the morning its my one treat but i know it is bad for me and i only have it 3 times a week! I just recently bought that v8 fusion juice for my kids so they can get at least one serving of fuits and veggies but i havent had the courage to try it myself!
  • I used to be a big soda drinker. Then gradually went to diet soda. Once again I started gradually drinking green tea along with plenty of water and now have no craving for soda at all.
  • Cappuccino + sugar is my biggest problem here....
  • I hear you, JIBBIE49! Cherry Coke is my beverage pitfall. Currently, I'm just working on trying not to drink a can every day! ;)
  • I used to drink diet coke, mt. dew, just about any carbonated drink. I gave all that up without a fight. Only things I drink now is about water and lots of it...not because I am thirsty all the time either but just because it makes me feel refreshed. I will also have one or two cups of coffee a week and once in a while I will have iced tea (no sugar or sweetners).
    I don't drink soda much at all, but I do love my Fresca, coffee and V8!
  • I love drinking COKE, but I quit about a year ago and it was best for my health. Like Roger Gould, M.D. says in "Shrink Yourself", If the food is controlling you, then avoid it. So, I avoid it. But, I still MISS it every day.
  • I swear by V8 Essential Antioxidents juice. Only 35 calories in a small can!
  • If you are lactose intolerant, or are on a gluten-free diet, or just want another option to milk, try light soy milk! It is lower in fat and calories than 1% milk, the same amount of calcium, no cholesterol, plus the added benefit of soy protein. I was even able to get my husband to switch to it with his cereal and in his coffee. You can get it in Vanilla or Chocolate flavor, in case the natural taste is not to your liking, or if you just want a sweet treat in the evening.
  • One more thing. If you crave ice cream like I do, the fruit smoothies are the bomb! Just add your favorite fruit, yogurt, ice, vanilla, and a couple packs of splenda, run through the blender and you have a good for you smoothie milk shake. Pump it up a little with flaxseed or wheat germ and more ice put in freezer for about an hour and you have a great healthy ice cream substitute (fruit and cream icy treat).
  • Just recently read this article. It was very helpful. And from other articles that I have read before, caffine is so very not healthy. But it is in sodas and some teas. Since I started tracking my water; I realize that I am feeling better and full longer throughout the day. Diet sodas have sodium and after having 3 or 4 it adds up so I have backed off the sodas. When I want a "sweet" type drink - I go for the flavored tea bags with fruit flavors and make my own with splenda. No sodium, no calories, little or no caffine and very satifying. Herbal tea with fruit. If you need a caffine boost make it with a regular tea bag and you won't get as much, but remember to drink the water too. Sodas bad, herbal teas good.
  • Don't know what NEWWORLDVIEW has been reading, but it is a very well documented medical fact that caffeine is a diuretic. Diuretics cause the body to shed fluid...hence the possibility for dehydration, vitamin/mineral loss, etc. Caffeine also stimulates insulin production which can affect fat metabolism...not the healthiest thing to consume on a regular basis.
  • Just this morning on GMA they were touting coffee as a protection against liver cancer. Whaddayaknow?

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