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Danger Drinks and Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Eating Goes Beyond the Food You Eat


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I am so thankful that I am not a soda drinker. There are so many other nutrition dangers in my life without soda being just another struggle. GOOD NEWS it is WATER WATER everywhere and ALL that I WANT TO DRINK! Report
Getting in my water, but too much diet soda too. Report
I strongly disagree on the whole milk item. Wow skim or 2% may have fewer calories, the benefits of whole milk, especially if you can do it raw or at least not ultra-high pasteurized, heavily outweigh the benefits of a few less calories. I found I had far less gastric issues with milk when I switch to whole milk then I did on skim or 2%. Report
Already doing all of that! Report
Great suggestions! Report
This was a very enlightening article! Report
Good info Report
Great info Report
Great information! I'm so glad that the article included the good alternatives. Report
Great article Report
I always include calories from my liquids on my daily log. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good to know. Report
Thank you for sharing. My drinks are always calorie free except juice in the AM.but good to know Report
Thanks for sharing this info. Report

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