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How to Safely Disinfect Your Home

What You Don't Know about Killing Germs


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  • The info about time to leave the disinfectant in contact with the surface to be disinfected is important. Let the stuff do it's job! Go do some squats or triceps dips while waiting.
  • Oh -- and all the people afraid of "chemicals" -- EVERYTHING is made of chemicals, even water, baking soda, and vinegar.
  • I clean (when I have time) but I don't believe in all this disinfecting/sanitizing hysteria. And you know what? I am NEVER sick! People are WAY too worried about germs.
  • Great information!
  • I learned something new!

  • TERRIFIC article !
    Even we over-60s can learn new stuff.
    I had no idea that disinfecting and sanitizing are NOT the same thing.
    THANKS for enlighting us
  • this was a good article!!
  • The alcohol is that to clean or drink and than forget about germs?

    Growing up we didn't have the stuff available, but good old hand washing often. We had 8 kids in the family, but since my Mom had taught to do this, and we kept a clean home (the phone was cleaned by 3 of us daily as we used it, I was on it a lot so it did get cleaned). As we were growing up 8 kids,,, ickies happen QUICKLY (not just germs,, food, other ickies ) so Mom also taught us to clean ALL surfaces our ittle grubby hands, fingers touched. When any of us were sick, this done on a step it up basis. It was so very rare any of us were out of school.

    My GD has seen ALL this stuff about "Germs" and how they are ALL BAD (they aren't, but she didn't get that from the ads ) and she has become a "germocholic" which saddens me much.

    Of course this was many years ago when most Moms were in the home (But mine was not, often doing 2 or 3 jobs when she was a single parent,,, 5 of us are her and Dads natural children,,, the other 3 were relatives with no acting parents.

    It's also just MY experience living among healthy children (THANKFULLY!) and life in general was much easier. This is NOT to say others experiences I wouldn't value, for I DO all everyone's.
  • Wow. I dig the article, posted it to pinterest. As a person once gainfully employed by a State Health Department, I can assure that you can clean without sanitizing; therefore they cannot mean the same thing.

    Soap is used to help water do the cleaning, in most cases. Warm water only and a good microfiber towel is not only antibacterial but antimicrobal. The concept of cleaning with the microfiber and sanitizing with alcohol (I use 72% that I mix myself), is fantastic. But the Detergent and similar manufacturers don't want us to know that water is such a great universal solvent.

    It would also be nice if many of the so-called experts out there would realize that "clean" does not have a smell. Cleaning ingredients may have natural smells, or man-made chemical smells. There are many who are becoming or already are sensitive or even toxically-allergic to man-made chemical "scents". Now even laundry soaps have scent that clings for up to 2 weeks. That is not the smell of clean clothes.

    I found the article absolutely hitting the target audience. Thank you very much.
  • Your definition of sanitizing is incorrect. Sanitizing is the same as cleaning, with detergent or other cleaning solution, removes visible dirt and debris.
    Disinfecting, by means of chemicals or boiling, kills MOST microbes within 10 minutes. Sterilization, by means of auto-clave, kills 99.999% of microbes.
  • As a former food service grunt, I say brava to the lesson on the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing~
  • CARROL63
    Thank you I'll write more later the library is kicking me out.
    Thanks so much for this article. I am very conscious of not using disinfectants that are too strong, so learning what to clean helps me a lot.
  • I agree with Lola. This was an excellent article, and very useful.
    Stepfanie, thumbs up and a big pat on the back for a truly well-researched, highly useful (especially right now, at the height of flu season) article! Have been using baking soda and vinegar in the kitchen for a long time because I really don't want chemicals around - or especially in - our food, and so far, so good (knocking on wood)!

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