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The 6-Minute Skinny Jeans Workout

4 Exercises for a Tight & Toned Lower Body


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  • one of the those workouts you do in phases for me
  • Shoulders and legs on fire from working out this week.... Can't really climb too many stairs but I'm doing it!
  • Getting real close to fitting into skinny jeans!

  • Some times you just have to go off script and these little helpers do so much it's great to have them.
  • Is there an alternative for the 2 which require you to be on your knees? This is very painful gor me.
  • These look so very innocent and simple, but exercising them into a routine is harder and more effective than it looks. I have to do my workouts in spurts as I can throughout the day, and this is one I would like to be able to track in the fitness tracker, too.

    I got one set in (12 minutes) but don't have the strength (YET) to do two more of the sets right now. Perhaps I will shoot for more during the day, time permitting.

    My body can already feel the change!
  • wow hard work out but good results getting in my size 10 at first i was real sore not to bad now!!
  • A great challenge for me... I could do them all, but need to work up to completing more reps. Will be using this again and again.

    I'm chiming in with previous comments--please incljude a tracker!
  • Very fun! Please add a tracker though, or at least the exercises so we can track them. Thanks very much!
  • This workout was a great little challenge...felt the burn but could finish it. Would love a tracker button too.
  • I struggle with the Genie sit one, I had knee surgery and it hurts my knee, but I go back as far as I can until the pain starts. I Love these exercises though, something I have never done. I ride my bike 8-10 miles every day even before losing weight, but never did any toning.
  • Add me to the list of those requesting that this be made so we can add it to our trackers! Either a "track this workout" button from this page OR use names that can be found individually. I was fortunate that I remembered seeing #3/triple toner elsewhere as Genie Sit but no luck with the others.
  • Looks like a good addition to my strength training - giving it a try today!
  • I wonder if someone can better explain the 1st exercise to me. I read where 1 person said the wrong arm is told to be lifted. I'm blind and trying to figure Exercise #1 out! Appreciate any help!! I wish more exercises in workouts like this could be found in the tracker! Also miss being able to save things to favorites!

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