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Danger Drinks and Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Eating Goes Beyond the Food You Eat


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    A nice drink for summer is a jug of plain water with a sliced lemon and a handful of mint leaves added and kept in the fridge. The flavour is pleasant , refreshing, and not to strong.
    Presumably when you talk of soda you mean something like lemonade or orangeade, fizzy sickly drinks. Soda to us Aussies is carbonated water with no sugar whatsoever. I hope this is reasonably healthy though I know that some people think that the fizziness is not healthy. I wonder why?
  • Very interesting. A study in my newspaper this morning (3/20/13) said that skim milk contributed more to obesity in children than whole milk. The rationale was that skim milk did not make them feel "full" so they ate high fat snacks to satisfy their hunger. A Very interesting study... Made me think, "God knew what He was doing when He created milk." :)
  • Replace milkshakes with smoothies? No thanks. While smoothies made at home may be better for you, so are milkshakes made at home...and a smoothie from some place like Jamba Juice might be absolutely DEVASTATING when it comes to calories.
  • Besides alcohol, I think I do pretty good. I drink beer rather regularly, but not excessively. Usually one or two a day a couple times a week. Beer is just one of those things I could never give up entirely. Other than that I mostly drink water, plain tea, and black coffee, and sometimes I'll make a fruit smoothie or have fruit juice, and rarely will I have a low sugar soda.
  • Any thoughts on Simply Lemonade or Raspberry flavor? I drink water and a lot of fresh fruit green smoothies but since we stopped by coke I use SL to fill that void.
  • BB19861
    I just tried a great all natural clear liquid water infusion product called Water Sensation, it really tastes great and their is nothing artifical in the product. Go to for free samples!!!
  • I agree juice contain to many artificial flavorings

  • Thank you DANASEILHAN for pointing out that low-fat and skim milk are NOT the better alternatives to whole milk. I have said for years that the only time that low fat and skim milks are better than whole milk is in a beaker. Vitamins A and D, which are added to almost all milks here in the US, are fat-soluble, which means that you HAVE to have the higher fat content in whole milk just to absorb them into your body. Granted, you get get vitamin D from the sun, but when coupled with all the high SPF sunscreens, you're back to needing it in your food.

    Here's the funny, people. Humans are the only creatures (as a whole) on the planet that: 1) drink milk after weaning, and 2) drink the milk/eat the milk product of other animals (Feeding cats milk is not good for them). Cow's milk is NOT essential to healthy diet, but it is an easy way to get calcium. For an interesting article, please see
  • We make our own smoothies at home every morning for breakfast (just with coffee for me), with a bagel for my boys. 1 Banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 cup frozen mixed berries and/or 1/2 cup semi thawed strawberries, 1 whole apple (minus seeds), 1/2 cup of real fruit juice (flavour varies with our whim), whirl it up in the food processor and I'm off to suck and chew my smoothie. It's how I get fruit into my boys - 5 a day minimum fruit goes into theirs...they love it too.
  • I love water but I need flavor at times also. What are people's opinions on mio or crystal light? I dont drink alcohol or soda. I dont drink protein shakes or milkshakes or juice.
  • Yay - generally I drink the right stuff. Mostly water, sometimes juice, sometimes wine, and every so-often a green tea or a fruit infusion.

    One thing to note - Grapefruit can affect contraceptive pills, so if you're drinking that, make sure it doesn't have any unintended effects!
  • Helpful article but "danger drinks" sounds a bit sensational for "hidden calories". Antifreeze might be a danger drink. Drain cleaner.
    High-calorie ones may not be healthful but do we really need the hyperbole?
  • If only we good all get safe, clean drinking water like in the good old days. Now we have to buy good drinking water. What a travesty!
  • I make my sweet tea with just 3/4 cup of sugar per would that fall into the slightly sweetened category? considering a traditional sweet te recipe calls for THREE CUPS of sugar per gallon...

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