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What Does Digestive Wellness Really Look Like?

A Picture of Digestive Health


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    Thank you for the article
  • A good article that could have gone more into depth.
  • Am going to start tracking how I feel after I eat and when I have a BM.
  • LILGIN366
    I feel plain exhausted every time I eat , but I have a real bad addiction to over eating, binge eating and eating carbs all day long. I cant gt enough and sometimes I feel like I have to in order to fall asleep.
  • This was a good article but it fails to mention other digestive distresses besides acid reflux. I personally have gallbladder issues not acid reflux and food bloats me depending on the particular food. I have to avoid many dishes because of my digestive problems. I hope people that read this realize there are many different digestive problems not simply the ones that are listed.
  • I recently ate fresh beets and next trip to urinate resulted in pink urine. That was lots weird, so I of course googled it. Seems it is a condition of low stomach acid and that people actually drink beet juice to see if they have it. The article said foods-proteins were not getting fully digested and that had many side effects. Article also had a list of remedies.
    Great article, I am bookmarking this to share with others and to reread every so often.
  • This is a great article - Once I learned that I shouldn't feel bloated and exhausted after eating, I eventually came to realize that I have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity. I no longer have bloating, fatigue, or severe depression problems since cutting out wheat. I know, I know, it's not the case for everyone, but don't discount it if you're consistently experiencing those unpleasant symptoms.
  • good article. Thanks
    I have a sturdy, cast-iron gut, for which I'm very grateful. But I don't have a "full" setting. I'm either empty or stuffed and don't seem to sense anything in between. It's probably because I love eating so much, so much!
    I realize that after I eat most of the time I feel like I'm going to pop.
  • I've suffered from constipation as long as I can remember. More recently I've been affected with mood swings and from reading this article it may be related in some part to my inability to adequately digest my foods. And, that may be because I eat too fast (I know and I'm always trying to slow down) and because I eat fast, my food does not get the proper enzymes at the chewing stage. I'm going to do the Good Belly Reboot and see if I can develop and hone better eating skills.
    I found this article to be very helpful. I myself have some of these problems and am hoping to learn how to correct them. I also learned a few things I didnt know, like how much of your immune system is in your intestines...crazy! And that it can affect you emotionally, that explains a lot. I cant wait to let my Mom read this. Thank you

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