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9 Hidden Reasons to Stay Motivated

Ways to Rediscover Your Drive


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Man, I really needed this today! Today's the first day since I started here that I felt like it was hard to stick to my goals and eating plan. But so far, I'm sticking to it. I'm going to keep thinking "for my kids" and "wow factor"- I want that! Report
That's just what I needed to hear today. My motivation and healthy living have been lagging.
I have an application in at the Y for a certified trainer to design a workout just for me. This program, along with Spark People, will help me reach my goals. I am confident of that.
Thank you for an enjoyable, well-written article. Report
Bruce, many libraries have reading lists for the different grades. My grandson often let me know a book he had read from his reading list that he thought I might enjoy and I would get them and read them and usually enjoyed them very much. GOODNIGHT, MR. TOM was such a one. It is about a child evacuated from London during WW II and the man he lived with, Mr. Tom. Lists like that might be a way for you to find some interesting books to get you started.

My mother used to tell me "If you love to read, you will never be lonely;" and I believe it is true! Good luck to you - Report
Yesterday I was ready to give up! I was so tired of trying to stick to a plan (and failing); I have quit tracking/journaling - a huge mistake. This article, especially the paragraph about why staying motivated is so important - was just the encouragement and punch-up that I needed to get going again. I have learned that journaling about where I am and how I'm feeling make a huge difference when I go back and figure out the changes that I have made for myself. No white bread or pasta ever enters our house any more, there is always fresh fruit around, We drink only low fat milk and use 2% cheese, we use canola or olive oil for everything, we figure out ways to lighten up dishes, we eat half as much meat as we used to eat, I am now attending Curves regularly.

I needed this article today. Thank you! Report
This was exactly what I needed to read today and right before the hoildays so I can stay motivated towards my goal! Thanks! Report
Wow... this article is JUST what I needed to read this morning! Thanks for sharing! Report
Reading this article makes me realize that what SparkPeople gave me is momentum, and all the tools for momentum. I never thought about how important that one thing is for me in that list. Thanks! Report
I will be sharing these ideas with my friends. Thanks for such an awesome article. Report
I like the "wow" factor just as it's written. It would be soooooo cool for someone to say that to me. It would really cause me to grin. I don't want anyone to say, "You lost weight!" I want them to say, "You look great!!!" That would definitely make my day. :D Report
I voted "I have someone who pushes me" I have a great primary doctor who is 100% on my side. Being obese, diabetic, disabled... I need support other than my family. My husband and our daugther are great but I need someone who was honest with me and would point me in the right direction even though sometimes what she says might hurt.

Gerri Report
I really need to stay motivated because whenever I slip and back up a couple of steps I get depressed and guess what??? I turn to food (specially sweets) for comfort... Can't help myself, it's like a compulsion. Report
I REALLY needed this article . It got to me in the nick-of-time. Im printing it out and posting it all over the place :) Report
Great article!

I desperately need to be more motivated, both with exercise and also with sticking to a good food plan.
I KNOW how good it feels to move my body - whether it be walking or cycling.

I don't have to really WANT to exercise, but once I get out there and start, I ALWAYS feel better and am glad that I did it : ) ! Getting out today will help me get out there tomorrow - (I am talking to myself here, too : ) .

After all, time is going to pass by anyway, right?

Wishing everyone much peace & joy!
I needed that...I am having such a difficult time staying motivated to exercise regularly and change my eating habits. I'm excellent at rationalizing, lol. But the Wow factor and staying healthy for my children's sake grabbed my attention. Although I may never have the same figure as I did in my twenties, I sure would love to look in the mirror naked and feel confident. Report
Wow, simple but profound, especially momentum. Loved it - I'm going to be that object in motion -thanks. Report

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