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15 Comfort Foods That are Good for You

Feel Better While Staying Healthy


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  • I eat Quaker "Lower Sugar" Oatmeal, the maple and brown sugar flavor... I also add a pack of splenda to satisfy my sweet tooth even more (the oatmeal has 5 grams sugar itself). Heat it up with a half cup of nonfat or lowfat milk and you've got yourself an under 200 calorie treat that's low in sugar and has a fair amount of protein. You can easily add a sprinkle of raisins or sliced bananas to make it a complete breakfast, remember to factor in the extra calories though... Enjoy!
  • you say to drink V8...I understand it is loaded with sodium..fluid retention??? I also think that oatmeal tastes terrible without sugar and milk...any suggestions??
  • I agree that Yogurt with fruit and Oatmeal are healthy comfort foods. These are my two Favorites, although I eat Stoneyfarms O'Soy yogurt with the fruit at the bottom. For oatmeal I love the steel cut type which takes a little longer to cook. I add raisens while it's still cooking and some slivered almonds at the end. Wonderful texture and comfort, comfort, comfort.
  • Okay, none of these are on my list of comfort foods. I got really excited at first, but I guess my idea of comfort is different from Spark people's. :-) Thanks anyway!
  • I like this article, and the links to recipes.
  • Diced leftover ham, egg noodles and milk. Comfort food, yummmmm.
  • thank you, this is really helpful
  • This is a great article. Thanks
  • I have always loved oatmeal. Its one of my favorite foods, I add cinnamon, raisons, brown sugar and sometimes blue-berries and strawberries to it to make it delish!
  • I love chicken noodle soup. I didn't think about having it on my diet. Oatmeal or farina,(cream of wheat) are what I have every morning. They are very filling and satisfying! Great Ideas!
    A note on oatmeal. If you can, avoid using instant or 5-minute oatmeal. Since the oats are partially cooked (that's why they cook so quickly), your body will break them down quickly. For a slow, steady boost of energy, use steel cut oats. This is the next best thing to whole oats, which I've never been able to find in a store anyway. After trying them a few times, I think they taste better. The only drawback is they take a long time to cook: 45 minutes, compared to 5 minutes or less. But if you plan ahead and make a week's worth at a time, you'll be good.

    Two last suggestions: dried cranberries are an excellent suggestion for people who can't eat cooked raisins (my wife is one of them); and Splenda has a healthier version of brown sugar. You can get a full description at their web site.
    Use skim milk in place of water for the oatmeal. Also adding any or all of the following make for a delicious breakfast. (chopped apple, raisins, cinnamon, a few finely chopped nuts, vanilla or other flavorings) YUMM!
    These have always been my comfort food 4 days with Sparkpeople I am encouraged. It is well written. I will be making the Chicken noodle soup soon. No longer need to buy soup works.
  • There's some good ideas, but it should be noted that V8 is pretty high in sodium, but low sodium V8 has 75% less sodium than regular. In my opinion it tastes better than the regular stuff. I don't really think of it as comfort food though. Yogurt & oatmeal are staples for me though
  • I think it's really important to be prepared with some ideas for those times when you need something hot and comforting. These are great ideas!

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