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9 Hidden Reasons to Stay Motivated

Ways to Rediscover Your Drive


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thankyou for sharing Report
Great motivational article. Report
Great! Report
Great article. remainders of things known but either forgotten or ignored. Report
Great article. Thanks Report
first day for my new lifestyle, and i sure hope this works! Report
To be healthy is my motivator Report
These "wow" factors are great, but there are many of us that have experienced these "factors" many times, yet still gained weight back, over and over again. No matter how great the "wow's" were....there is still a lot more at work that causes people to lose motivation, and "experts" still haven't found exactly what. Report
Yesterday I wore a dress to dinner that I have had for 2 years and never could fit into. I loved it and could not get rid of it. I think motivation is everything. When I started this journey 5 years ago, I wanted to sit on the floor and play with my 1 year old granddaughter. 3 weeks ago, I played on the floor, swang on the swing, played freeze tag, and walked to the to the city park with my 6 yr old granddaughter. It was awesome, but as good as that felt, it feels better to know that I am doing this for me. Somewhere along this journey, I went from external to internal motivation and that makes this a lifelong adventure! Report
I wrote a blog on "the WOW effect" My weight loss journey took about 2 years. Living in a small town, everyone saw my journey. My favorite time to walk is early morning and during the school year, most of the people saw me walking and my dedication. I've been maintaining almost a year and I'm still getting the WOWs and told how motivation and inspirational I am. I'm still amazed with it. Report
Some say motivation is the MOST difficult thing in the world to grow. I think group support is the soil the seed of motivation emerges from. The problem is watering it to keep it going and growing. Words from friends are the vitamins that nurish our plant of 'Motivatia' my new Latin word for motivation? Hehe. I need acres and acres of this plant. I need it to be a vine that covers a castles wall,a vine that tangles itself into my heart, soul and mind, eeking out any uncertainty...I pray daily asking God to help me thru my hundred pound journey. Albeit 10 pounds or a million, each are mountains we must climb and hold on for dear life, trying not to back slide or go backwards. Up and over, here I come, big Kardashian behind and I ...I intend on having fun while I am doing this very brave thing few of us are strong enough to try. We are the unknown super heroes of the world. We can see it in each others eyes when we pass eachother, clutching our weight watchers menus. Be loose, be free, weight be released from me. Report
I like the Wow factor, because my hubby says that often to me when he thinks I'm looking especially good! I thought about it and it would be really cool to tally up your 'wows'.
What about marking down a Wow for the moment when you receive a Wow from these ten people /or for these reasons:
1. spouse 2. kids 3. family (like siblings or parents) 4. acquaintance (co worker?) 5. extended family (like at a reunion or wedding/funeral) 6. Friend 7. Complete Stranger ( like someone who says, Wow! You don't LOOK like you've got diabetes! Or you have SIX CHILDREN? Wow! You don't LOOK like it!') 8. Myself (when I am REALLY shocked at how well I look) 9. Dress Goal (that special dream outfit you've been dying to get into) 10. When you've achieved that seemingly impossible fitness goal. Wouldn't those WOWS be fun to keep track of? and SHARE on spark? :) Report
My friends are the perfect image of health and they modavate me to make healthy choices Report

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