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Danger Drinks and Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Eating Goes Beyond the Food You Eat


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  • Thank you for sharing. My drinks are always calorie free except juice in the AM.but good to know
  • Thanks for sharing this info.
    In the last four months I've only drank Black coffee, water and skim milk with my oatmeal, it is paying off.
  • Very useful information
  • Very useful information
  • A skinny, nonfat, almond milk iced drink at my favorite barrister came in at 22 gr of carbs for a grande. . Are you kiddin' me? I will make mine at home with SF syrup, protein powder and my own coffee topped with 0 cal "foam" AND get 20 gr of protein and 1 carb.
  • You have to be so careful of hidden sugar and fat calories with these kinds of drinks. The trade-off suggestions are awesome!
  • multiple studies now that show whole milk is better for you than previously thought. Recommended for children. Don't choose skim over whole for your kids. I used to buy only skim milk. I now buy 2% for the whole family.
    I still love a soda every now and then - but really watch my intake and use a SodaStream at home (less sugar than commercial sodas). And I make sure to track those calories!
  • love my water and anti inflammatory smoothies
  • My liquid downfall is Cappuccino and we bought 14 oz. cups to enjoy just enough. It is instant and I use water; not milk. I drink 2 of these a day and have cut back to 12 oz. servings.
  • BLONDY01
    I used to drink a lot of soda, never been a big drinker of coffee or beer. I limit juice to my protein shakes/smoothies, and I have had a Soda Stream for several years now and only drink that instead of store bought. I like that they use Splenda, which is the only artificial sweetener that my body tolerates. I drink quite a bit of water and hot tea. I've been looking at the fruit infused water thing to switch it up a bit so have to see how that goes.
  • All of the yummy coffee drinks are enormous sugar and calorie bueno! I am a girl who looOooOves coffee, and I typically drink it black. However, having a son once employed as a barista, I know that almost ALL drinks can be made in a skinnier version and can be made with sugar free syrups...sans whipped topping as well. Some would balk at the sugar free syrups, yet I have so little of it (we are talking rare treat) that I am okay with it. On a daily basis I have switched to unsweetened almond milk as a way to cut carbs, sugar and calories. Otherwise, I don't drink my calories...I am a girl who loves to eat tooOoO much.

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